Sunday, December 28, 2008

almost there

after scouring almost the whole of singapore, this was what i ended up with. twilight and the soundtrack from popular jurong east, new moon and breaking dawn from kinokuniya liang court. eclipse is apparently out of stock islandwide (at popular/times/kino) and nobody knows when the stock will come in. boo. guess i'll just have to skip part 3 for the moment. =(

bought harry potter and the deathly hallows as well. can't wait to start reading. thanks dad for driving me all over the place just to find the books, and mum for helping me call here and there to ask. muuuuuaaaccckkksss!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

i is depressed.

yes. i is very depressed.

was in high spirits the whole day today cos i had planned to get my twilight books and soundtrack after work. guess what? popular was out of stock. i honestly felt like crying. i tried calling a few other branches. most were also out of stock. one said they still had some stock left, but he wasn't sure if the system was updated, so he also can't confirm.

damn sad. damn damn depressed. to make matters worse, i had read the plot summary and the first chapter of new moon and i so wanna know if bella became a vampire or not. it's sooo frustrating!! am still gonna try my luck tomorrow. wish me luck!

happened to spot this dvd while searching for the soundtrack, so i bought it to cheer myself up.

at least i've got westlife to take me past this sad despressing disappointing night. boo.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

merry xmas

i should never have watched twilight; now i'm hooked! darn that edward cullen. thankfully he's only good-looking in the movie. lol! love-hate the story though. love because it's nice and relaxing to dive into the fantasy world once in awhile. robert portrays edward as probably the most perfect partner any girl can have. but hate cos after the movie, it just reminds me how far from reality that love is.

still, so tempted to get my own set of twilight books! =(( though i suppose in time to come it'll get chucked into the cupboard like poor harry potter. haven't been reading for a while now. shame on me.

christmas eve! in case i'm getting drunk tml, i'll just wish you guys merry christmas now! ^^

not in any christmas mood though. my workload increases by the day, especially now that i'm getting involved in more and more director meetings. today i finally couldn't take it when i was asked to do some minor admin stuff. i told pl and hel i was busy with more urgent stuff. i think they looked abit shocked that i would refuse to do their work.

i wish they'd understand that working under the director as a newbie and handling big million-dollar projects is not easy at all for me. especially when i have to double up as their secretary and personal assistant, i have soo much things on my mind. they would suddenly interrupt my train of thoughts and ask me to do some wu-eh-bo-eh work. sbdl lor. and it's not helping that we're STILL lacking a draftsperson. having to do autocad sucks to the core. sheesh. going bonkers soon.

i must be making my work sound terrible. lols. not really; i get occasional perks though. the other day, our PE found out i was new and haven't done any bca submissions before and he said "is this your first time doing bca? don't worry, i will coach you." so encouraging! even before that, he's helped me loads of times on legal and submission issues. very nice old man. :)

and today, st told me during his recent trip to china, he met up with one of our suppliers and that supplier actually said he was very keen to meet up with me! probably because before st met him, i was the only one liaising with him all the while. lol. feels good when it comes to a point where people, especially from overseas, know you by name and would request to deal directly with you instead of through others.

gosh i sound so haolian. lol. but want haolian got price to pay one hor! everyday ot + no ot pay + cannot claim cabfare + pressure from bosses + pressure from yourself + must tahan colleagues who seem to pass everything to you + alot more things. not easy leh!

fine, shall stop haolian-ing. *goes to watch twilight again*

Sunday, December 21, 2008



top 2 rants & satisfactions! (",) let's start with rants first.

One; meeting started 1.30pm yesterday. guess what time it ended? 9.30pm. yep, 8 long hours straight in the cold cold meeting room. we all discussed about our individual workloads and instead of helping us to reduce them, hel very 'considerately' increased them! her purpose was to make us all-rounders who can handle any job position, but she doesn't seem to care whether or not we can take it.

so now, since she feels hl cannot handle it, hel wants me to handle all projects, flatly refusing my colleague's suggestion to get another helper. very nice. 10 projects. T-E-N. *bangs wall* how to take leave? how to take mc? how to even leave on time?! foooook.

