Saturday, December 25, 2010

merry xmas 2010

had a girly christmas dinner with the gals on thursday!

cher wanted steamboat but didn't give any suggestions where, so we just wandered around bugis and finally settled on 天天火锅. they had the option of choosing steamboat for $16nett, or steamboat and bbq for $18nett. smells from the bbq were super tempting, but luckily we chose the steamboat. i certainly don't want to go home smelling like bbq! lol.

汤底 was chicken and herbal soup, but soon it started boiling over and when they came to refill the soup, they poured the same broth into both sides. -_-''' through the course of dinner, we added prawns and 当归 and lots of other stuff that made the soup super yummy at the end! not very healthy though; it boiled thicker and thicker.

variety of food was pretty limited, and were placed so close together. i didn't quite like the squeezing and jostling to take food. (and searching 5 mins for a pair of tongs to kiap the food. grrr!) majority of the food were meat products, and they only had 金针菇! i also didn't see any fishballs and 豆腐. quite a pathetic 'spread'. the only stuff we took a lot were the fish. sighx.

then i attempted to take some veggies in between. guess what i spotted?

yep! S-N-A-I-L!! it looked like those i used to have in my tank. and it was alive. *gasps in horror* can't imagine if i'd dumped it in the pot. zzZz.

overall, a 1.5/5 maybe? don't think i'll go back to eat again. =\

anyway, after that we had a mini, er, post-birthday-and-pre-christmas gift exchange session. lol.

lots of chocolates! fat fat fat! -_-''' but interesting. the cacao stress-reliever kit came just at the right time. not sure if it's gonna be good for my recent never-ending breakouts though. boo.

%*#)%* work the next day. would have liked to stay longer. and looking forward to meet up again! ^_^

... ...

unexpected presents from Hel and vict. =)

tron tomorrow! ^_^


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