Tuesday, July 31, 2007

suddenly no mood and nothing much to blog. lols.

a few random points :
1) dear's finally staying in sg, but i feel bad when his mum cried. :(
2) he's staying 25mins bus ride away. ^^
3) shopping + movie = happy me. (though spending 100bucks on clothes ish not celebration.)
4) i'm tired.
5) work sucks. (as always.)

bye july. hello august. i miss (insert previous month). i NEED november!!
november 13th to be precise. argh.

read from jo's blog about the topic on why 'like animals = like kids'.
i like animals. don't mind them being dirty. don't mind them being notty. don't mind them running about.
but i can't seem to stand kids.
like babies. they're cute when they're quiet. but once they start bawling, i darn feel like slapping them. :X
young kids. i really bth those that keep running here and there.
and if they knock into you and cry, you're the one at fault for not 'siam-ing' in time. -_-'''
it's hard to imagine me being a mum. human mum. NO WAY! eeks. *shivers*

Saturday, July 28, 2007

busy busy day.
been working non-stop ever since i stepped into office and saw that huge pile of documents on my chair.
even though i was abit blur blur today, i still managed to complete most of it.
wows. first time i actually have work left undone. ^^
adeline, melissa, shernice, and even jean, asked whether i was feeling better already.
karen seemed pretty concerned that i looked extra pale today.
suddenly i feel so 感动-ed. hahas.

i wonder how people walk all day in heels and yet their heels can still look as good as new after so long.
i have like, seven or eight pairs of heels, and practically all of them have one rubber heel off. -_-'''
any recommendations on cheap and reliable cobblers? haish.

saw this notebook while browsing the newspaper.
chio hor? it's PINK! :)
complete with pink mouse and pink carrying case.
it has a built-in webcam, 3 usb ports, and nice nice media buttons at the bottom.
really tempted to start saving up for it.

happy i may be since it's friday, some people die die also must come piss me off.
i thought i could have a heart2heart talk with you.
i thought i could share what i was thinking with you.
i thought i could finally hear what you really thought about it.
i shared my opinions with you.
yet you couldn't understand even the simplest of english language.
thanks for backstabbing me. thanks for messing everything up.
i wish i hadn't even said a single thing about it to you.
i swear i will never make this same mistake again.
you disgust me. thoroughly.

Friday, July 27, 2007

woke up with headache and fever, so i used up the mc for today as well.
i feel so bad, cos melissa's on half day today.
they have one less person to help answer phone calls in the afternoon. haiz.
but i have to admit, i miss slacking at home.
can't wait for november 13th, where i can finally bid a temporary bye bye to office life.
TGIF tomorrow, and dear on sat.
please let time pass as fast as possible tml.
let's just hope yesterday's and today's workload can take me through the day.
i so dread going to work. *pouts*

enough of work le ba.
cher cher jo jo, are we meeting tml? cher said maybe fri meet right?
i wanna have something to look forward to leh.
lols. half a year liao leh. tsk tsk.
and thanks cher, for kindly letting me know the ending for the latest harry potter book.
you just made me less interested to buy the book. -_-'''
(which costs a whopping 55bucks?) zzZz.

on the topic of harry potter, i wonder why i'm so not interested in it this time.
even my parents were wondering how come i never even buy the book.
they tell me it's because i have other things in my life now.
but i don't think that's the main reason.
i think...it's because i'm working now. hahas.
by the time i finish dinner everyday, it's already 8plus.
having spent the whole day seeing words, why would i want to spend the remaining few hours reading?
i don't seem to have the mood nor the energy to focus on reading.
excuses? yeah, that's me.

last last. blur_queen is back in audi! hehes.
where are all my buddies?! where are all my guildmates?! where is my audi laogong?!
all quit liao ah? lols.
my skills deproved soo much; i felt soo paiseh using my clubber char. =X
but neverminds, aphroditee more important. hahas.

suddenly i realized it's already august next week. hmmm...
alrights, that's all for today. bai`bai.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

dear said it was hard to read from my previous blogskin.
so i changed it again. :)

took mc today. i feel so bad. but i guess it can't be helped.
nearly fainted on the train.
the doctor said it was most probably due to this Vaso Vagal Syncope, aka fainting spell.
he said for some reason or other, my blood pressure dipped this morning, triggering this attack.
it's supposed to be normal, but apparently if it happens again, i need to go A&E.
i also asked him if my headache was related to my wisdom teeth.
guess what he said?
"wisdom tooth, sometimes will pain, sometimes won't pain. it depends."
but i likes him. he always gives 2 days mc, without me asking for it. hehes.

tireds. i need more sleep.
i need some life too.
how can one have both without feeling like a zombie?
3 days down, 2 more to go.
my days are so meaningless.