Two; no one dared to ask hel about claiming cab fare, and so we all assumed that since she didn't mention anything, it means we can't claim. which made me very pissed cos the bus stop is not only freaking far (was already tired), it's freaking quiet and scary once after 8. besides, we already can't claim ot, why can't we claim a measly 15 buck cab fare? +_+

nevertheless, i am satisfied. somewhat!

One; even though i was awoken before 9 this morning by my director asking about work stuff, i was glad because i managed to answer to him and he praised me! lol. the "well done, thanks." may be short and simple, and not the first time, but this time it gives me the reassurance that i'm on the right track. especially after the shock i received during the meeting about me handling all projects, this 'well done' just increased my confidence level a little. ^^

that's also the difference between working for st and hel, despite complaints that he's hard to work with. though it's more stressful doing things for him cos he's stricter, he shows appreciation when you get his work done. unlike hel. hrmmmm.

Two; since i woke up early, i got down to work cleaning up my room. now i feel satisfied when i look around. =D

well well well, if anyone's tired about reading work complaints, so am i tired of writing them. but if i don't get them out, i think i'll burst! lol. fine.

looking forward to new year's eve. mini party in the office! yours truly's the organizer. yay! originally planned for xmas, but since alot of people will be at site, we pushed it to new year instead. i'm feeling excited just by thinking of all the food and games i've prepared. i stayed back until 8 plus to do one hor! events management, I LIKE! hehx.

Monday, December 15, 2008

i love white tigers!

since i'm waiting for my hair to dry, i thought i'd blog (at this hour if you noticed). i'm on leave tml! not official though, and it hasn't been approved. i think i'm famous for my urgent leaves. wish me luck!

wonderful trip this time.

minor jam at the customs caused a slight delay, and we reached first world at 6.30am, the latest of all the trips so far. hobbled all the way (toe still hurts) into the casino, and very sadly, no guards asked for my passport. tsk. i shall ignore the gambling part, even though i lost rm300 overall. =\

wanted to check in after lunch. system kept hanging, and we were left standing for more than an hour. pics to prove i was bored.

didn't manage to go shopping until the last day. bought some presents for office gift exchange, and some for myself. triangels! this was cheaper than the one i previously bought, but that was nicer and more original than this 'mass-produced' one. ah wells.

[caption id="attachment_1557" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="黑色的缘分天使代表迷恋中的爱情:想你,深深地想你"][/caption]

so cute! have been wanting one. finally found! bring me more luck please!

on the day of departure, our 2pm bus was delayed by two hours due to the heavy rain and slow traffic. sleep was also more or less disturbed by the few noisy toddlers on board the bus. dinner was at 9pm, and NOT at yongpeng. i wants their fishball noodle. =(

by the time we reach home, it was already 1am. tsk.

if you're wondering why i said this trip was wonderful, no i'm not being sarcastic. see!




previously we were told we can't redeem it, but we managed to find a way round that rule. so me and dad went to watch.

the show was quite disappointing actually. it was mainly full of magic tricks and acrobats. nothing fascinating if you're bored of those. unfortunately, the big cats and 2 dogs merely made brief appearances. lucky we didn't have to pay for those tickets. oh yeah, they din even allow photography. =(

but at the end of the show, we paid rm60 for...








if anyone bothers to remember that my favorite animal is the white tiger, you can imagine how super duper excited i was! (p/s. you can ignore our retarded faces thanks.)

it looked so sleek and beautiful when it was 'performing'. up close, its coat was very clean and white. i like the paws. see how they hang over the edge so daintily? it's huge in size, and simply SO DAMN GORGEOUS lah! it laid like, 2 feet away from us and its tail was only inches away from me! don't you just feel like cuddling up to it? lols. (",)

apparently they (trainers were cute too) trained it to pose, cos when it looked away, one of them tapped its nose and it looked back to the cameras. it didn't look affected by the flash lights too. it even knew which cam to look at. (-_-)

the white lion isn't so tame though. people could only take photos while it remained in the cage, which explains why the tiger has a longer queue than the lion. i thought i saw the lion look abit hurt by that. hmmmm. the lion was pretty too. everything, including the mane, was white. i have to say it is my first time seeing it.

on one hand, i feel sad for them cos they're being trained for circus tricks and are somehow treated like display items in an exhibition, letting guests to take photos and gush over. but on a selfish note, where else can you find such an opportunity to be so close to one?

the tiger looks rather relaxed and happy, so that should lessen my guilt a little. right?

