Monday, May 31, 2010

三菜一湯: 成功!

last day of the vesak long weekend. boo. it was temple on friday and mum's birthday on sat. only managed to see SSD today, and as a little 6th-monthsary thingy, i decided to cook for him! lol.

made our way down to IMM for lunch and grocery shopping. (very far i know but i like can?!) felt pretty 'auntie' while pushing the trolley around and picking at veggies and stuff. and very unfortunately, i actually enjoyed it. =(

had spent the past week pondering on what dishes to cook, and came up with these four. and after spending almost the whole afternoon, sweating un-glamly in the kitchen, i'm glad to say, 成功! (successful as in, edible. lol.)

lotus root soup with fish/prawn balls, shiitake/button/eniki mushrooms.

japanese curry with carrot, potatoes and chicken fillet.

fried tomato omelette.

stir-fry broccoli with yellow/red bell peppers.

i know they're too simple and probably doesn't taste very good, but first time cooking these is like that one mah! =| at least i'm proud to say that my japanese curry has improved from the previous time. lols.

i like healthy meatless food! :)

then watched f1. was quite boring at first, until 2nd place vettel tried to overtake webber and crashed into him, successfully taking himself out of the race and delayed webber long enough to let hamilton and button through. button then did what vettel had attempted, but luckily hamilton managed to snatch the top position back. pretty interesting overtaking, and one more reason to convince me that this f1 driver is worth supporting.

hais. back to boring work again. i wanna go holiday!


Monday, May 24, 2010

hotel rendezvous singapore

i should be sleeping now if not for my wet hair.

and since i can't do anything else except wait, i shall blog about D's wedding dinner i just attended. finally had the chance to wear my new dress, bought ages ago from the blogshop run by a friend.

i like butterflies and ribbons. i also like how the material is figure-hugging but not suffocating. but most likes is how the dress made me appear slimmer than i really am. LOL. 8)

anyway, cocktail was supposed to start at 7pm, but we arrived at 720pm. tsk. the weather was super hot on the way and i think my makeup was half-gone already.

was seated and had nothing to do, so took random photos.

red wine! i think i had 3 or 4 glasses only. lol.

i shall now attempt to remember the 8 dishes we had:-

(1) cold dish (lobster, jellyfish, popiah, octopus)
(2) sharks' fin
(3) yam ring
(4) steamed promfret
(5) cereal chicken
(6) baby abalone, mushroom, veggies
(7) glutinous rice
(8) honeydew sago (me had 2 bowls!)

was able to eat majority of the dishes and furthermore, the 5 of us were seated with some strangers whom i didn't really bother about, so i didn't feel paiseh. dinner was enjoyable. lols.

halfway through dinner, we took a restroom break. and when you put girls with nice nice mirrors and cameras, you get...





:D i like how the lights make me appear prettier. (whahahaha 不要臉!)

but how pretty also cannot be prettier than the bride. vast difference between now and back then when i first saw her at hel's bbq. actually i was looking more at her hairdo and dresses. so so pretty! lols. =X

sighhhh. and cabbed home after the dinner. mad tired. and half drunk. why is it monday so fast?!


Sunday, May 23, 2010

happy happy day

manicure and pedicure session with colleagues at summer sweet in the morning.

did a hydrating treatment (half-leg) as well. pretty shiok. first they did the usual buffing and shaping of my nails, then sprayed some oil thingy, den some lotion thingy, massaged a little, and wrapped up with cling wrap. lastly they put these weird socks/boots on.

we kept laughing at it. lols. it's supposed to heat up and let your skin absorb the hydrating lotion faster. but honestly i felt no difference. lucky is free one. =|

decided on a french pedi since my toenails were pretty long. added a 3d ribbon, some bling bling, and ta-da!

cute hor? so tempted to get gel extensions so i can do ribbons! lol.

opted for my favorite purple base, a couple of nail art, and some blings for my fingers.

happy girl already! then lunch + LP's birthday celebration at this HK cafe.

seafood spaghetti was super spicy. see those cut chilli padi? was sweating like mad but we had the perfect quencher.




a HUGE glass of milk tea to share.

(compare that and the normal tall glasses beside.) turns out that at this cafe, you could have this for free if it was +/- 3 days your birthday. 5 or more people = huge glass. tastes quite nice too. too bad it was waayyy too much for us to finish.

what's a birthday without cake?

cookies n cream mini cake from polar. yummilicious~! loads of fun and laughter. i like how i can just be myself with them. /loves.

then met SSD, who had been waiting an hour, or so he claimed, for me to finish lunch. *muacks* we had a little time to spare so we walked from bugis to suntec. was surprisingly near. hmmmm. (the poor 病貓 was wearing jacket under the hot sun. mad one lor!)

went back plaza sing for our movie.

was thinking between this and robin hood, and i'm glad i chose this in the end. it wasn't exactly hilarious, but it was funny enough to entertain me. and puss-in-boots is cute! me likes.

lalala~ totally enjoyed myself. so when can i have more of this?