*bangs wall*

Saturday, July 21, 2007

8.52am – i wonder if today’s post will be as long as yesterday’s. i suppose it will be filled with randomness, cos i’m in the office, and freaking bored already. =( but i think i have to go back into the room in the afternoon after lunch. suddenly i don’t wanna go in. my back feels better sitting at a proper table. *sobs*

as i was filling up my water bottle this morning, i realized that i didn’t drink any water except that cup of coffee after lunch yesterday. lols. i’ve even been eating m&m’s the whole day. can expect more breakouts liao. haish.

while i was crossing the road just now, heard this song blasting from a car. charlene’s i’ve never been to me. super nice song! lols.

when big boss from hong kong is here, suddenly everyone comes in before 9 and leaves after 6. tsk tsk. and i just realized linda and emily calls pretty much everyone dear. lols.

went for lunch with nancy. i was wondering why she suddenly so nice, treat me burger king somemore. turned out that she was trying to convert me to a christian. i wanted to tell her, don't waste your time, but aiyah, she's a nice person lah. lol.

went back in the room after lunch. suddenly got so much stuff to do. hahas. i iish happy when there's work! =)

met my girls after work. went for dinner. i was starving at first, but after seeing this, i felt full already. lol.

took neoprints after that. i'm not gonna post them up. i look horrible. -_-'''

that's all. i'm tired. nites.

Friday, July 20, 2007


9.30am – here i am, blogging on microsoft word in the office again. you guys ever tried typing a word document with normal 12 point font, zoomed to only 60%? it’s freaking small and hard to see can?! but no choice, cos if it’s hard to see for me, it’s gonna be even harder for people standing behind to see. then hopefully they won’t know that i’m blogging instead of doing work. hahas.

i think this post will be long, cos i have the whole freaking day to type. lol. i only have to worry about how i’m gonna send this home, cos i can’t access my email on this comp. haish. that sucks. i thought i still can play email with people. now i’m stuck. thank god the internet still works. blehs.

if you’re wondering why i’m complaining today, lemme remind you. i have to sit outside instead of the hr room because big boss from hong kong is here, and i cannot be seen by her. so i have the whole day to myself, with nothing to do. lalala~ how nice hor? =.=

early in the morning, i heard this pregnant colleague of mine talking to another colleague (loudly) about how people won’t give up their seats to her on the train. she was saying, “the government keeps encouraging people to give birth, and yet they don’t educate the general public on graciousness. it’s like nobody cares lor.”


i was like, what the fuck sia. pregnant very big meh? you think the whole train only you tired meh? cannot tahan then don’t pregnant lor. if you’re taking public transport, it is assumed that you are well enough. if kind people offer their seats to you, be thankful. if nobody does, don’t curse and swear and look at everyone with daggers in your eyes. we are not freaking obliged to give up our seats just because you got yourself pregnant. -_-

i sound so very bad. but seriously that’s how i feel lor. really couldn’t help feeling pissed when she was talking as if the whole world owes her something. zzzz.oh wells. i’m ebil i guess. =)

is it the rainy season already? i thought it was in october? i hate rain when i’m working. first, it’ll be sooo cold. second, i can’t go to the riverside to eat. haish. the skies look very gloomy outside. i think i have to eat in today. super sianz. cannot go out waste time. haiz.

9.46am – everyone seems so busy. i think i’m the only one slacking lor. i’m feeling guilty leh. poor shernice has to sit inside. i’m actually occupying her table and not doing anything. i feel bad for inconveniencing her leh. tsk tsk. when corine’s back tml, she has to sit at my ‘table’. i hope she can take it. lols. i wish mel can just tell me to go on leave today and tomorrow. :p

(m&m’s are nice, reference checks are boring.)

11.41am – oops jialat liao. was browsing through classifieds online for rooms to rent, and suddenly mel appearred behind me. i couldn’t alt+tab in time and while talking to me, she kept glancing at the screen. lucky i was just reading the ads and not blogging or reading my blog. haish.