Saturday, December 13, 2008

fire red family

i'm leaving soon for genting, but i still have some time to share these photos! i took them last night (yes 'test' cam again).

i have one pair of fire red shrimpies in my tank, and perhaps due to the nice cold weather, they started multiplying. i have like, 50 young ones, just from that pair! gosh.

dinnertime! (click to enlarge.)

(",) cya~

Thursday, December 11, 2008

very bo liao

i is bo liao. (",)

my 2nd batch of fr3b shopping arrived! actually it came yesterday, but bro was bathing and the poor postman had to go back. hrmph.

SKII~ i guess you have use it long term to see the effects, but i still like the feeling of using it. lols. 神奇水 leh! expensive water i call it. they gave me some samples free too. perfect for this weekend. more room for shopping!

actually i just want to test my cam again. muhahaha!

i never felt the need to upgrade my 5.1mp cam (which i never used at all) until i switched to this phone. now i wonder why hadn't i upgraded the cam earlier? i can now take macro shots and they still look clear! cool~

i AM behaving like a suaku right? fine. =P


work sucks! lol. working directly under the director is super stressful. every big small thing also find me. >< i wants my manager back! jealous of his 2 week long vacation. blehhsss.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


went shopping yet again. i'm now another 330 bucks poorer.

saw this loreal star magnet nail polish at watsons. found it pretty interesting, so i bought the dark grey one on impulse. after you apply a layer of the nail polish, place your nail near the magnet (given) and a star is supposed to appear.

well it did, but i kinda expected a more obvious starburst. also i think i didn't do a good job, so only the star on my right thumb and toe appeared nice. after i applied top coat, most of the star effect unfortunately were gone. )=

actually the main purpose was to test my new dcam. lol. i got the fuji finepix z20fd in pink. very pretty! but i think i don't quite know how to do the setup yet, so image quality doesn't look very good. never mind; plenty of time to find out!

the guy who tested the cam for me forgot to take back his battery, so now i have one extra battery in addition to the original one. should i be nice and give it back? XD


serious now. recent bus crash in msia scared me abit, mainly because i'm going up genting again this friday. i don't wanna die yet! *touchwood*

Monday, December 8, 2008

lunch @ vienna

celebrated aunt's bdae with lunch at vienna international buffet. reached around 12pm and the place was already so packed. food variety was so-so, with the usual sashimi, sushi, appetizer, salad etc.

only exception was the assortment of 'cocktails'. it's just fruit juice with bits of fruit and jelly actually, but they came in cute little test tubes and shot glasses and in so many different colors. pretty interesting! ^^ there was red wine too, though it tasted very diluted and horrible. no red wine taste at all.

i love the soba and egg salad though. yummy! i also like how they come in mini portions. even the mini 九層糕! lols.

for the first time, i had cake for dessert. green tea/red bean and the blackforest were delicious. but so fattening. tsk.

camwhore.. (-_-)


aiming for canon's powershot e1. (in cotton pink!) any reviews? =\

Saturday, December 6, 2008

in town with cher & ken

what was supposed to be a great friday nights out with cher and kenneth was ruined by OT. h didn't bother asking any of us if we had appointments. she simply kept ordering us to do this and that. around 7 plus, she complained she was hungry. (-_-) nv do anything also can hungry. nice.

later, i couldn't tahan her sarcasm, so i hinted to su that i was late for an appointment. only then did h say we could leave, and it was already almost 9pm. zzZz. even though i cabbed down to taka, i was still nearly one and a half hour late. thanks both cher & ken for waiting for me. (p/s. i have no intention of hooking both of you. OT was unintentional. lol.)

