Wednesday, November 23, 2011

14 years of westlife ♥

i so should be working on the VCA report, due on sunday. but i'm so sick of doing this alone (again), so i'm gonna blog! rofl. and work on my other reports maybe. tonight.

anyway, i'm sure you guys have heard about the news about westlife breaking up after 14 years (1998-2012). was so sad when i saw it. not the dramatic world-came-crashing-down kind of sad; it's the dull, silent, depressing kind of sadness you get when you realize something you've grown up with is going to disappear soon and you're not sure how your future will be like without it.

lol so dreary. and why so? SSD's fault. cos he bought me their latest and probably last CD... add to my collection of 10 albums...

...and 2 special singles...

...and 2 greatest hits...

...and 4 concert dvds!

there's one more which i really wanted - the westlife story vcd. probably out in 2000 or so. saw it once at a cd store in malaysia, didn't buy it, can't find it in singapore anymore, and regretting it since then. i know someone who has it, but she won't sell me. maybe i'll go beg her again. lols. 

of course, it's nothing compared to hard-core westlife fans, especially those living near them. cos their singles don't usually come all the way to singapore. *sad face*

my obsession infatuation liking for westlife didn't span 14 years. one fine day, i heard the song 'my love', went to buy the album, liked it, and have been buying their albums since then. 'my love' is from their second album, out in 2000. so it's only been 11 years since my love affair with them begun.

as with any young, innocent fangirl, i started out not only by memorizing their songs, but also checking on their biography (where they live, what schools they went to, who are their partners etc etc). i loved writing/reading westlife fanfics too! *laughs at old self*

don't worry, i'm past that looks stage now. i've learnt to appreciate the songs, the meanings behind them, and most importantly, their voices. kian's is the normal boyish one, nicky's is the husky one, shane is first lead, his is smooth. and mark's, special. if you've listened to their songs, you must have noticed how one voice in particular stands out from the rest. that's his. :P

westlife music has grown over the years too. it used to be about everlasting love, now it's about home and family. and responsibility (all are married now) is what they're citing for the split. as much as i hate to admit it, it's a reasonable reason. and, not like we can do anything about it. sighh. they're like, one of the most successful boybands ever and all are so talented. what a pity. *shakes head*

so. they have a final series of farewell concerts next year in june, and that's the end. :( lol i'm starting to feel all empty inside already. boo. 

p/s. was looking through youtube for unreleased westlife songs and look what i've found! 

it's by shane unfortunately (i wanted mark), but such a lovely song. it shall replace shania twain's from this moment as my no.1 wedding song, cos like almost every wedding i go also will play. tsk! if you intend to play this song at your wedding, please don't invite me. cos i will curse and swear inside for copying me. lol.

... ...

by the way, SSD bought me a rilakkuma ear plug cover too!

bed! creamy pasta tomorrow for lunch! sushi for dinner! *excited*

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