12.22pm – lunch, here i come! ^^

1.19pm – back from lunch. i think i only ate in the office for like, 15mins? the rest of the time was spent walking to the riverside and back again, as well as standing there talking. argh! 4hrs 40mins more. f4. and i keep thinking of aphroditee. ))=

another thing. why is it that most of the time when i ask for ice coffee, i get hot coffee instead? it’s true i need hot coffee cos it’s freezing in the office, but it’s so ma fan to drink hot coffee here lor. plus got the risk of spilling it. iced coffee is better. can use straw. lols. pretty tempted to get my daily coffee from spinelli instead of banquet. bleh.

i’m bored. shall we have some DID YOU KNOW fun?
1. a donkey will sink in quicksand, while a mule will not. (wow?)
2. 4000 people are injured by teapots every year. (lucky i don’t have one at home)
3. there are more chickens in the world than people. (heheheheheh..)
4. every year, more people are killed by donkeys than by aircraft crashes. (saddam should just rear a herd of donkeys then.)
5. in 1892, italy raised the minimum age for marriage for girls to 12. (wtf?)
6. in 1843, a parisian street mime got stuck inside his imaginary box, and starved to death. (duh!)
7. every labrador retriever dreams about bananas. (the fruit!)
8. if one places a tiny amount of liquor on a scorpion, it will instantly go mad and sting itself to death. (what about alcoholic scorpios? O_o)
9. the world’s youngest parents were 8 and 9, and lived in china in 1910. (-_-)

2.40pm – i feel bad to see everyone so busy with the induction and yet i can’t seem to do anything to help. =\

5pm – the work mel gave me is almost done. thx dear for chatting with me thru taggies. hehes. i did nothing the whole day and yet i’m feeling tired. i wonder how am i gonna get through tml.

at least you guys can expect another long long blog post for tml. haha. today’s is a whopping 2 pages man! eeks.

anyways, i think i wanna paint my nails later. hmm. brown, purple, green, black. any idea which one? hehe.

6pm – bai`bai.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

tired & sleepy. hahas. what else. =.=

nothing to do (again) today. before lunch was quite bearable cos i could look forward to lunch with dear. but poor him lor. gotta wait 5 hours alone for me. *muacks* when he went back after lunch, i din cry leh! first time hor? hehes. i guess the business trip thingy kinda worked.

but anyways, dear got the job! ^^ sho happy yesterday. it showed, didn't it? hehes.

went back sono yesterday. alot of people whom i knew back then had already left. only a few close ones remained. glad i saw them yesterday. can't believe eve actually remembered me. i thought she wouldn't. i knew some didn't really remember me. like wong, yy, kirene. hahas. i think they just found me familiar. i miss sono. the reception area hasn't changed much. but i managed to sneak a peek out into the packaging area, and it appeared to be quite different from last time. hmmm.

neverminds lah. i waited more than an hour for dear to finish his interview. surprisingly during this one hour, i didn't feel bored at all. besides talking to the receptionist (dunno her name), i was also thinking of last time. how i used to come out and stand in as receptionist, how i had to walk up and down the company, how me and winny cleared the stationery cupboard... so much fun. =D

memoriies i'll always keep.

on a lighter note, harry potter iish nicee! i only had a vague idea of what order of the phoenix was about. haven't read that book for ages! but i enjoyed the show. percy looks as bad as before. fred and george looking not bad. luna lovegood is chio!! hehes. so is hermione. =)

lalala~ i'm so not looking forward to tomorrow. i think i'm really gonna have nothing to do at all leh. i'm supposed to do my reference checks, but how long can they last me? 30 mins? an hour? what am i gonna do for the rest of the 7 hours? i sure hope my that pc has internet. otherwise, i can just stare at the screen and daydream then. -_-

saw shernice with maroon nails today. i thought HR personnel cannot paint fingernails de? in that case i also wanna paint liao. have been resisting the urge to paint dark colors ever since i started working there. zzZz.

p/s. anyone free tml afternoon can play sms with me? hahas. i think the outside seat has better fengshui. should have better reception gua.

p/p/s. looking forward to friday. muacks gals. =P

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

can't wait for tml! ^^
hope everything goes well, and our secret is well-kept.
i miss you.