Friday, May 21, 2010


blogging at this unearthly hour (5.40am) cos i have nothing better to do while my hair is drying. 30 mins more to going 24 hrs without sleep, all thanks to the major tender exercise that will finally be over later this morning.

stupid client needed so many sets of tender documents (save the trees!) that, even after splitting up the work, we still had to stay back till 12am  on wednesday and a freaking 4.30am just now. which pissed me off so badly cos they were again doing last minute work. i understand that the pricing has to be given at the very last minute to prevent leakage, but they could always have done the discussions earlier so when the time came, they just had to release the price and we can start our preparation already.

basically, we were all just hanging around after dinner while waiting for the directors to come out with the pricing, since my compilation had already been done earlier.

darn waste of time right? so i started to flood facebook and twitter with notes of my displeasure. tsk.

furthermore, parents were worried and stayed up the whole night. they were also not comfortable with me cabbing home and thus, came to pick me up in the middle of the night.

on one hand, i feel very guilty, but on the other hand, i can't help but worry what the directors would be thinking. "ask her stay back do one tender only, she need to call her parents down. what the..."

seriously, i know they're worried, but it's not like i'm out there clubbing or what. i'm in the freaking office, WORKING! true, my place is kinda ulu, but can always call cab in ma. i don't think singapore taxis are as bad as what they claim. hais.

sighx. super super tired and sleepy. luckily the few of us are allowed to report for work in the late afternoon. hmmm. actually what's wrong with giving us a day off? we worked 36 hours in 2 days!

tsk. so now when normal working people are waking up and preparing for work, i'm just about to go to bed (even with wet hair). night night~!


Sunday, May 16, 2010

these two days...

before i start blogging about yesterday, let's recap the conversations this morning, shall we?

A: michelle are you very busy?
me: er....why?
A: cos i never see you come saturday before.
me: ...haha!

vict: 哇做麼你來?
me: 東西做不完。
vict: 拜一要的啊?
me: 沒有啦,怕沒有時間做。

K: morning sister.
me: morning.
K: why sister saturday come?
me: ......

su: 哇做麼你跑回來?
me: 有東西做。
su: 做不完啊?
me: 沒有啦,怕下禮拜沒有時間做。
su: 喔。

D: 你怎麼在這裡?
me: 做東西。
D: 拜一趕著要的啊?
me: 沒有啦,怕下禮拜沒有時間做。
D: 喔。

for the first time in my 3 years of working life, i've actually volunteerily come back to work on a saturday morning. even i'm surprised by myself. lols. and it's scaring me that it actually feels better working on saturdays than normal weekdays. eeks~

riiiighhhtt. backtracking to yesterday, we had 新旺 for dinner!

then went rooftop and found a nice cosy (but hot) corner to slack. was there for almost an hour. like the privacy, but no like flying things that anyhow land on people's head. yep.

then home sweet home since i had to wake up early.

as mentioned above, i went back to work this morning. was more concerned about meeting the bosses and totally forgot that the engineers and workers would be in. and ALL of them appeared super stunned to see me there. lols.

left for lunch with SSD (more like he just sat there while i ate), and then to his place to watch a couple of episodes of 幕後大老爺. actually main purpose was to play cooking mama de lor. (anyone know where can find cooking mama for satio?) =|

went city square mall for dinner! apparently it's a new shopping centre opened last sept. 親愛的 kept saying want to go but till now still haven't go. lol. it has like 5 or 6 storeys of shops which we covered in like, an hour? and there was alot of restaurants, which gave us a hard time deciding where to eat. finally decided on breeks.

potato salad. very very nice! (photo also very nice. muacks satio baby!)

my smoked salmon & crab meat spaghetti. better than pastamania's.

SSD's mushroom spaghetti. not bad lah. lols.

and then home sweet home cos it's SSD's turn to have to wake early tomorrow. hahs. gonna end this entry by haolian-ing baby boy again. so hard to take a clear photo of him. tsk.

i guess i shouldn't keep on accusing SSD of seeing other gals. just that being afraid of losing him ignites my insecurities and i can't help it. 對不起!!


Thursday, May 13, 2010

all work and no play

mad tired!

had to endure a gruelling 8-hour tender meeting with LP and both directors. super sleepy, super stressed, super overloaded, but also super interesting. because we did costing today.

i prefer this part of sales and marketing as compared to calling and following up on sales leads. at least for costing, i don't have to liaise much with strangers. i'm pretty much more comfortable with figures and calculations. at least for costing, it's similar to the project costing that i've been doing for the past year or so. in fact, i rather enjoy it. just that i don't like working directly with directors. boo.

halfway through the meeting, they took me and LP out for lunch. we went lion city hotel for their famous claypot rice. comparing our choices, i think my seafood was most worth it. cos the amount of ingredients were really generous - fish slices, sotong (alot of it), prawns, clams and whatnot. tastes pretty nice too! but price not very nice. $12.80++ each.

