Tuesday, December 28, 2010

new-found respect

"Though nature has given sensibility to pain to such living organisms as have the power of movement, – in order thereby to preserve the members which in this movement are liable to diminish and be destroyed, – the living organisms which have no power of movement do not have to encounter opposing objects, and plants consequently do not need to have a sensibility to pain, and so it comes about that if you break them they do not feel anguish in their members as do the animals." - Leonardo da Vinci

simply put, it's an explanation of why plants do not feel pain as opposed to animals. and only today did i find out that leonardo da vinci, one of the greatest painters and a highly talented sculptor, mathematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, botanist and writer, was a vegetarian.

first things first, what is a vegetarian? according to veggie advisor:

a vegetarian is someone who does not eat meat, fish, poultry, or any slaughterhouse by-product such as gelatine.

a vegan is someone who does not eat meat, fish, poultry, dairy products, eggs, honey, or any other animal product.

a pescetarian is someone who abstains from eating all meat and animal flesh with the exception of fish.

a flexitarian is someone who eats mostly a vegetarian diet, with occasional meat consumption.

so, it turns out there's a term to describe people with weird diets like me. lols. frankly speaking, i am in awe of vegetarians, and even more so of vegans. i wish i had the determination to at least 'upgrade' from pescetarianism to vegetarianism. but i find it hard to give up my salmon sashimi! T_T

nevertheless, i guess any reduction in meat intake is better than none at all. boo.


Monday, December 27, 2010

the belly rules the mind

popped down the house on sunday afternoon for a glimpse of the new door.

pretty! because i choose one. lols. then went ikea. again. but this time we bought loads of stuff and arranged for delivery. starting to panic cos i haven't started packing at all! boo.

by the time we finished, it was almost 8pm already. headed down east coast for dinner.

1. twin squids local delight. crispy and yummy!

2. seafood fried rice. black peppery nice!

3. steamed sea bass with nonya sauce. super spicy!

4. drunken live prawn in herbal soup. prawns were big and fresh but i super loved the herbal soup!

5. fried sambal kang kong. nothing special actually.

6. baked black pepper crab. yums!!

7. pomelo sago with mango cream.

extravagant dinner. boo.


our 1st christmas together

it's considered so because i spent christmas in genting last year. lol. but despite it being christmas, it felt like any other paktor weekend to me.

can't really see clearly, but we both turned up in checks! :) went all the way down to vivocity and had lunch at this ramen restaurant.

SSD got a seafood ramen with 3 sides: chuka hotate, baby octopus, and ogonori seaweed.

had wanted to take the same as him, minus the sides. but chose the salmon teriyaki set in the end.

luckily i did! cos i preferred my fish to his noodles. lol. =\

walked around before heading in to watch tron: legacy.

heard a lot of good reviews about it, but i found it quite disappointing. in the beginning, SSD fell asleep and i too was struggling to keep my eyes open. it only got better after sam got into the grid and all the battle scenes began. overall, the storyline wasn't that good but the digital effects made it worthwhile. boo.

it was raining when we came out. double boo. no more romantic stand-and-watch-sea anymore. most of the restaurants had long queues and the noisy humongous crowd was simply adding to my already throbbing head. but luckily, we managed to find breeks, tucked away in a nice and quiet corner.

my smoked salmon and crab meat pasta.

SSD's seafood tomyum pasta.

our 'blue-something' drink and chocolate ice cream!

and that's the end of our first christmas day. =)


Saturday, December 25, 2010

merry xmas 2010

had a girly christmas dinner with the gals on thursday!

cher wanted steamboat but didn't give any suggestions where, so we just wandered around bugis and finally settled on 天天火锅. they had the option of choosing steamboat for $16nett, or steamboat and bbq for $18nett. smells from the bbq were super tempting, but luckily we chose the steamboat. i certainly don't want to go home smelling like bbq! lol.