猪头 !! =D

Sunday, July 15, 2007

new blogskin. made on the spur of the moment. okay not really. but yeah, new skin. lols. i'm so obsessed with butterfly patterns. every image i make, seem to have one or two fluttering around. hahas. i don't know why, but this skin seems kinda gloomy..sad..depressing..lonely...hmmmm. i wonder if it's reflecting my mood.

but i think i'm like the skin. there are some things which i show you clearly, some things which are abit hard to see, and some that are faded so much that you can't really see what it says. it's there; i just don't want to let you know what it is. see what i showed you, read what i typed. for those that are barely there, you can squint, but it would be wise not to ask. cos if i wanted to let you know, i would have shown it clearly.

just a gentle reminder. you don't need to know everything about me, nor do i need to tell you everything. i don't want to. note that.

on a lighter note, i wanna watch harry potter!! someone jio me out please. lols. having sushi craving as well. haish. getting fatter and fatter, not to mention more and more broke. and i still need more clothes. -_-''' i should have gone with mel and the rest for that guy's boutique grand opening. maybe got discount leh! but i think i also won't be able to afford those. hahas.

last last~ cup maggi is super nice when you've got a sudden craving for it. ^^

Saturday, July 14, 2007

here's something i wrote in the office :

Time: 140pm
Venue: office

here i am, blogging this on microsoft word in the office. i should be doing my work. that is, if i have any. lols. it’s at times like this that i wonder why on earth did they hire me in the first place. haish.

i’m so not looking forward to next thurs and fri. my big boss from hong kong will be coming down again, and guess what? i have to sit outside the HR room again. i tried telling melissa that since what i’ve been doing all along is strictly private and confidential stuff, i won’t have anything to do when i’m sitting outside because i can’t bring anything out. then she was like, "OH YEAH HOR!!" -_-'''

so tempted to take unpaid leave on these 2 days. lol. 4 hrs plus more. how to get through sia. somemore i already finished all the shredding. melissa doesn’t want me to help her shred hers. i wonder why. lol.

freaking tired and sleepy. someone slap me awake please.

haish. stoned for approximately 4 hours today. tsk tsk.

went to collect the rings after work. yep, that was what i bought on wed. could only collect it today cos i had engravings done on it. it's kinda lame lor, but dun care lah. i buy le, YOU BETTER LIKE IT! =)

i should make it a point to pamper myself with unhealthy, fattening fastfood every friday. reward myself for making it safely through one whole week. hahas! yeah i should do that.

oh by the way, happy friday the thirteenth !!
hope everyone got through today in one piece. unlike me. bleh.
*hates breakouts*

Thursday, July 12, 2007

my mum should come pick me up everyday after work. so i won't go for retail therapy and spend money again. haish. but anyway, here's a little quote from my horoscope this week.

"if the financial situation is now easing, as it should be, you can look forward to spending your way to happiness. it's surprising how little it takes to cheer you up."

how very fitting! hehes. bought something for me and dear just now. i hope he likes it though. :P

work was still manageable today. not as busy as monday, but certainly not as free as before. the only bad thing is, i'm almost done with the huge pile of documents to shred. i wonder what else can i do after that. lols. i want more work!! blehs.

iish tired. 2 days more to the weekend. let me get through these 2 days. *prays*

p/s. this is old news, and i'm sure everyone has noticed those silver seats at the underground mrt stations. i wonder what's the purpose of it, when you keep sliding off if you try to sit on them. really!

p/p/s. freaking scary and stressed talking to dear's mum. ><

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

the starting phrase of blogging is always the hardest to me. =\

let's see. work was nice today. not as busy as yesterday, but still nicee. ^^ i was actually looking forward to work this morning. first time i didn't think of taking leave. lols. by the way, i think the 40mins train journey to and fro is taking a toll on my butt and back. halfway through the journey, i always get backache. and if i stand throughout, my feet will hurt. haish. anyways, i thought i wouldn't have anything to do today, but luckily, i did! stoned a little in the morning, den karen asked me to help her do her spreadsheets. that took me like, 30 mins before lunch, and almost an hour after lunch to complete it. and guess what? lunch was only 45 mins today! omfg. lols.

but lunch sucked. my heels broke. the whole heel nearly came off. wth lor. i had to hobble upstairs to buy another pair. lucky they're cheap. bleh. and stupid mingkai still can say "wasted never sprain your ankle, if not tml can donid go work liao." =.= *arbish*

nothing much liao, just plain zapping documents, preparing folders, walking upstairs to find pretty ivy.. lol. i didn't do any shredding today! yays. i can leave that for tml liao. hahas. end of the day, my big boss came out to chit chat, and she was talking to melissa, when suddenly she mentioned me. mel was telling her that i was the one who opened the files, and corine added that i was the one conducting reference checks, and to my uttermost surprise, jean mentioned something like, 'in that case, maybe we can offer you a perm job here next time. or maybe trustee side.' blah blah blah.

on one hand, i'm hoping it's for real, mainly cos of the pay, and that at least i'm recognized for what i've done. on the other hand, i'm hoping not, cos i'm not sure if i can even last the whole 6mths. lols. but actually, i think jean just say say nia lor. i don't think they really want me as perm lah. =P

hmm. dunno why, but my elbow hurts. f4.


