Wednesday, November 30, 2011

think success, think mdis? no thanks.

[posted on 08/10/12]

lol drafted this wayy back last year on 30/11/11, but chose to post this only now because i totally had (and still have) NO confidence in the school's professionalism. i think they will 以小人之心度君子之腹 and 假公濟私 and 公報私仇 and don't let me graduate. 

so why post now, since i have graduated already? because potential students have the right to know what they're getting into. (disclaimer: everything here is what i have personally experienced. i did NOT make them up.)

incident one

so one day i tweeted about how my school's dress code rules were inconveniencing me. mainly because i go from home and it's lame to dress up just for that 2-3 hours. and the next afternoon, i received a call from the student services or whatever, requesting me to remove MY tweet.

she then proceeded to explain to me the rationale behind implementing this rule. apparently, it's so that students won't dress sloppily when going out in the workforce (or something like that). in that case, shouldn't it apply to diploma students only?
  1. night degree students mostly have working experience and know how to dress for work. 
  2. dressing in shorts to school doesn't mean we will dress like this to work. unless you tell me you dress formally everywhere (to sleep, to market, to the beach etc) JUST SO you won't dress sloppily for work. 
  3. it's a private school.
  4. i understand that students shouldn't dress too sexily. but shorts aren't sexy, hotpants are. spaghetti tops aren't sexy, bikini tops are. slippers aren't sexy, covered boots are. learn the freaking difference between sexy and convenience! -_-
look at this. "tertiary students should have the autonomy to wear what they want. she said: 'the move brings the students back to secondary school days, instead of letting them assume more personal responsibility. it's making the assumption that students can't make a decision on how they dress." NOT said by me. 

a simple search brought more of this up: this, this, and this (probably got lots more). and quoting her, "dress code and academics are not related". so true. if students are happy and produce excellent results, who cares what we wear to school? *rofl at self-contradict* there's a reason why NTU/NUS/SMU are more prestigious, and it ain't about the dressing. (even SIM, kaplan, and psb sounds better.)

anyway, i am somewhat upset by this rule, but not THAT upset to blog about it. i can still live with it. but what i'm pissed about is, they had the freaking cheek to call. i think the way they handle criticisms is clearly laugh-able. asking me to delete my comment is just....CHILDISH.

if she had said something like, "we know you're upset but this is the school's policy and the purpose is to discourage sloppiness blah blah blah, hope you understand", i wouldn't have been so pissed. 

i know this won't go down well with the school (if they can find my twitter, they probably can find my blog as well). i would have questioned her there and then myself but i was in the middle of my online quiz and have no time to waste. unlike the school, i prefer to spend my time and energy on academics. -_-

this is my way of asking, "is it really necessary, for the rule and more importantly, for asking me to delete the comment?"

p/s. rules are rules, and i will might abide by them. i guess it's somehow my fault for not checking properly (rule was implemented in 2008) cos if i had known earlier, i certainly WON'T choose this school. but it does not mean i'm happy with them and that i cannot express my personal comments about them. period. 

p/p/s. if the school asked me to delete my comment, how come they never sue the new paper journalists who wrote the above articles, or the people who made those statements, or request asiaone to remove it from the website? they have more influence than me lor.

p/p/p/s. i deleted the tweet absentmindedly cos i was concentrating on my quiz. i regretted it afterwards cos it made it appear as though i was in the wrong. and hence, this post.

i assume that it is the school's policy to call and ask people to remove their negative comments. but if she's doing it on her own accord (aka geh kiang), then please note my insults are directed to that busybody alone.

incident two

when i first signed the contract with them, i was to study 2 semesters (8 modules) plus 4 internship modules. nearing the end of semester one, i was informed that the school has reconsidered and i don't have to do the 4 internship modules. although by then i had already found out that the school actually anyhow places interns and they seriously have sucky pay (less than 1k?), but still, changing your bloody mind like this is not a professional way to do things cann?!

and the best part? 8 modules and 12 modules cost the same. FFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUU!! cheat my money lah!! -.-

incident three

there was never a proper hardcopy submission procedure, that even their lecturers are confused.

for semester one, as long as we submitted it online before the due date, we could always submit the hardcopy to the lecturer during the next lesson, even though it's after the due date.

for this semester, we had to submit it to the student service center (SSC) instead. one lecturer said submit to him at the next lesson (after due date), one said submit to SSC as soon as possible after submitting it online (can be after due date), one kicked up a fuss because i submitted it to SSC after the due date (due on fri, i submitted it the next mon).

this is really, really lame. how many years has the school been around? you can't even make up your mind how students should submit their reports? *shakes head*

... ...

after all this, i don't regret my decision to study, but i DO, DEFINITELY regret choosing this school now. fml that only they had the course i wanted.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

happy 90th birthday, ah gong!

