Wednesday, August 29, 2012

goodbye august

it's 2 days to september and 3 months to the end of the year. and if things had gone well as planned, i would have resigned and be happily starting a new job next week. but they haven't. so i'm still stuck at this sucky poop house, not tendered yet, and still desperately looking for a better alternative. besides the lack of openings during this time of the year, my lack of experience and too-high expected pay has made the search even harder. i have never felt this low, desperate, demoralized, unmotivated, frustrated, angry, and whatnot ever in my 25 years of life. to the point i even felt suicidal. tsk.

but zhu to the rescue! lol. normally, my plans with people would be all talk and no action. but this girl! she kept reminding me about the riding lessons i said i would think about. so 500 bucks later, our lessons are now confirmed and i can't wait to begin next month! it may still be a long way to go towards a fulfilling life with no regrets, though at least, its a start. zhu please bug me more lol.

anyway, was on mc yesterday. real one this time. lol. i was down (and still is) with flu and cough. uber irritating, but i've switched to sleeping without aircon and i'm glad to save some electricity for this period of time. aaaannnndddd! i made a new banner during my free time. but SSD say the frame not nice, so i might be changing it anytime soon. i like the girl! ^^

dragon nest has also come up with a level 50 cap patch yesterday, so i'm gonna spend the next few weeks (hopefully) chionging to max level. =)

end of random updates. last but not least, here's a cuter version of the recently-popular gangnam style!

hello september. please be good to me.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

gardens by the bay - part two

so the first thing that greeted us at the second dome was this HUGE waterfall. it sent sprays of water flying everywhere and the air was thus considerably cooler. at one point i even felt cold. with the amount of people and limited space, it was quite difficult to capture the entire waterfall. i guess this is the best i could come up with. =P

i didn't really like how the water made the floor so slippery. nor how mist was sprayed at almost every corner, although it did make the place look cloudy and dreamy. there were lesser varieties of flowers here; majority were orchids. which wasn't surprising considering that they prefer humid areas. the orchids were gorgeous though. =)

saw quite a lot of pitcher plants. i love those. my house needs a lot of it. lols. there was also a section in the dome on global warming. seriously, all those floods warming is REAL! tsk.

anyway, see for yourself.
there were two sections of i-don't-know-what-you-call-these bridges. which almost gave me a heart attack. they look so......unsafe. you have been warned.
we didn't spend as much time here since it was mostly greens and lesser flowers to shoot. then headed for dinner! heard about the expensive food so i was pleasantly surprised to see texas chicken there. thankfully they have a fish burger for me. -_-

walked around the exterior gardens while waiting for the 7.45pm supertree light show. they paled considerably in comparison with what was inside the domes. good things are never free i suppose. 
last but not least, the supertree light (and sound) show apparently starts are 7.45pm and 8.45pm, and lasts for about 10 minutes. it was.....disappointingly horrible and a waste of time imho. music was played and the supertrees light up in different colors. sorry i don't find that interesting leh. ~_~
on a side note, it was really nice to see the completed supertrees after hearing and seeing so much about them for so many years long. (yes i was somehow involved in this project back in RT.) to have seen photos of the flat ground, then the construction works, during installation, and finally see it standing so prettily now. it means a lot to me to have had a tiny part in building these iconic structures. can you imagine how proud and accomplished the main project team must be feeling now? project work FTW! =D

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

gardens by the bay - part one

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... ...

was finally able to drag my lazy butt out of the house. and for a pretty good reason.
the weather was terrible, so we (or more like, i) opted for the cooler domes first. bought our tickets (at $18 per pax for both domes with 10% passioncard discount), and headed towards our first stop - the flower dome.
the boring cactus-es greeted us first. it was more like a warm up session for us lol. nevertheless, it was quite interesting to see so many different kinds of cactus-es. or desert plants. or what not.
i certainly prefer shooting flowers, so imagine my delight when i saw this!  (how's my tilt-shift effect? 美不美?! ^^)
ok mai haolian. =\ some other prettier flowers around the dome. there were too many to show all, even though they have the same kinds growing at different areas of the dome. kinda wish i have green fingers so i can fill up my house with these. so pretty and cheerful!
spent a good hour or so in the flower dome before we moved on to the next dome. ps. you can get your hand stamped with the uv chop so you can re-enter again!

