Monday, November 14, 2011


let's start this post with a super 自戀 photo. ^o^

on the way home after shopping
SSD's parents are out of town and we he decided to make a mess out of the kitchen. a.k.a cook. so off we went to tampines giant supermarket for grocery shopping - one of my favorite (sadly) things to do outside.

we bought a whole lot of stuff! (there are more but i was busy helping him preparing so i missed a few.)

our ingredients

we made 4 dishes and a soup this time.
  • vegetarian 肉骨茶 with button/straw/enoki mushrooms, baby corn, fish balls and crab sticks
  • fried omelette with tomatoes and button mushrooms
  • shrimps prawns in black pepper sauce
  • chicken fillet in black pepper sauce
  • boiled 芥藍 and capsicum in oyster sauce

our 傑作!

pretty successful attempt i suppose. i like the omelette, even though it was lacking more eggs and cheese. black pepper sauce was too spicy, but i still finished the prawns. bought too much chicken ha-ha. i liked the veggies too, though i would prefer baby kailan instead. soup was nice too. lots of lovely mushrooms! lol.

overall, i had a lot of fun. more cooking this weekend!

... ...

happened to come across this old lovely song - 大哥 by janice. her english version ("never let you go") is more popular i guess, but i always seem to prefer canto versions. =)

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