was browsing through my camera roll when i saw these random photos i had taken during my paternal grandfather's 90th birthday last friday. dinner was at pin si kitchen, yishun safra country club. i think "麻雀雖小, 五臟俱全" can be used to describe it. lols. the food was good too; only a couple of dishes i couldn't eat. i especially liked the hei zhor and fried tofu. =)

i usually don't bother blogging (or photographing) about gatherings with this side of the family, but i thought this was special. it's not everyday a relative turns 90, isn't it? besides, i kinda have a soft spot for the elderly, perhaps because i was brought up by my maternal grandparents. 

which is also why i have no qualms about giving up a seat to an elderly, but tend to curse and swear when i HAVE TO give it up to someone pregnant. i mean, growing old is a process everyone has to go through; it's not like they chose it. but pregnancy, is self-inflicted. i wish pregnant people would stop expecting everyone else to give in to them. it's like, you got yourself pregnant, you bear with it yourself (or take it out on the one who made you pregnant). serves you right! why should i give up my seat to you? -_-

i don't hate all pregnant people; just the ones that irritate me. a gracious society isn't just about educating people on giving up seats to people in need. the people in need should also be educated that others are not obliged to give up their seats, so quit expecting us to do so. and BE THANKFUL when someone does. zzZz.

lol i bet you guys are screaming "next time when you pregnant then you know!" at me, and i'll probably regret saying this (if i'm unlucky enough to get pregnant). but since now i'm not, here's one more argument - mankind is overpopulated. =D 

anyway, i digressed so much. just wanted to vent some of the leftover frustration (from class) but i guess it got out of hand. oops! the main point is, it's kinda disheartening to see ah gong's health deteriorating. my dad once told me stuff ah gong said about me. which touched me, because ah gong has so many grandchildren and i'm one of the most invisible ones and yet, he never made me feel left out. *wipes tear from eye*

dear ah gong, may you continue to live happily and healthily (don't deteriorate anymore) for many many more years!

Monday, November 28, 2011

just for laughs :)

this is really random and useless but i'm still gonna blog cos i'm in front of the computer, with no mood to work on reports, food still cooking on cafeworld, and i have nothing better else to do. :|

so true!

 typical me. but i like to think my laziness is inherited.

next time no need use tissue paper or umbrella or whatever to chope seats. one cat fits all!

and the cutest of all?

alrighty. i should probably go stare at my report and force myself to type something on it. argh!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

my weekend makan session

met up with ah ma and aunt at toa payoh after our 'appointment'. aunt had coupons so we tried old town for lunch! i've always thought it was more like starbucks/coffee bean kinda cafe; never knew they serve proper food as well. 

i think they're more famous for the coffee. my hazelnut was yummy!

old town white coffee
hazelnut (front) / white coffee (back)
i had the nasi lemak, which was free using coupon. it was originally priced at $6.20, which i find absolutely overpriced. no doubt the rice was rather fragrant, but then, i don't eat chicken. so i had to steal take the prawns from SSD's noodles. :P

nasi lemak
the prawn noodles, unfortunately, wasn't very nice. i felt the soup was tasteless. with 2 miserable prawns. -_- the longhouse prawn noodles i had on thursday was so much better! cheaper somemore.

prawn noodles.
aunt had the curry noodles. didn't try this but it looked spicy and yummy! lol.

curry noodles
the toast was normal, but i felt it was nice. probably because i haven't had toast in a very long time (blame myself for waking up in the afternoon nowadays). love the fatty butter in between!

butter (and kaya) toast
then parted ways and we headed to taka for yet another fruitless shopping session. and had sushi for dinner. lol. singapore, why you no interesting place anymore?! :|

Friday, November 25, 2011

wow, where's november?!

heard this song on the radio on the way back. :)

sighh. november's coming to an end already. so fast! and i bet december's gonna be faster cos almost all of my reports are due in january, and december will be spent rushing through them. sobs.

back to VCA. 85% done! gambatte~!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

14 years of westlife ♥

i so should be working on the VCA report, due on sunday. but i'm so sick of doing this alone (again), so i'm gonna blog! rofl. and work on my other reports maybe. tonight.

anyway, i'm sure you guys have heard about the news about westlife breaking up after 14 years (1998-2012). was so sad when i saw it. not the dramatic world-came-crashing-down kind of sad; it's the dull, silent, depressing kind of sadness you get when you realize something you've grown up with is going to disappear soon and you're not sure how your future will be like without it.

lol so dreary. and why so? SSD's fault. cos he bought me their latest and probably last CD... add to my collection of 10 albums...

...and 2 special singles...

...and 2 greatest hits...

