Monday, May 31, 2010

三菜一湯: 成功!

last day of the vesak long weekend. boo. it was temple on friday and mum's birthday on sat. only managed to see SSD today, and as a little 6th-monthsary thingy, i decided to cook for him! lol.

made our way down to IMM for lunch and grocery shopping. (very far i know but i like can?!) felt pretty 'auntie' while pushing the trolley around and picking at veggies and stuff. and very unfortunately, i actually enjoyed it. =(

had spent the past week pondering on what dishes to cook, and came up with these four. and after spending almost the whole afternoon, sweating un-glamly in the kitchen, i'm glad to say, 成功! (successful as in, edible. lol.)

lotus root soup with fish/prawn balls, shiitake/button/eniki mushrooms.

japanese curry with carrot, potatoes and chicken fillet.

fried tomato omelette.

stir-fry broccoli with yellow/red bell peppers.

i know they're too simple and probably doesn't taste very good, but first time cooking these is like that one mah! =| at least i'm proud to say that my japanese curry has improved from the previous time. lols.

i like healthy meatless food! :)

then watched f1. was quite boring at first, until 2nd place vettel tried to overtake webber and crashed into him, successfully taking himself out of the race and delayed webber long enough to let hamilton and button through. button then did what vettel had attempted, but luckily hamilton managed to snatch the top position back. pretty interesting overtaking, and one more reason to convince me that this f1 driver is worth supporting.

hais. back to boring work again. i wanna go holiday!


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