had pepper lunch. wasn't very nice to see that they had already finished their food and were watching me eat. made me feel guilty. tsk. other than that, it was real fun with them around. both are mad. double the craziness!  ^^ totally lost my image.

wandered around after dinner. shops were closing, so we couldn't go shopping. cher found her hp-skinning stall. apparently it costs almost 50 bucks to skin our phone (basic one). but the skins are very chio. especially the pink eeyore one! got swarovski crystals somemore. that i think would cost much more. very tempted to do the skin, but i kept reminding myself that it's only the 5th and i've cabbed twice already. stop spending!!

was supposed to go pubbing, but since it was late and ken wasn't keen, we went home instead. walked all the way from taka to dhoby ghaut, laughing all the way. really ki-siao. but loads of fun. can we watch bolt next outing? hamster ball!!

19 hours straight in heels. my poor feet. off to rest! :)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

retail therapy

i can't believe i blasted close to a hundred and fifty bucks on shopping just yesterday and today alone! and it's only 3 days into the month! gosh~ darn fr3b. they keep tempting me with SKII products. grrrrr! lucky bro's on holiday so he can help sign the registered mail. yay. :)

oh, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZHUUUUU! belated presents seem to be a norm amongst us three huh?! cya real soon k? muacks!

Once upon a time, there was an island where all the feelings lived: Happiness, Sadness, Knowledge, and all of the others including Love. One day it was announced to the feelings that the island would sink, so all repaired their boats and left.

Love wanted to persevere until the last possible moment. When the island was almost sinking, Love decided to ask for help. Richness was passing by Love in a grand boat. Love said, "Richness, can you take me with you?" Richness answered, "No, I can't. There is a lot of gold and silver in my boat. There is no place here for you."

Love decided to ask Vanity who was also passing by in a beautiful vessel, "Vanity, please help me!" "I can't help you Love. You are all wet and might damage my boat." Vanity answered.

Sadness was close by so Love asked for help, "Sadness, let me go with you." "Oh....Love, I am so sad that I need to be by myself!"

Happiness passed by Love too, but he was so happy that she did not even hear when Love called her!

Suddenly, there was a voice, "Come Love, I will take you." It was an elder. Love felt so blessed and overjoyed that he even forgot to ask the elder his name. When they arrived at dry land, the elder went his own way.

Love realizing how much he owed the elder and asked Knowledge, another elder, "Who helped me?" "It was Time," Knowledge answered. "Time?" asked Love. "But why did Time help me?" Knowledge smiled with deep wisdom and answered,

"Because, only Time is capable of understanding how great Love is."

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

bad bad day~

silly me forgot to bring my phone to work. AGAIN. so inconvenient can!? >_<

bad day at work today. early in the morning, boss said she's considering to pass ALL the projects to me cos she feels the other coordinator cannot handle both purchasing and coordination. very dumb excuse. the projects hl's handling are all in their installation stages, of cos got purchasing to do what! next year when MY projects are in the installation stage, i will have purchasing to do as well! so how? i gotta do all my purchasing and all the coordination for all the projects? den what hl do?

the lack of a draftsperson is already causing me to do his/her work, not forgetting my accounts costing and lp's contract work i have to learn. i'm expected to help out in SS stuff as well. am already so overworked and underpaid, and yet boss shows me her black face when i leave at 6.45pm. should i mention that i'm always the earliest at 8am? i don't really give a damn how devoted she or anyone else is to work, but i refuse to let my life be controlled by work. period.

i think there's a difference between being appreciated by the boss and being used by the boss as free labor. i feel cheated.


turning more and more to retail therapy. expensive price to pay for stress relief. sians. fr3b's having their second batch of private christmas sale, with new items coming in tml! i doubt i'll have much to buy, so if anyone wants to share with me, let me know~ i need to buy at least $50 for free registered post. some of the brands available are clinique, SKII, kawaii tokyo, dior & estee lauder. ^_^


watched the first 10+ episodes of 珠光宝气, a tvb grand production drama, currently still airing in hong kong. apparently it has 82 eps total, and a cast consisting of ada choi, maggie siu, gigi lai, linda chung and bosco wong. lots of twists and turns in the eps i've watched so far. looking forward to linda and bosco's appearance. expensive to buy the whole set though. =\