up next, cloud forest. =)

Friday, August 10, 2012

i like porn, do you?

porn's, that is. cute butt lmao. =P
wanted to dine here last week with the gals but didn't manage to do so since it was pouring heavily. and since i was craving for thai food last night, SSD decided to bring me here today. finally! ^^

the place was smaller than expected though surprisingly we managed to get seats even at 7 plus. i guess a lot of people are on leave at home. tsk. didn't get a good look at the interior (too hungry) but i guess nothing special caught my attention. oh ya, and their two-seater tables are too small! >_< menu variety was not exactly extensive, and my first thought while browsing through it was, "wah not cheap neh." lols.

tomyum seafood soup ($12.90) - must-have! we ordered the large one, which was probably enough for 2-3 pax. filled with yummy fish, prawns, sotong, and mushrooms! super nice and potent when drunk hot straight from the pot.
thai prawn cake ($8.90). not much prawny taste, although tasted quite nice fried and dipped in the sweet thai chilli. but honestly, nothing special. =\
omelette with prawn ($7.90). another must-have! caught a whiff when it was served and it smelt soooo good! and there were prawn bits inside. yummy~
stir-fried kang kong ($7.50). nice, but nothing special too imho. only 2 veggie choices and since we didn't know what the other one was, we opted for the safer one. lol.
last but not least, lemongrass drink ($4.50)! it was...rather unique. and SSD didn't like it. lols! i think it would taste better if they had added sparkling water instead. *shrugs*
total bill: $48.05. O_O!! but to be fair, all the food were served pretty quickly and piping hot. staff were not too bad either. will probably drop by again for the soup. =)

Monday, August 6, 2012

my eating spree

... ...
saturday was spent eating and eating and eating. T_T

popped by hdb in the early afternoon for the bto application. this is our second time now. fingers crossed! can't wait to get my own flat. can't wait to play interior designer again. ^^

then went to vivo next. first stop - dessert (at some shop called lucky dessert)! wanted ben & jerry, but the price was a huge turn-off. this was better. chocolate snow ice!! they probably used dark chocolate so it wasn't too sweet. and coupled with grass jelly, a sour strawberry and sweet watermelon balls, i love! 
then passed by soup spoon and the smell was sooooo tempting. so we tried the meatless minestrone, which also came with a small herb-ed bun. it was yummy, though the soup was barely warm and i would have preferred it hot.
shopped around to pass time before deciding on imperial herbal restaurant for dinner. cute chairs! hehe. the prices stated outside were quite tempting and the portion was quite okay. and they were yummilicious!! total bill was about $38 but it also includes stuff like peanuts, tea and taxes. so the actual food itself was quite reasonable. probably except the prawns. lol. definitely want to drop by again!
last stop - dessert at honeymoon dessert. lols. we tried the mango pomelo sago. not too bad, but i actually prefer the chocolate ice we had earlier.
went home and had salt & vinegar chips for supper. argh! how not to get fat you tell me?! >_<

Saturday, August 4, 2012

two things that kept me sane

it's been a horrific emotional roller coaster ride this past 2 weeks and i've never felt so depressed, demoralized, disappointed, angry, upset, helpless and whatnot in my life. but since i've resigned to the fact that i can't seem to do anything already, let's talk about happy stuff. 

one, dinner with ex uni-mates at kazokutei. omurice is nice! =)
love the dear john gossip session! and shall i say this again? it's the only group where i'm the oldest. that sucks. *insert collagen joke* =(

two, dinner with the gals at coco ichibanya. so glad i ate a tiny lunch so i could savor all the curry rice! my cream mushroom omelet was super delish and i'm kinda drooling now just thinking about it. lols.
but the bestest of all, thanks for making me feel mad 感動. 12 years of friendship and you see things that i don't even realize was happening to me. the scariest weirdest craziest part is, that was EXACTLY how i was feeling. kinda disappointed that i'm so weak-willed, but at least i'll have two shoulders to cry on, right? ^^

also feeling uber sad that i didn't manage to tender successfully, and this is my second attempt already! hate myself for being so soft-hearted. hoping for good news next week, or i'll just rot at home and become more useless than i already am. tsk. =(
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