汤底 was chicken and herbal soup, but soon it started boiling over and when they came to refill the soup, they poured the same broth into both sides. -_-''' through the course of dinner, we added prawns and 当归 and lots of other stuff that made the soup super yummy at the end! not very healthy though; it boiled thicker and thicker.

variety of food was pretty limited, and were placed so close together. i didn't quite like the squeezing and jostling to take food. (and searching 5 mins for a pair of tongs to kiap the food. grrr!) majority of the food were meat products, and they only had 金针菇! i also didn't see any fishballs and 豆腐. quite a pathetic 'spread'. the only stuff we took a lot were the fish. sighx.

then i attempted to take some veggies in between. guess what i spotted?

yep! S-N-A-I-L!! it looked like those i used to have in my tank. and it was alive. *gasps in horror* can't imagine if i'd dumped it in the pot. zzZz.

overall, a 1.5/5 maybe? don't think i'll go back to eat again. =\

anyway, after that we had a mini, er, post-birthday-and-pre-christmas gift exchange session. lol.

lots of chocolates! fat fat fat! -_-''' but interesting. the cacao stress-reliever kit came just at the right time. not sure if it's gonna be good for my recent never-ending breakouts though. boo.

%*#)%* work the next day. would have liked to stay longer. and looking forward to meet up again! ^_^

... ...

unexpected presents from Hel and vict. =)

tron tomorrow! ^_^


Friday, December 24, 2010

Three Countries I'd Like to Visit

1. Barcelona, Spain

ancient buildings and medieval churches as remarkable architectural masterpieces. that was what initially captivated me about spain. then, stories and photos from an aunt during her brief stay there sparked greater interest for me to see the city from a resident's point of view. the last straw came during 流星花园, when 道明寺 and 杉菜 went there for a holiday. the beautiful churches, the street vendors, the city outskirts, the public monuments, the scenery... it's definitely at the top of my wishlist for wedding photos! :P

2. Rome, Italy

another great location for memorable wedding photos, my main purpose for visiting would be to see the colosseum. all those julius caesar and gladiator got me reaaallly fascinated about ancient rome. triump in the skies and the triangel only made it worse. lols. not to mention new moon also had a roman scene. and the sights and scenery are pretty too! ;)

3. Sligo, Ireland

where else but the hometown of my favorite westlife member? apparently sligo is more of a countryside than dublin, which is so me! (not much to visit, more to reside.) :D

of course, theoretically these are my 3 countries, but i'd probably never ever get to visit them. so realistically, i'll probably list taiwan, hongkong, and.....malaysia? boo. -_-'''


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

almost everything i do is related to being fat.

yet another gastronomic post! seems like there's really nothing much besides food to blog about. anyway, went for japanese buffet dinner with aunts, bro and SSD to 'celebrate' two birthdays. chose hibiki @ the singapore flyer, which was recommended by PL for cheap and nice jap buffets. (aunt kept complaining it was too far, which obviously pissed me off cos you can't really go, "oh i was looking at this at first too!" in the afternoon and then complain about it at night. zzZz.)

hmmmm. the ambiance was actually quite alright, except for the air conditioning which kinda isn't working well i guess. quite quiet, considering we were one of the 4 tables there. staff was rather responsive, even though there were only a few of them. the food also didn't take as long to arrive as we had expected.

but the food variety was utterly disappointing, which probably explains why there was so little people there during dinner time. but the quality was surprisingly not too bad! ordered a little from each section on the menu (basically everything).

my favorite: sashimi: salmon/tuna/shrimp/octopus!

sushi: salmon/tuna/egg/crabstick/shrimp.

temaki: salmon/california/soft shell crab. still riverview hotel temaki ftw!

teppanyaki: salmon/squid/prawns. this one is yummy!

tempura: ebi/shiitake etc.

miso paste on brinjal

this one kena cheated! it stated mixed veggies but it turned out to be red peppers with dao geh. -_-''

and the usuals: edamame, chawanmushi, shiitake mushrooms, age tofu, salmon etc.

not too bad! downside would be the lack of normal green tea. we had to order refillable green tea with roasted rice, at $5 per cup! zzZz. overall, probably a 3/5? =\

... ...

more eating this week! boo. and does anyone know where i can watch bambino? hmmmm.


Monday, December 20, 2010

sumo house @ AMK

went out 'shopping' again today. bought our lights and doors and stuff. super love my pretty purple/blue light. can't wait till it's up and on! =)

... ...

but the main point of today's entry, is our lunch! a place called sumo house near ang mo kio hub.

their japanese bentos are super value for money lor! like the tenzaru soba set i had was only $5.90! in a normal sized portion!

ordered sides too.

the rest of them had bentos too.

there! are you hungry yet? definitely will drop by to eat if i'm in the area. :P


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