Monday, August 6, 2012

my eating spree

... ...
saturday was spent eating and eating and eating. T_T

popped by hdb in the early afternoon for the bto application. this is our second time now. fingers crossed! can't wait to get my own flat. can't wait to play interior designer again. ^^

then went to vivo next. first stop - dessert (at some shop called lucky dessert)! wanted ben & jerry, but the price was a huge turn-off. this was better. chocolate snow ice!! they probably used dark chocolate so it wasn't too sweet. and coupled with grass jelly, a sour strawberry and sweet watermelon balls, i love! 
then passed by soup spoon and the smell was sooooo tempting. so we tried the meatless minestrone, which also came with a small herb-ed bun. it was yummy, though the soup was barely warm and i would have preferred it hot.
shopped around to pass time before deciding on imperial herbal restaurant for dinner. cute chairs! hehe. the prices stated outside were quite tempting and the portion was quite okay. and they were yummilicious!! total bill was about $38 but it also includes stuff like peanuts, tea and taxes. so the actual food itself was quite reasonable. probably except the prawns. lol. definitely want to drop by again!
last stop - dessert at honeymoon dessert. lols. we tried the mango pomelo sago. not too bad, but i actually prefer the chocolate ice we had earlier.
went home and had salt & vinegar chips for supper. argh! how not to get fat you tell me?! >_<

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  1. Gosh, lovely spread of food and am loving those with the spicy and tangy flavours.


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