Tuesday, August 21, 2012

gardens by the bay - part one

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... ...

was finally able to drag my lazy butt out of the house. and for a pretty good reason.
the weather was terrible, so we (or more like, i) opted for the cooler domes first. bought our tickets (at $18 per pax for both domes with 10% passioncard discount), and headed towards our first stop - the flower dome.
the boring cactus-es greeted us first. it was more like a warm up session for us lol. nevertheless, it was quite interesting to see so many different kinds of cactus-es. or desert plants. or what not.
i certainly prefer shooting flowers, so imagine my delight when i saw this!  (how's my tilt-shift effect? 美不美?! ^^)
ok mai haolian. =\ some other prettier flowers around the dome. there were too many to show all, even though they have the same kinds growing at different areas of the dome. kinda wish i have green fingers so i can fill up my house with these. so pretty and cheerful!
spent a good hour or so in the flower dome before we moved on to the next dome. ps. you can get your hand stamped with the uv chop so you can re-enter again!

up next, cloud forest. =)

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