Thursday, May 13, 2010

all work and no play

mad tired!

had to endure a gruelling 8-hour tender meeting with LP and both directors. super sleepy, super stressed, super overloaded, but also super interesting. because we did costing today.

i prefer this part of sales and marketing as compared to calling and following up on sales leads. at least for costing, i don't have to liaise much with strangers. i'm pretty much more comfortable with figures and calculations. at least for costing, it's similar to the project costing that i've been doing for the past year or so. in fact, i rather enjoy it. just that i don't like working directly with directors. boo.

halfway through the meeting, they took me and LP out for lunch. we went lion city hotel for their famous claypot rice. comparing our choices, i think my seafood was most worth it. cos the amount of ingredients were really generous - fish slices, sotong (alot of it), prawns, clams and whatnot. tastes pretty nice too! but price not very nice. $12.80++ each.

continued the meeting at the cafe for a while more before heading back office. AND continued the meeting. hais. which resulted in me not being able to do my own work. it just keeps piling up. tsk~

and finally ended the meeting at 8pm. hais. super tired and hungry. hoping for a nice and quiet day tomorrow so i can finish up my work. *crosses fingers*



  1. there are just too many meetings at work...its ridiculous! I see more and more that employees are being overworked and underpaid. It really sucks! Hang in there :)


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