Friday, November 11, 2011

bear with me...

well well. so i've finally moved over to blogspot. mainly due to nuffnang and the extra cash i'm hoping it'll give bring. i've tried several times in the past to move back, but always gave up cos i'm so used to wordpress' hassle-free blogging. seems like blogspot really wanted one more user; it seems to fall into place nicely this time. 

and of cos, with blogspot comes the freedom of editing how the blog looks like. it's slightly more interesting than wordpress' themes, and i'm glad i haven't forgotten all my html. does it look? it's in my favorite purple! =)

lols. it isn't 'officially' open yet; i'm still trying to see how i can improve it, so if you've managed to find your way here, smart you! (and since you're so smart, comments please?)

anyway, if you've noticed, many of the past posts have got spacing and quote problems. the links all link back to wordpress too. i think i'm not gonna edit them. lol. too lazy. so, bear with it. ^^

off to prepare for school. cya~


  1. No Worries!! I will give my precious comments!!! (See I so Smart, can find your new blog) =)

  2. lol ya la ya la. is this better now? :|

  3. I always find BS is better. I have a book maybe able to help u better...

  4. book on html/css? but u dun blog wad. the interface for typing is definitely better on wordpress. so is the tracking of comments and stats and all other things. except ads. T_T

  5. yaa but i studied html/css...

  6. donid to haolian. it's not so much of html/css that i'm not happy with. it's the interface of it. which is blogspot's problem. -.-


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