Wednesday, December 22, 2010

almost everything i do is related to being fat.

yet another gastronomic post! seems like there's really nothing much besides food to blog about. anyway, went for japanese buffet dinner with aunts, bro and SSD to 'celebrate' two birthdays. chose hibiki @ the singapore flyer, which was recommended by PL for cheap and nice jap buffets. (aunt kept complaining it was too far, which obviously pissed me off cos you can't really go, "oh i was looking at this at first too!" in the afternoon and then complain about it at night. zzZz.)

hmmmm. the ambiance was actually quite alright, except for the air conditioning which kinda isn't working well i guess. quite quiet, considering we were one of the 4 tables there. staff was rather responsive, even though there were only a few of them. the food also didn't take as long to arrive as we had expected.

but the food variety was utterly disappointing, which probably explains why there was so little people there during dinner time. but the quality was surprisingly not too bad! ordered a little from each section on the menu (basically everything).

my favorite: sashimi: salmon/tuna/shrimp/octopus!

sushi: salmon/tuna/egg/crabstick/shrimp.

temaki: salmon/california/soft shell crab. still riverview hotel temaki ftw!

teppanyaki: salmon/squid/prawns. this one is yummy!

tempura: ebi/shiitake etc.

miso paste on brinjal

this one kena cheated! it stated mixed veggies but it turned out to be red peppers with dao geh. -_-''

and the usuals: edamame, chawanmushi, shiitake mushrooms, age tofu, salmon etc.

not too bad! downside would be the lack of normal green tea. we had to order refillable green tea with roasted rice, at $5 per cup! zzZz. overall, probably a 3/5? =\

... ...

more eating this week! boo. and does anyone know where i can watch bambino? hmmmm.


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