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

for the first time in 2 months, i enjoyed work today. seriously. even though my lunch was cut short to around 50 mins because of the drizzle, i still had less than an hour to stone. the rest of the time, I ACTUALLY HAD WORK TO DO!!! XD it's just zapping and shredding documents lah, but freaking fun and time-consuming can?! i didn't try to do things slowly. in fact, i was trying to rush out cos they needed it quite urgently. time passes pretty fast when you're busy. i just love today man. if everyday was like that, i can proudly say, I LOVE MY JOB! lol. if and only if.

on the other hand, my feet are hurting from walking and standing too much. but neverminds, i'm happy. ^^

work kept me from thinking about dear and the problems. (when i told you i was still pondering, i was actually busy and didn't have time to reply. =X) only when i was standing there alone shredding papers was i really able to think about it. i just hope everything's gonna be okay. =)

another nice thing today - chiong level up in maple. lols.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

after like, 2 months, i finally have inspiration to make a blogskin! hehes. did it based on my mood at the moment; it turned out to be a little emo. hrmmm. but i really like the end product. =)

it's here if you want it. the blogskins webby is so freaking slow. but support support!

wanted to maple the day away, but dunno why feel so sianz. din feel like talking at all. just wanted some peace while playing. sowie.

Friday, July 6, 2007

ruilan says she reads my blog everyday, but i haven't been blogging for the past 2 days, so she got nothing to read. i'm blogging now so she has something to read. lols.

super din feel like going to work this morning. i sat there in the dark for like, 5 mins, debating whether or not to take leave again. lol. i wonder why i'm so tired. i slept at around 11.30pm last night leh. hais. lucky i din take leave. otherwise my dad would have something else to nag at me again. zzZz.

on the way to work, i suddenly thought of the dream i had last night. first part, i dreamt of work. =.= then suddenly become maple. i dreamt that me and another archer were training at some weird map, and then dunno why we started shooting strafe. i still remember thinking, 'wah, so good ah?! level 6X got strafe liao." lols. maple-addicted. bleh.

was super super sianz at work. cos i had totally nothing to do again. my to-do list keeps getting shorter and shorter. furthermore, the stuff i have to do are not those that i can finish doing. i've already done my part and i have to wait for the other side to finish their part before i can continue. sucks lor.

let's see what i did today.
9 hrs of work -
1.75 hrs of shredding -
1.25 hr of lunch -
1 hr of photocopying stuff -
= 5 hrs of stoning!!

omfg. -_-'''

i hate the office shredder. the paper keeps getting stuck at the blades, and then i have to reach in and clear the mess. i don't like being in such a vulnerable position. even though i switch off the machine before my hand goes in, i hate to think what happens if for some reason the machine starts moving suddenly. tsk tsk. scary you know?! =\

had some time alone in the room before i went for lunch. took a couple of random pics.

haiz. sho ke lian hor? lol. during lunch, i ordered a big cup of ice coffee. she gave me HOT coffee instead. =.= can you imagine drinking hot coffee after walking under the sun in 3 layers of clothings? best part, i felt sleepy within the first 10mins of stepping into the office after lunch. no caffeine effect at all. sianz.

dear wanted this. i look super horrible. the sun melted my makeup. lols.

oh wells. went for retail therapy after work. nothing much to buy. just bought some rose candles and sachets to make my room smell nice nice. hehes. rushed home, ate, and started to clean my room. dunno why, but i was thinking about cleaning my room throughout the day. lols.

last bit. 2 days of rest day for me. let's see how much i can chiong on maple. LOL. ^^

p/s. people, do that poll thingy at the sidebar pweese?

