Wednesday, July 29, 2009

a laugh is a smile that bursts

i was telling D about the lorry crane's schedule.

me: 明天,八點。
D: 晚上啊?知道。vivocity.
me: O_o
D: 我很快的。出來就是 harbourfront 了。哈哈!
me: LOL!!

trust him to set my sian mood straight. and i know you don't get the joke. :)



Tuesday, July 28, 2009

happy birthday munchkins~!

my baby's ONE year old! :D


Monday, July 27, 2009

kudos to mclaren

i watched my first f1 qualifying session of the season yesterday, which saw the 2 mclaren cars fighting for pole. although neither got it in the end, the results were a remarkable improvement from their previous races - hamilton starting 4th, and heiki starting 6th. so i gave in and watched my first f1 race of the season.

unfortunately, i missed the most interesting part of the race - the first turn. i think 1 car went out there. anyway, hamilton managed to rise to second place, and after race leader alonso retired when his wheel flew off, hamilton led all the way. he still managed to maintain his lead even after coming out from pitstops. at one point he was a whopping 17 seconds ahead! big difference as compared to the germany grand prix 2 weeks ago, where he came in last.

and so, 10 championship points to hamilton. but he's still a long long way to fighting for this year's championship. unless he tops all the following  7 races and button doesn't, which doesn't seem too likely.

oh well, let's just hope the mclaren cars' magnificent performance can last the season. tsk tsk.

- - - - - - - - -

after 4 days of 'holiday', i'm certainly NOT looking forward to tomorrow. :(


Sunday, July 26, 2009

if we were together


something happen to me on the day we met,
now you're the one I can't forget,
did you feel it too,
would a dream come true,
if we were together, in love forever

now wherever I go it's you i find,
in my heart and on my mind,
right where you belong,
would it be so wrong,
if we were together, in love forever

if we were together,

i'll never look back and say
that i'll regret one day
i swear, with you
and i will treasure each kiss
i will adore you like this
if we were together, in love forever

if we were together


Saturday, July 25, 2009

wtb: life

sometimes it isn't a bad thing to go through all your blog posts from the beginning. i just did. and i realized how much i changed. my posts when back in school were more interesting, and lighter, and happier. i blogged about school, friends, outings, and so much more fun stuff.

nowadays it's all about work and how i hate it. there isn't much life in my life anymore. is it part of the necessary transition from teenager into young adult? does everyone go through this, or it is just me?


Friday, July 24, 2009

gloomy thursday

this morning i sat in bed debating whether to take mc or not. my cramps were almost unbearable and i don’t exactly fancy scooting to the washroom every half hour (like what happened yesterday). so i decided to take mc. i called to register at the clinic, and they said morning slot is full. my slot would be at 3.30pm. ._. if i had anything more serious than a slight fever and flu, i would have died already!

and just before that, i was debating whether or not to go back to office and settle the fucking grommets issue.

what's your problem?! i've already settled everything; all that's left is for you to agree on the freight and i can have it shipped out today. simple as that. so now YOU butt in and create this one big mess WE have to clear. shit you lah. and when things go wrong you push all the blame to me? f.u.c.k.u.

pardon my language but she's seriously pissing me off.

[update] finally fixed up my blogspot blog. and it looks so pretty! but when i tried to view it with IE, it's messed up. which means i have to redo the whole damn thing. :(


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

wordpress or blogspot??

spent the whole of yesterday and today evening trying to fix my blogspot skin. was planning to move back to blogspot since i've figured out how to convert wordpress exports to blogger-compatible. but i just can't make up my mind on the theme. i guess wordpress won. hassle-free. :(

- - - - - - - - -

i hate work.

HL and PL on mc, LM and ST in factory, so office is relatively quiet. i likes. managed to get out by 6.30pm these 2 days. which means i have alot of filing left undone. sian.

2 more weeks to august 1st. a very special day for me. it marks my one year anniversary at RT, and 2 whole months at work without taking any leaves or mc. lol. 加油加油!

he called me dear today. i wonder why he did that.


Sunday, July 19, 2009

top of the world~

i'm back!

guess where??








mum got 4 free tickets to the Singapore Flyer. she didn't want to go, so i went with bro and the 2 aunts.we alighted at city hall and wanted to take the shuttle bus there, but apparently we missed the timing, so we decided to walk there instead. bad idea, cos i was in heels. and they f***king hurt.

we walked from funan, past the field, to esplanade, and then towards the flyer. but army boys won't let us through due to the ndp rehearsal. so we had to go through marina square to get there. by the time we reached, i was sweating like mad and on the verge of tearing.

anyway, we got on the capsule, along with 2 other groups of passengers. they were relatively quiet. i think we were the noisiest. lols. i thought my fear of heights wouldn't be much of a problem since i've been on cable cars and ferry wheels, but once this capsule got higher, it kicked in and i was feeling wobbly the whole time. :(

snapped some photos. managed to catch..

haha, ndp rehearsal. the sun soon began to set, and i caught a few night photos. pity it wasn't late enough to catch fireworks.

