Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Bear with me.

As the title says, bear with me because this is another wedding post. Another one of many more to go. I think it's more of a checklist and reminder for myself (and SSD!) so I can keep track of what else needs to be done. If you're tired of this you can just close the window la! =|

  • Venue & Decoration Venue confirmed but I realized we've yet to discuss the actual decorations with them. Really hope they'll be able to create it the way I have it in mind. 
  • Photographer Confirmed! 
  • Outfits Gowns confirmed and bought. Pending collection. 
  • Makeup Confirmed. Can't wait for the trial!
  • Invitation Cards Done and bomb-dropping in process!
  • Engagement Shoot Met the photographer yesterday and I'm really hoping our photos will turn out as nice as those that he showed us. Or even nicer. I'm quite excited actually. 
  • Songs & Montage Planned. Awaiting photos.
  • Food Just waiting for the food-tasting session! My fave! =)
  • Guestlist Confirmed!
  • Favors All the stuff bought, just need to get our lazy asses moving!
  • Guestbook Again, stuff bought, but lazy to start working on it lol. 
  • Ring pillow HAHAHAHAHA lazy me. Yes I have all the stuff already. 
  • JOP Confirmed. Meeting him this weekend! 
  • Rings Bought. No idea what to engrave on it though. 
  • Taiwan minimoon A couple more rooms to book and we're done!

Some people may be wondering what's the big deal since it's just a ROM and not the actual wedding. Sometimes when I look at the increasing expenses, I'll also question myself "need do until so 夸张 or not?" But then again, this is like the only chance that I can customize my own wedding right? I mean, how special or different can a traditional tea ceremony be? Besides, this ROM is the legal one! And I'm really reluctant to hold a wedding dinner. Don't even wanna think about it. 

Soooooooo, I wish I can stop feeling so guilty about spending so much money on just a ROM. I'm gonna be really shameless here. We don't need gifts. We need money. Fullstop. =|

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Bedtime story?

"Baby, no bedtime story tonight."

"Nah just kidding."

Sunday, July 14, 2013

expect the unexpected

Sometime in May, I had tweeted about taking a class and that I was very excited about it. It was actually a one-day workshop, which I attended last month. It is definitely not something that I would have taken initiative to learn by myself, and I would never have expected to be able to do this. And yes, I learnt it for popo. LOL!

So............yours truly is now a certified reiki level one. =)

If you've heard of reiki, good for you. If not, let me briefly share. Reiki is made up of 2 words - rei and ki. Rei means spiritual, and ki means energy. In chinese, it's commonly written as 灵气, aka spiritual energy. It is a japanese spiritual practice for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. 

Reiki is based on the idea that a "life force energy" flows within each of us. If this energy is low or blocked, then we're more likely to fall sick or feel stressed. So a reiki healing session would consist of a trained practitioner giving life force energy to the recipient. *cue martial arts scene*

I know you must be thinking, "don't bullshit leh". I also feel very stupid for describing it as such. But it really is like that! Initially, I was interested, yet also very skeptical about this reiki thingy. I first learnt about it through one of the local animal welfare groups (i forgot which one). It so happened that the very next day, I chatted with one of the groomers I know and the subject of reiki came up. He was quite surprised I had heard about reiki, so he turned up for lunch one day, and demonstrated reiki on me. 

I was like O_O the whole 3 minutes. The moment I felt it, I knew it was something I wanted to learn. Know what's even more amazing? He didn't even have to touch me! I know it sounds really unbelievable, especially when there's no scientific explanation for it. I guess it's one of those stuff that you just have to experience for yourself.

Anyway, I took the class at Full Circle and my master, Tarra, was very nice and friendly. There were 3 other students - 2 learnt for their massage business, and the other one learnt it for her dog as well! I'm not the only weird one lol. The first half of the lesson was theory-based, then we had our attunements, and the second half was hands-on. Each of us got a turn at having a full reiki healing session, albeit by beginners, but the energy was damn shiok la! I drifted in and out of sleep! XD

Ever since I was attuned 3 weeks ago, I've been doing reiki briefly almost every night on myself and popo. Although, I'm technically not supposed to yet lol. The feeling I got was so intense when I did it on popo; I'm really happy she's getting all the life energy that I can give. 有病治病, 沒病養身! Then I tried on SSD but he didn't have much feeling even though I felt quite a bit. Kinda frustrating really. I guess I need a lot more practice since I could concentrate so much better in the dark and silence, but unable to focus other than that.