Saturday, November 29, 2008

work, steamboat & fr3b

i remember once in secondary school, we were asked how we cope with stress and pressure. i said, "i cry", and my classmate remarked, "really meh? you don't look like someone who cries easily."

but i do.


shall i rant about work again? shall i complain about why i have to do everything? shall i complain about why i don't see my bosses doing work? shall i complain about how i hate ot? i guess not. :P

i think jw got a shock when my black face unknowingly surfaced because of hel's unreasonable order for all of us to stay back. i don't mind if it's for our projects, but it isn't! when i take RT's pay, i do RT's work. i'm not gonna be happy if i have to stay back to do work for SS, can't claim ot, and no extra pay from SS. but i love it when all four of us kept cursing openly and mumbling to ourselves because of the ot.


was out with zhu and cher yesterday at bugis. had 麻辣火锅! it's the one i had with colleagues, called zengfucai. first time having steamboat with the gals. very nice feeling. i likes!

i think zhu's so gonna murder me when she sees this candid shot of her. and that cher! this is the 2nd time we've both gotten the same phone coincidentally. hehx.

as for the steamboat, we got the yuanyang, which was one side 麻辣 and the other side some sort of tasty broth. we already ordered 小辣 and less oil, but it's still super hot and oily. tsk. got loads of veggies and meat slices. i love those slices. yums! at the end, me and zhu couldn't take it and transferred the food from the spicy to the non-spicy soup base. cher kept complaining. lolx.

no more pics cos i was busy eating. it was hilarious when cher kept 'digging' for her quail egg. had quite a lot of fun that night. thanks gals! hearts you two. (zhu, friends forever too!)


my christmas shopping from fr3b arrived last night too. yay!

size was a lil disappointing, though it shan't prevent me from patronizing fr3b. i love how it appears on my table, nicely packed. hassle-free!

p/s. happy belated birthday gary! :)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


在 RT 上班,千万不能生病。要病就得病死,要不然病假过后就做到累死!什么大小事都是我做。谢谢老板对我的赏识,可我真的快疯掉了!>.<

(p/s. anyone has problems with headsets like this? no matter how much i stick it into my ear, it just keeps dropping out! i don't wanna use my old one cos it's ugly. so now i have a nice walkman phone and no earpiece to listen from. nice.)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


[maple] finally got my dragon pulse skillbook over the weekend. thanks Everlast guild for specially helping me to get that darn book. thank god for them. silly of me to think i could survive with just the warrior and myself. tsk. didn't have any points to put into dp, so i chionged level.

yay dp! now i'm just gonna work on upgrading my cute hog into the uglier but faster monster piggy, and then it's zakum!! 8)


realize i haven't been listening to my westlife recently, so i popped one cd in. was suddenly reminded that i still haven't gotten my westlife story vcd. it was released in 1999/2000, so it's kinda hard to find in stores now. anyone who has it and willing to let go, or have seen it anywhere in sg, please please let me know. arigato!


shopping online is fun! just bought loads of stuff from fr3b's special private christmas sale. can't wait for the products to arrive! :)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

i like 坤达!

i've just added one more artiste into my i-like-him-cos-he's-so-shuai list. he's 坤达 (penny) from taiwanese boyband ENERGY.

i know they've been around for like, 6 years? but i wasn't really into them since ballads weren't their priority. i heard they dance well too, but never really saw their videos. until today...i saw


all thanks to sony ericsson's music monster festival.


happened to get 2 free tickets to this mini concert. din really want to go since i wasn't into them, but din want to waste them either. we reached expo at 6.15pm and joined the queue around 6.30. there was already about 100+ people in front. guess what time it started? 8.30pm. how nice.

