Sunday, May 9, 2010


finally watched the highly-anticipated Ip Man 2. which left me feeling pretty disappointed. i mean, the fighting is not too bad, but the storyline? naahhh. i admit that, having not watched the first part, i had no idea what to expect from this second installation. but it certainly wouldn't involve angmohs, boxing rings, and......beanies? -_-

neither did it interest me to see donnie yen being beaten to a pighead by an angmoh boxer named twister. sounds like what i'd name my dog. tsk. this is all so wrong. i think i need to be more selective of movies liao.

dinner was more interesting.

SSD's spicy chicken set.

which, according to him, is really spicy. lol. my dory set.

it has melted cheese and mayo on top. fried dory is yummy and so is the rice. i'd go back anytime for it. lol. all these, and with free flow of drinks and ice cream, cost less than $16! even more reason to go back. but a bit sad that most of its dishes are meat. boo.

walked to marina bay sands after that. which got me all hot and sweaty cos there were so many people and no wind. lols.

roof of shopping area is so nice and architectural. in fact, the whole place has that changi airport feel to it. didn't manage to get a closer look at the casino as there were too many people queueing to get in.

most of the shops aren't open yet. but it doesn't matter since they're all of the high-end types. like gucci, chanel, prada, salvatore ferragamo, tiffany & co... too bad the 你愛我嗎? method doesn't work on SSD. =|

there was also an outdoor deck, which was partially still under construction.

don't really understand what the 'roof' is for, since it neither provides shade from sun and rain nor is it aesthetically pleasing. hmmmm. the end! massage session in the morning and f1 at night. hamilton 3rd on the grid! whoots~


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