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

how come time passes so fast when i'm not in the office. i just sat down for a while debating whether to bathe first or blog first, and it's like, 'eh! so fast 30 mins gone le!' -.=

work was alright. i finished 2 days of workload in less than 6 hours. can you ever imagine how much i have to stone every day? oh wells. chatted with dear through emails. nice nice. but i hope i don't get caught. i'm not really allowed to use the office email for personal mails. shhhhh~ nevertheless, time sure passes faster when you're there. hehe.

happened to notice something when i was setting up p-files, and now i'm interested in that something as well. shan't be revealing what that something is until i confirm i'm going for that something. hmmm. lols.

nothing to blog. i'm tired. bai`bai.

p/s. just noticed rui linked me. lol. din expect him to know about my blog though. hey rui, if you happen to read this. how's you guys? =)

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

shall combine 4 posts into one. =P

Friday, 29th June
nothing much, just that dear said i sounded very happy when i called him during lunch. i guess i was. that's half the day gone. 4 more hours to seeing dear. seriously dunno how i pia-ed till 6, cos i was practically glancing at the time every few minutes. lols.

took the lift down with nancy and shernice. the first time people ask me wanna walk to mrt station together, i was meeting dear. bleh. was bursting to ask them hurry up and walk faster. =| and i think i was abit too kua zhang when i saw dear. i guess i was just too glad.

had dinner by the riverside. the same food, the same place, the same seat, feels so different when there's someone by your side. lunching alone at the riverside will be more bearable now, cos you've been there with me before.

stayed up late at night. i like it when we're just sitting there, talking in the dark. sorry for having those thoughts. i was too frustrated last week. won't happen again.

Saturday, 30th June
waking up to dear is so much better than waking up to the alarm or my mum. ^^

went suntec for nancy drew with dear, windy 老爸, and his friend. i quite like the show, although it pales in comparison with her books. apparently it didn't interest dear at all. 老爸 and his friend didn't seem to enjoy it much as well. i guess it's a girls' show ba. hahas.

walked around suntec waiting for dear's friends to confirm dinner. saw alot of nicee clothes which i was so tempted to get. especially that pink off-shoulder. chio! but so ex. =.=

then dear bought a pair of watches. one for me, one for him. (duh.)

wandered into bonsai garden. heard of it but haven't been there before. that place is quite a nice hangout, except for the mosquitoes. =X

went breeks for dinner with dear's friends vivian and ryan. sweet couple. double date. =) and dear, it's not that i know how to mix with your friends, because i don't know how to mix with people at all. remember what i told you about being able to click? i guess i just happen to 'sort of' click with them abit. so far.

finished dinner around 8.30, when i happened to realized that there was a sms from mingkai received at 7.30. he said they were preparing to launch the fireworks already. thinking that we've already missed it, we headed to esplanade rooftop, only to realize it was closed. how come esplanade people so smart ah? lols. sat and chatted for awhile, then we went to buy supper and headed home. the journey was freaking bad.

first, we waited around half an hour for the %)#*%$) 960 bus to arrive. then, it was super crowded, and super stuffy, and super hot, making us super pissed. poor dear. i feel bad for wanting to take bus when he suggested mrt instead. )= then we found out that we didn't miss the fireworks after all, because there weren't any to begin with. something about the national stadium thingy. zzZz. why can't it close down this sat? haiz.

Sunday, 1st July
nothing much today. stayed at home, slept and mapled.

i so like the feeling when we went down to buy supper. don't know why too. =P

Monday, 2nd July
stayed up till 4 in the morning. talked. cried. alot. =( woke up 2 hours later for work. damn tired. dear was supposed to send me to work. but on the way, i decided to take leave today. lols. i feel guilty for taking so much off recently. i suppose for the next month or so, i cannot take any offs liao. sadded. but i go to work everyday, yet i don't see dear everyday. so of cos dear more important right? hehes. (melissa and parents are pissed, but, a few more hours to see dear leh. scolding also worth it lah.)

went back home to sleep for a while. then had to go liao. managed to make it on time. lucky lor. i stayed to watch dear leave because i thought it could help me to better accept the fact that he's leaving. i guess not. boy it hurt.

dear, next time lydat, don't sms or call me in between. i will cry again. even tomorrow. or wednesday. i know i will tear when i call you during lunch. but i'll be okay. it's just the aftermath of getting too used to you being here. i'll be fine next week. btw, as for your dad's birthday, i think there's a 90% chance i can't make it. for the other 10%, i'll just have to see how it goes lor. but don't put too much hope on it. i don't wanna risk angering them after today. i don't want them to don't like you. =\ i don't know lah. pray ba. and pray you fast fast get a good good job here. muacks.

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