...and 4 concert dvds!

there's one more which i really wanted - the westlife story vcd. probably out in 2000 or so. saw it once at a cd store in malaysia, didn't buy it, can't find it in singapore anymore, and regretting it since then. i know someone who has it, but she won't sell me. maybe i'll go beg her again. lols. 

of course, it's nothing compared to hard-core westlife fans, especially those living near them. cos their singles don't usually come all the way to singapore. *sad face*

my obsession infatuation liking for westlife didn't span 14 years. one fine day, i heard the song 'my love', went to buy the album, liked it, and have been buying their albums since then. 'my love' is from their second album, out in 2000. so it's only been 11 years since my love affair with them begun.

as with any young, innocent fangirl, i started out not only by memorizing their songs, but also checking on their biography (where they live, what schools they went to, who are their partners etc etc). i loved writing/reading westlife fanfics too! *laughs at old self*

don't worry, i'm past that looks stage now. i've learnt to appreciate the songs, the meanings behind them, and most importantly, their voices. kian's is the normal boyish one, nicky's is the husky one, shane is first lead, his is smooth. and mark's, special. if you've listened to their songs, you must have noticed how one voice in particular stands out from the rest. that's his. :P

westlife music has grown over the years too. it used to be about everlasting love, now it's about home and family. and responsibility (all are married now) is what they're citing for the split. as much as i hate to admit it, it's a reasonable reason. and, not like we can do anything about it. sighh. they're like, one of the most successful boybands ever and all are so talented. what a pity. *shakes head*

so. they have a final series of farewell concerts next year in june, and that's the end. :( lol i'm starting to feel all empty inside already. boo. 

p/s. was looking through youtube for unreleased westlife songs and look what i've found! 

it's by shane unfortunately (i wanted mark), but such a lovely song. it shall replace shania twain's from this moment as my no.1 wedding song, cos like almost every wedding i go also will play. tsk! if you intend to play this song at your wedding, please don't invite me. cos i will curse and swear inside for copying me. lol.

... ...

by the way, SSD bought me a rilakkuma ear plug cover too!

bed! creamy pasta tomorrow for lunch! sushi for dinner! *excited*

Sunday, November 20, 2011

[sponsored review] metholatum mogitate kajitsu

i wish this came 2 months earlier. lol.

so, i was given another product by samplestore to review. this time, a lipbalm. metholatum is apparently the #1 bestselling lipbalm brand in japan, and they're now launching this series of lipbalm in singapore, in line with growing demands for natural products.

if you didn't know, mogitate means fresh, and kajitsu means fruits in japanese. so together, this juicy lipbalm is bursting with natural fruity goodness and honey. it comes in 4 different other fruit mixes for you to choose from - grape & berry, orange & mango, white peach, and lemon & lime!

mogitate kajitsu is made with fresh fruit juice, which contains essential minerals and vitamins beneficial to our lips and body. it also contains honey, which heals and renews the lips, squalane to help reduce wrinkles caused by aging and sun damage, grape seed oil to repair skin, and antioxidants such as vitamins a & e to retard lip aging and give lips a healthy shine.

say hello to soft, supple, and oh-so-kissable lips now!

my take: when i received the email i was hoping to get the white peach cos it sounds like something i'd like. unfortunately, i got the strawberry, which i already have. /sobs.

tried this on immediately and liked it! it glides on very smoothly and although there's no icy feeling as compared to lipice (which is also from metholatum if you didn't know), this one smells even more juicy and yummy! so much chio-er in terms of packaging too!

p/s. i needed a lipbalm for my taiwan trip and my strawberry lipice sample came after that, so i bought a lemon one over there. now i have 3 lipbalms. and i'm too lazy to use them.

anyway, the mogitate kajitsu lipbalms retail at $5.90 each exclusively at all watsons stores. alternatively, you can redeem your free lip balm sample here!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

irodori japanese restaurant

early celebration for dad since he'll be out of town on his actual birthday. dinner at riverview hotel. yay! ^^ tried it once some time back with ex-colleagues and it's so far still my favorite buffet place. it's not exactly convenient nor cheap though - $35++ per adult. personally, i think it's worth it. :)

lots of food peektures!!

complimentary appetizers
what's japanese buffet without sashimi? they have 5 different kinds of fish - salmon, tuna, swordfish, yellowtail, and snapper. plus the usual octopus. unless you like variety, otherwise i'd suggest you take just the salmon and tuna.

mixed sashimi
another must-try is the salmon handroll. i've been comparing every other salmon handrolls to this and it's still the best. i think it's because of the mayo sauce they added. before you go "it's only mayo", trust me, it makes a LOT of difference. lol. i had THREE of it!

salmon handrolls
tried this previously and didn't quite like it. think it's due to the sauce or something. but it's complimentary, so...cannot complain. :|

complimentary prawns
do try this too - fish (i think) soup served in a cute little teapot. first, you have to squeeze the lime in. then, drink it while it's hot. cos it tastes super fishy when it's cold. we ordered 4 of this lor. lol.

