Saturday, February 28, 2015

Ah Boys to Men 3!

Finally had time for a normal paktor session today. We went to catch Ah Boys to Men 3! I don't usually watch local movies but I actually went to see all 3 parts of this. Cos......I have a thing for men in uniforms hehehe. This part is also my favorite a lot of six packs to drool at. LOL! A surprisingly long 150 minute movie about the NDU (Naval Diving Unit). Lots of funny parts as usual. And I never knew the NDU had such xiong training! >.< *respect*

Before the movie we brought my EP2 to the nearby Olympus service center for a checkup since I hadn't been using it for quite some time and it was feeling weird. She merely did a reset. It was a little bit better. =X Super tempted to get the EP5 or EM10, but...budget budget. =(

Then after the movie we went to eat at Spize, recommended by SSD's colleague.

I had the nasi lemak ($5.50) with ice teh tarik ($2.60). Normal lor; not too bad but not exceptionally good either. SSD had the tomyum soup ($13.90) and hot teh tarik ($1.40). Soup had quite a lot of ingredients, but I'm not exactly a fan (like SSD) of tomyum soup. Shared a baby kailan ($7.00), which was, the best out of the three. =X Overall, I probably wouldn't go all the way there for this.

One more month to our Bangkok trip! Seems like yesterday we just went and now we're going again! Planned a couple more places this time. Can't wait! ^_^

Monday, February 23, 2015

River Safari......finally!

Warning! Picture-heavy post.

So we've been to the Zoo, Bird Park, Night Safari, Underwater World, and SEA Aquarium. To add on to the list, we're finally here at River Safari! I remember being pretty excited when it was being built. but we never got round to it until now. And since we didn't have special plans for V-Day, here we are! Spreading the love to the fishes. And other stuff. =X

Headed off to the Amazon River Quest boat ride first. Had to pay additional $5 each for this, which honestly, wasn't exactly worth it. Of the 10+ different species of animals there, we saw less than half of that. The ride was barely 10 minutes and under the scorching sun, not exactly fun.

The River Safari Cruise was up next. Also $5 each extra. Would recommend taking this first before the Amazon ride so you don't have to walk one big round again. (Hard to explain, but trust me.) I didn't want this initially but surprisingly it was more worth it.

Panda exhibit next! Came across the golden pheasant first. The one in front is male, the one at the back is female.

Next are the red pandas! My absolute favorite! They're like the cutest thing on earth, apart from Popo. Lol. Spammed the shutter button here. I wanna be the zookeeper! >.<

SSD's absolute favorite next. Kai Kai and Jia Jia! They were eating the first time we went, and sleeping the second. It's not hard to guess which is Kai Kai and Jia Jia, judging by the way they eat. Lol.

Couldn't resist getting this cute set of salt/pepper shakers for our new house next year! XD

Tried the 'famous' panda paos. Yellow eyes for chocolate, white eyes for red bean. The latter tastes nicer though.

Here are the 6 rivers. We went against the usual flow though. And we went through it twice. Lol. 

I can't remember which is which so I'll just post a random compilation. You figure out yourself okay?

We took flowers too! Actually just for practice purposes.

Then went for dinner at Ichiban.

And that sums up our V-Day. To be honest, River Safari was a little disappointing. We went for the sake of going and......I really wouldn't recommend you to go. =X

Sunday, February 15, 2015

MELT - The World Cafe

At $88++ per pax, I thought it deserved a blog post by itself. 

We just had our reunion dinner at MELT, at Mandarin Oriental. It was touted as the best buffet in Singapore and I had read many positive reviews about it.

Hits - salmon sashimi, cha soba, fish maw soup, bbq sausage, and ice cream waffles. Wasn't impressed with the other dishes I tried and there were a lot more which I didn't even bother taking. There were no lobster spring rolls nor Hainanese chicken rice which were on the "Menu Highlights". Overall, all 10 of us felt it wasn't worth the hefty price tag at all and there were others much better than this.

Best buffet in Singapore? Nahhhh I don't think so.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Back to KBB Korean BBQ

Barely 3 weeks after our last Korean BBQ session, we returned to KBB for yet another round. I was craving it so badly lmao. 

Pork belly slices were a little disappointing. But the chicken and beef bulgogi were still yummy. And the marinated pork slices too! Actually now that I look at it, the meat variety isn't very impressive to be honest. Lol. But it came with the steamboat so that makes it a little different from other Korean BBQs. Maybe we'll try some other place next month. =)

It was a quiet evening with only 4 tables occupied. Paid $24.90+ per pax. Any other recommendations?

Sunday, February 8, 2015

[sponsored review]

Some time ago, sent me a set of butterfly necklace and earrings. To be honest, I thought that was kinda weird since the two (jewellery and bicycles) don't match. How nice if it was some voucher that the hub could use to purchase stuff for his bike instead. Lol.

Anyway. is an online bicycle shop that was officially started in 2010 by a few bicycle enthusiasts. Their mission is to help Singaporeans find their dream bicycle without spending a fortune. And indeed, I browsed through the website and the prices seem much more affordable than what I saw outside. I wish the hub saw this before buying his. =X

They have sale items......

Bicycle accessories......

Free gifts!!

Free delivery as well!!

I know nuts when it comes to bicycles but I suppose fellow bicycle enthusiasts would go enjoy shopping here. Go check it out -->!
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