[lollipops that they gave out | music monster chops]

at first we thought it was free seating. that wasn't too bad. alas! there weren't even seats available. we had to stand throughout the whole 2 hours. sad. and all i got was this small and blur photo. my  phone cam sucks. but still, i enjoyed very much the first part of it. maybe it's cos i haven't been to any concerts before. =x felt pretty excited, can't imagine what it would be like for westlife. lol.

energy started off with a couple of fast songs, then the host (yes933 jiahui) came out to interact with them. shuwei's so cute. he said he was jealous that kunda got the loudest screams. can see why though. lols.

there was also 2 segments of games - dancing and singing, where fans come up and compete to see who can get a signed copy of their latest book. during the dance segment, shuwei tried to demonstrate a sexy move and his pants ripped!! haha. he asked xiaogang to try and his ripped a little too! hilarious. the other 2 got scared but were asked to try as well. lucky theirs didn't.

as for their music, i could hardly hear what they were singing in their fast songs, but their dance moves are impressive. i dunno why but i found kunda really attractive. i think i was staring at only him. LOL. i prefer their slow songs more. i realize kunda doesn't really have much solo parts. he's more of the rapper i think. ah di's the one with the strong deep voice. lovely! 8)

energy's part only lasted an hour, then followed by new band lollipop. i don't think i've heard of them before, but their fan base was apparently much bigger than energy's. don't really understand why, cos personally i didn't quite like them.

they were more or less good-looking, especially wangzi, who looks abit like jiro and wuzun. however, i simply cannot stand how they like to use the ^^v sign. i mean, a boyband, with a girly name like lollipop, and keep using ^^v. omg bth!

their dance moves were good though, especially their breakdancing, but most of their songs were weird. i dunno how to describe; it was quite different from energy's or 5566's or f4's even. i think they act-cute abit too much. very un-man. very......eeeeeeeeeeeee~!

this is one of their not-too-bad songs. i kinda like their dance moves here.

that's all for the concert. besides the waiting time, i really don't mind more free tickets. i even more don't mind if it's westlife's. XD it's 4am now. nitex!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008


dad's birthday today! happy birthday~! ^^ celebrated for him yesterday with dinner at sakura and cakee at home.

i think sakura sucks. it was already at quite an ulu place and yet the place was packed. tables were sooo close to each other and we had to squeeeze our way through each time we went to take food. it felt like there was no aircon. all we saw were a couple of miserable wall fans. quite hot and suffocating. food variety was okay, but taste was below average. waiters also obviously saw our empty plates but pretended not to see. tsk. that's gonna be my first and last time at sakura (admiralty park).

although we were all full after the buffet dinner, we managed a slice of cake each. lychee martini cake!! zhu kept blogging about it, i felt so tempted to try it. went all the way to to amk and spent more than 30 mins trying to find the block. lol.

see! it's baby PINK and sho PWEETY~! me likes. :P


dsc010301 dsc010311

taste was pretty light, despite the cream. we all could taste the martini only on the first bite though; milder than what i would have liked it to be. the lychee taste, however, was strong enough. very nice indeed. 8)


got my 3rd piercing on the left ear. dunno why this one was more painful than before. i had gone back to the same shop and that guy (who previously sniggered while i cringed) was there again. (-_-) i told the girl i wanted my 3rd piercing and guess what? HE SNIGGERED AGAIN!! foook.

i honestly have no idea what is so funny about getting your ears pierced. or is there a joke about ear piercings that i should know but don't know of? zzZz.

anyways. i hate how my earlobe turns red and swells up after piercing. and that hot tingling sensation. eewwww. 2 more weeks before i can change the 2nd stud to something nicer. yay!

[caption id="attachment_1409" align="aligncenter" width="180" caption="^^v"][/caption]

i think i sound over-excited about these piercings. i just find it amazing that my yearn for rebellion is greater than my fear of pain, and i have a LOW threshold for pain. hahas. a navel piercing used to be tempting, until my cousin got a horrible yucky infection. that put me off. i don't suppose i'll get addicted to piercings, will i?

but i still wants my tattoos. i shall continue praying everyday that one day my parents will wake up to realize that tattooing is now a form of body art and self expression, and NOT a trademark of gangsters. and that very day, all tattoo shops shall decide to have 50% discount for first timers! 阿米驼佛!


i love friday nights. shopping tml! yay.

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