teapot soup
here's the rest of the food we ordered.

super duper full. so unhealthy. and finishing off with a weird pic of me. it's edited by this software called 美图秀秀, which allows you to beautify your complexion, add falsies and eyeliners, or even wear colored lens and dye your hair a different color! but it's totally in chinese and i don't enjoy using it. lol.

back to the damned VCA report. argh.
p/s. i love food photography!! :)

Monday, November 14, 2011


let's start this post with a super 自戀 photo. ^o^

on the way home after shopping
SSD's parents are out of town and we he decided to make a mess out of the kitchen. a.k.a cook. so off we went to tampines giant supermarket for grocery shopping - one of my favorite (sadly) things to do outside.

we bought a whole lot of stuff! (there are more but i was busy helping him preparing so i missed a few.)

our ingredients

we made 4 dishes and a soup this time.
  • vegetarian 肉骨茶 with button/straw/enoki mushrooms, baby corn, fish balls and crab sticks
  • fried omelette with tomatoes and button mushrooms
  • shrimps prawns in black pepper sauce
  • chicken fillet in black pepper sauce
  • boiled 芥藍 and capsicum in oyster sauce

our 傑作!

pretty successful attempt i suppose. i like the omelette, even though it was lacking more eggs and cheese. black pepper sauce was too spicy, but i still finished the prawns. bought too much chicken ha-ha. i liked the veggies too, though i would prefer baby kailan instead. soup was nice too. lots of lovely mushrooms! lol.

overall, i had a lot of fun. more cooking this weekend!

... ...

happened to come across this old lovely song - 大哥 by janice. her english version ("never let you go") is more popular i guess, but i always seem to prefer canto versions. =)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

no bird soars too high if he soars with his own wings.

last sunday morning saw us at the jurong bird park. super thankful that it didn't rain at all while we were there! it was cloudy and quite cooling; the sun only appeared while we were nearing the end of our visit in the evening. yay! :D and so, i enjoyed myself. lost some calories, saw cute birds and horse and dog, got entertained, and had some fun.

well, except for the fact that photography was, unfortunately, very frustrating. the birds didn't exactly stay still enough for me to shoot them. even if they did, they were in cages, like, miles away, and...I HAVE NO ZOOM! so the first thing i'm gonna get when i get my first paycheck next year, is a zoom lens. any recommendations? =(

anyway, i don't really remember all the species of birds i shot and i don't think anyone will be expecting me to blog a bird encyclopedia, so here are some bits and pieces to share. if you want the full picture, why not make a trip down yourself? it's $18 (excluding panorail) per adult, by the way. ;)

cute little penguins that greeted us
macaw island
flamingo lake
eagle statue
the first show we watched was the birds n buddies show at 11am. i especially liked the macaws cos they're brightly colored and so pretty! =D

snowy owls from the world of darkness exhibit. it was so dark inside (i know it doesn't seem that way in the photo) and the whole place is so cold that the glasses were all frosty and we couldn't see the birds clearly, much less shoot them.

i think these were from the heliconia walk. the cages made shooting harder cos wall-e would sometimes focus on the grills instead of the birds behind.

these are scarlet ibis. super red and pretty!

these were beside. no idea what they are. =|

i remember these walked around freely in the fragile forest at the zoo. they're crowned pigeons, and we saw all 3 species of them, though i can't really tell the difference.

and then probably my favorite part of the park - lory loft. this free-flight aviary is apparently 9 storeys high and is the world's largest lory flight aviary. visitors can purchase a small cup of special nectar to feed them. which we didn't. lol. there were so many people feeding them; we could easily shoot up-close without spending the extra money. heh heh.

ok moving on. a series of random birds...

there were 2 females and 1 male peacock in the cage. sigh. why can't men be satisfied with one girl? tsk tsk.

mandarin ducks

another highlight of the park would be the waterfall. my latest photography interest is shooting running water and trying to make it look dreamy. lols. see the difference? so pretty!

pelicans! so huge! we were in time for their feeding session.

the next and last show we watched was kings of the skies - eagles, hawks, falcons, vultures, and owls. it was about the ancient art of falconry, along with the help of a horse and a dog. i prefer this one. if you're planning to watch it, do reach slightly earlier cos this show has fewer seats than the first and you may have to stand at the back if you're late. (we were 35 mins early lol!)

last but not least, the penguins.

random flowers
and that's the end of our bird park visit.

bused down to jurong point for ichiban sushi dinner! yummy but expensive. boo. the briyanis were from lunch. TOTAL RIP-OFF! my vegetarian briyani was just some long beans plus rice and it was $7.90 already. SSD's was more expensive cos his was chicken. cold and so not tasty. :(

the end! hmmm let's see. we've run out of places to visit! lol.
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