Saturday, December 18, 2010

hana yori dango

here's a random post just to push down the bare room photo. lols.

been re-watching HYD 1 again for the past week. got tempted to do so after catching an episode of the korean version. i think out of the 3 versions (taiwanese, korean and japanese), i still prefer the japanese. not only are the F4 members MUCH better-looking, even makino (杉菜) is cuter and prettier. the story is also less draggy (only 9 eps!) and more interesting than the other two. i think it's one of the few dramas in which the love story can touch me again and again everytime i watch it.

been years since i last watched HYD 1, and so i only found out recently that they also had season 2, with the original cast. the plot is slightly different from the taiwanese version, although both revolve around domyoji (道明寺) ignoring makino. obviously, a young businessman having to sacrifice love for his family's business empire sounds much more interesting and exciting and touching to watch than some accident-and-lose-memory crap in the taiwanese version. barely halfway into this season and i can't wait to see what happens in the end! :D

and of course, who could forget the eye candies?

oguri shun and matsumoto jun. liked them from the gokusen and kindaichi 3 days, but they certainly look better now. ^_^

anyways, a rather meaningless post i must admit. off to continue HYD 2!


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