[slideshow id=3170534137692994042&w=426&h=320]

the photos didn't turn out very clear so i changed them to black and white. click view all to see them in color. =)

- - - - - - - - -

cabbed down honjin @ robinson road for jap buffet again. love the salmon and hamachi sashimi. and the miso, and the chawanmushi, and the zaru soba, and the shittake mushrooms. they kept messing up our orders though. we had sake last, and it still tastes as bad as before. smells like my diy co2. lols.

and cabbed back home. i won't survive the mrt with these heels on!

last one before i go.


Friday, July 17, 2009

half-boiled egg, anyone?

with harry potter and the half blood prince coming out today, i felt obliged to read up and refresh my memory lest i be tempted to catch the movie. but everytime i sit down to read, i would tend to convince myself that since i'm gonna read something, might as well read twilight. right?

my deathly hallows is still unread. =x

- - - - - - - - -

this morning, vict passed me a parcel and told me to share them with the whole office. there were 2 boxes of royce chocolates inside - bitter and champagne flavored.  well, he actually promised me the chocs a couple of weeks ago but i thought he was only kidding.

anyway, office made a big fuss about it. just because i was the one he passed them to. hey nobody else was around!! it's not that i followed him around and asked him to give me the chocs!? it's not the first time they're making fun of me and him but this time Hel was there! she stood around for a good 10 minutes poking fun at how the chocs were meant for me and that we made a good pair.

not that fun, really. i think it's going overboard with the teasing. AND, i caught LM staring in our direction when i was discussing some project stuff with vic.

:( lucky i only have 1 project with him.

nevertheless, those chocs were WONDERFUL~! heard from PL that they're high-end, which explains why i haven't tried them before. i prefer the bitter one. love the cocoa dusting on top, and the rich dark choc inside. oohhhh~

i'm gonna get a box of that every month. even if i have to starve for that. lols.


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

high, high, into the sky~

overheard this really amusing conversation. my boss was asking my colleague regarding some structure height issues.

boss: so you found out how high is it?
she: ya. according to xxxx, it's around 42 metres.
boss: huh 42 metres? cannot be! you know how high is 42 metres? almost reaching the sky leh!

-.- i so nearly burst out laughing. its cute when it comes out from a 3 year old, but seriously stupid when it comes from your boss. sheesh.


Sunday, July 12, 2009


its my ringtone and in my head. should i get his album?

- - - - - - - - -

had a horrible week at work. i seem to make mistakes all the time. careless mistakes. i tried to convince myself i'm just too busy and there's too much that i have to keep track of; i can't help but miss a couple of them.

but after that as i think back, i feel so silly to have made those stupid mistakes. probably anyone could have done a better job, and having been in this position for almost a year, looks like i'm causing more trouble than helping out. no wonder i'm pissing site people off.

two options - one, switch to an easier job. lower pay but at least i don't cause much harm. or two, work harder. even though it won't make much difference. i think i'm born stupid. >.<

well, i'm tired of job-hopping, so i guess i have to work harder.
i just need some motivation.

went shopping yesterday! bought 3 tops, and 'pampered' myself with sushi. though not very fresh. muacks HL for pei-ing me, even though she was practically half dead.

i need more shopping! lols.


Monday, July 6, 2009


i've lived 21 years without finding out the reason for my existence. can't i do anything without making mistakes?



Thursday, July 2, 2009

halfway there...

came across this very amusing conversation...

that time when i was keeping tortoise this was what happened. one of them was sick. so i brought it to a vet. when it was my turn i went in with the tortoise in a guppy tank filled with recycled paper cat litter.

since it happened very long ago i cant really remember the conversation exactly. this is just roughly what happened:

vet: whats wrong with this turtle?
me: its very weak n not eating.
vet: how u keep it?
me: its in a bigger tub with these cat litter in there.
vet: u mean u keep it with these? no water for it to swim?
me: -.-
me: its a tortoise. it dont need water to swim.
me: -.-
me: this is not a turtle. its a tortoise. it dont need water to swim. it will drown.

after that the vet carry on to check on the tortoise n later on brought it to the back for some injections.

after she return...
vet: u r right. this is a tortoise. it dont need water to swim.

the tortoise died the next day.

(credit AF forums)

LOL. i'm laughing at the vet, mind you.


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