I also reiki popo's food before I feed her. It's supposed to kill off whatever contamination there is. I like to think that reiki is helping her ear hair that's growing back, very slowly but surely. Practice makes perfect! ^^

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Tick season is here?

Within the past few weeks I've found several ticks on popo. Big ones, small ones, flat ones, even an engorged one dammit. Nasty fuckers. A brief read amongst the local pet forums revealed similar tick findings which seem to have started with the haze. Some dogs get it without even going outside! Perhaps it's the hot weather. Either way, it freaked me out and pissed me off. It was my first experience with ticks because bobby didn't have them. At least, not that I know of. Obviously, because we didn't bring him out of the house at all. 

Popo is different. She poops outside. She seems to have more energy too so I don't really wanna coop her up at home. I don't like her going near grass so I really have no idea where the bloody ticks came from. I'm guessing from the leaves that got blown into the void deck. Anyway, with every tick I flushed down the toilet, I muttered a long string of profanities cursing their entire line of ancestors. Probably that's why they're still coming at me. 

She used to be on k9 advantix, a chemical flea/tick/mosquito repellent. I switched her to neem oil because I didn't like her having pesticide in her body anymore. It may not be 100% as effective as the chemical pesticides, but at least it's natural. Neem oil apparently also promotes a shiny healthy coat and healthy skin. 

Initially I gave her neem oil baths. The smell stayed on even after drying. It worked well for 2 months but when the tick season started, I realized it wasn't powerful enough. So I started giving her additional neem oil massages, especially before I bring her downstairs. Still I found ticks on her. 

Therefore unfortunately, I'm now ashamed to say, I'm going to jump on the chemical bandwagon as well. =( She has a de-ticking appointment tomorrow. Gonna get a flea/tick repellent spray as well (she's really eating up so much of my money). It's less harsh than the popular pesticides but more chemical-ish than neem oil. Also planning to spray it around her bed and play area, and along with her neem baths and massages, hopefully I don't find any more of those fuckers. 

P/s. Before you start berating why I haven't taken good care of popo, TICKS ARE PART AND PARCEL OF OWNING A DOG!! Even people with frontline plus (supposedly one of the best out there, albeit chemical), have reported of ticks! I suppose it was merely sooner or later that popo would get them. Which is why I'm thankful to have been warned and taught what to expect. Nevertheless, they're not a pretty thing to have around so if this spray doesn't work as well, I have no choice but to try frontline.

On a side note, I realize her fur is getting nice and thick. The shine is also more obvious too, at least to me. I only have trouble with her ears cos the bald patch hasn't grown back yet. But her fringes have also grown longer. Still can't seem to stop worrying though. Now I understand when they say "养儿一百,长忧九十九".

I always feel that Mother Nature must have a reason for everything. Even ants and butterflies play a part in the natural world. But I suppose these buggers are Mother Nature's defect goods that accidentally got leaked out into the market. Recall them please!! X(

Edit 14/08/13: I didn't go for the de-ticking in the end. I didn't buy the chemical spray either. Instead, I used Lavender and Citronella essential oils (I bought for my ROM). Miraculously, the ticks gradually decreased and stopped altogether. She's been tick-free for several weeks already. Or perhaps the season is over. I still check her everyday though. =)

Monday, July 1, 2013

Wow it's july

That's half the year gone already. And if you can see at the side, we're less than 4 months away to our ROM. And I feel there's still a gazillion stuff not confirmed. Spent quite a bit of time previously checking out bride forums and wedding blogs, and here's the list I compiled for my own record (hinting SSD to help out ahem) and other B2Bs (bride-to-bes). Feel free to add on anything useful! :)

  • Venue & Decoration √
  • Photographer
  • Outfits √
  • Makeup √
  • Invitation Cards
  • Engagement Shoot
  • Songs & Montage
  • Food √
  • Guestlist
  • Favors
  • Guestbook
  • JOP
  • Rings √
  • Taiwan minimoon

I'm barely halfway there! *wails* Also, we've estimated the total expenses to more than double that of our budget, excluding the rings and Taiwan trip, so hopefully we'll get some of it back. *MAJOR HINT* But of course most importantly, I really really hope the guests whom I'm planning to invite will ALL TURN UP! Lol. 

Gonna be reaaaallllyyy busy for the next few months, with 2 events before I take my 2 weeks leave. And so many more preparations to be done! 加油 myself. =|
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