Monday, December 27, 2010

the belly rules the mind

popped down the house on sunday afternoon for a glimpse of the new door.

pretty! because i choose one. lols. then went ikea. again. but this time we bought loads of stuff and arranged for delivery. starting to panic cos i haven't started packing at all! boo.

by the time we finished, it was almost 8pm already. headed down east coast for dinner.

1. twin squids local delight. crispy and yummy!

2. seafood fried rice. black peppery nice!

3. steamed sea bass with nonya sauce. super spicy!

4. drunken live prawn in herbal soup. prawns were big and fresh but i super loved the herbal soup!

5. fried sambal kang kong. nothing special actually.

6. baked black pepper crab. yums!!

7. pomelo sago with mango cream.

extravagant dinner. boo.


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