continued the meeting at the cafe for a while more before heading back office. AND continued the meeting. hais. which resulted in me not being able to do my own work. it just keeps piling up. tsk~

and finally ended the meeting at 8pm. hais. super tired and hungry. hoping for a nice and quiet day tomorrow so i can finish up my work. *crosses fingers*


Monday, May 10, 2010

happy mothers' day

yet another horribly disappointing race at the spanish grand prix. hamilton started 3rd on the grid, moved up to 2nd after the first pit stops, and crashed out in the second last lap. his front wheel had burst or something. :( 2009 has obviously not been a good year for him and up till now, 2010 isn't either.

which is a pity, cos he's such a skillful driver and his overtaking attempts are always so exciting to watch. which reminds me, this whole race was utterly boring with minimal action and overtaking; i so nearly fell asleep. tsk.


... ...

morning's massage session got cancelled cos i was told it started at 1030am when in fact it should start at 10. if i continued, i would have wasted 30mins. sian.

since i was already out, i decided to get some flowers for mum.

(yes they're roses cos there were only roses there.)

sighh. was watching new moon this afternoon. all those wolves running around. and then i thought, 'hey munchkins looks like one too!' lols.

oh wells ignore me. premature monday blues.


Sunday, May 9, 2010


finally watched the highly-anticipated Ip Man 2. which left me feeling pretty disappointed. i mean, the fighting is not too bad, but the storyline? naahhh. i admit that, having not watched the first part, i had no idea what to expect from this second installation. but it certainly wouldn't involve angmohs, boxing rings, and......beanies? -_-

neither did it interest me to see donnie yen being beaten to a pighead by an angmoh boxer named twister. sounds like what i'd name my dog. tsk. this is all so wrong. i think i need to be more selective of movies liao.

dinner was more interesting.

SSD's spicy chicken set.

which, according to him, is really spicy. lol. my dory set.

it has melted cheese and mayo on top. fried dory is yummy and so is the rice. i'd go back anytime for it. lol. all these, and with free flow of drinks and ice cream, cost less than $16! even more reason to go back. but a bit sad that most of its dishes are meat. boo.

walked to marina bay sands after that. which got me all hot and sweaty cos there were so many people and no wind. lols.

roof of shopping area is so nice and architectural. in fact, the whole place has that changi airport feel to it. didn't manage to get a closer look at the casino as there were too many people queueing to get in.

most of the shops aren't open yet. but it doesn't matter since they're all of the high-end types. like gucci, chanel, prada, salvatore ferragamo, tiffany & co... too bad the 你愛我嗎? method doesn't work on SSD. =|

there was also an outdoor deck, which was partially still under construction.

don't really understand what the 'roof' is for, since it neither provides shade from sun and rain nor is it aesthetically pleasing. hmmmm. the end! massage session in the morning and f1 at night. hamilton 3rd on the grid! whoots~


Saturday, May 8, 2010

looks DO matter

new theme from wordpress! don't really like the chunky header fonts but it's so pinky that i couldn't resist testing it out! lol. which one better? =x

... ...

sighh. sometimes after i've applied my makeup and everything, i'll look at myself in the mirror and think, "you know, you don't really look thaat bad." but more often than not when we go outside, i'll tend to look at all the other pretty girls and wonder if SSD secretly wishes i was as pretty as them. :(

lol such an emo start. it just happened to come into my mind. was actually planning to blog about the 3D game that SSD intro-ed me some time ago. the first 3D game that i actually made it past level 5. and probably my last. hmmmm.

besides the fact that i seriously don't know how to control the revolving camera angles, please compare this...

to this...

kawaii! not hard to see why maple's still my favorite game eh? (archers ftw and boo cool-down time!) i miss those good old mapling times.

i miss school too. especially when work gets so unbearable that my swear words and temper come out before i have a chance to stop them. very bad i know, but i'm so given up on RT; i don't really care anymore. anyone got job lobang? lol.

similarly was super pissed off today. (can see from my string of angry tweets.) so i left promptly at 615pm without finishing up my work. 他做初一我做十五lor.

then dinner with SSD at central and sat by the riverside. he bought me kinder surprise! lols. that was more surprising than the surprise inside.

had previously brought 2 out of 3 kinder surprises to office and stuck them to my computer monitor. can someone tell me what to do with this?

lalalala~ mad sleepy now. and ip man 2 tomorrow. yays.


Thursday, May 6, 2010

munchkins says hi again

*haolians pretty boy*

lols. celebrated both PL and LP's birthdays this afternoon. we had pizzas with a cute little twist for high tea.




so cute right?! especially the pink strawberry one. it's chocolate cake underneath the cream. looked so rich and yummy. too bad i'm not the birthday gal. lol. and as for the pizzas, we had hawaiian and seafood. deliciously sinful. tsk.

sighh. it's only thursday tomorrow. whyyyyy?! =|


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