Saturday, February 28, 2015

Ah Boys to Men 3!

Finally had time for a normal paktor session today. We went to catch Ah Boys to Men 3! I don't usually watch local movies but I actually went to see all 3 parts of this. Cos......I have a thing for men in uniforms hehehe. This part is also my favorite a lot of six packs to drool at. LOL! A surprisingly long 150 minute movie about the NDU (Naval Diving Unit). Lots of funny parts as usual. And I never knew the NDU had such xiong training! >.< *respect*

Before the movie we brought my EP2 to the nearby Olympus service center for a checkup since I hadn't been using it for quite some time and it was feeling weird. She merely did a reset. It was a little bit better. =X Super tempted to get the EP5 or EM10, but...budget budget. =(

Then after the movie we went to eat at Spize, recommended by SSD's colleague.

I had the nasi lemak ($5.50) with ice teh tarik ($2.60). Normal lor; not too bad but not exceptionally good either. SSD had the tomyum soup ($13.90) and hot teh tarik ($1.40). Soup had quite a lot of ingredients, but I'm not exactly a fan (like SSD) of tomyum soup. Shared a baby kailan ($7.00), which was, the best out of the three. =X Overall, I probably wouldn't go all the way there for this.

One more month to our Bangkok trip! Seems like yesterday we just went and now we're going again! Planned a couple more places this time. Can't wait! ^_^

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