Monday, December 6, 2010

pompeii: life in a roman town 79CE

instead of spending the day nua-ing as i would have liked to, we decided to drop by the museum again.

in case you didn't know, CE means common era, gradually adopted in place of AD. in other words, this year is 2010 CE and this tragedy took place almost 2,000 years ago!

my main purpose for visiting this exhibition was this:

entering the dark gallery, we were greeted by sombre sight of these victims. even though i've seen photos of them, it was still a pretty emotional experience (i know i don't look like it) to see them right in front of me. i swear they'd make you feel weird too.

it's hard to what they must have been going through, lying there suffocating and helpless as ash engulfs them. super disheartening. also amazing how the casts can be kept intact enough to show the last moments of these victims.

hmmm. moving on, we entered the TOWN section, where we watched a 7-min 3D film of how the ash buried pompeii. honestly i don't really see the point of the film. lols. there was also this timeline by an eyewitness, describing how the ash and pumice eventually buried the whole city. similarly, i don't quite get it. =\

other items include weight and measures. the scales are at the back and the different weights in front.

the bronze, silver and gold coins they used.

gladiatorial games. the shin guards, shoulder guards, shield, and...lamp?

fishing! they even managed to find the hooks that they used.

the various tools and equipment used for medicine.

the different pots and pans used for eating and drinking.

part of a tap. back then, they already had reservoirs and network taps and constant supply of drinking water etc. and even a heated swimming pool! like, wow?

the ancient romans also worshipped many different gods and deities.

special attention was also paid to the afterlife, with a funerary statue and many different items to be buried together with the dead.

random household items...

the bedrooms were more and less private and less decorated, with only the necessities.

dolling up was important too...

the rich had big gardens with elaborate statues and mosaic fountains.

more cooking utensils...

apparently their food was cut into bite-sized pieces and they laid on recliners like this to eat (with their fingers). shiok lor...

there was also a video on volcanoes. pretty interesting. there were also alot of related books on display where you could sit down and read. and that's the end of the exhibition!

somehow i enjoyed this one better than the ancient egypt one, even though the latter has more interesting artifacts on display. probably it was due to the lack of visitors that allowed me to slowly read the labels and snap away.

lalala~ i wish there were more of these. how bout an ancient china one?! :D


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