Friday, May 30, 2008

busy day and mum's bdae

i thought since loretta's down with suspected dengue fever, and provost is supposedly holed-up doing paper work the whole morning, i would be rather free. unfortunately, i suddenly have 2 long long letters to type out for tony. god bless his handwriting. so bloody hard to understand! i can take up to 1 hr plus for a simple 3-page letter, and still end up with some undeciphered words. -.-

and that stupid vincent. all i wanted was get the code to book guestrooms like before, just approve and give me the darn code! i already said we don't have any details except for the fact that provost specifically wants to see him, what other details you need? if you don't dare to talk to provost like i asked you to, then you can jolly well forget about getting any details. what's the point of throwing your weight around me when you should know that provost office don't really give a damn about you? man he ruins my day. zzZz.

but like what susie says, you meet crap people in all offices. i should learn to tolerate. or like what yh says, i should learn how to backstab people and yet not get backstabbed. it sounds cruel, but i guess that's reality. maybe i should join his company instead.

anyway, mum's birthday today! me and dad went there earlier to buy cake and stuff. i wanted to get her a bouquet of flowers, since she keeps complaining nobody buys her flowers. but when i saw the price for a small bouquet of 3 red roses......

we settled for a single rose instead. better than nothing right? lol. also bought swensen's blackforest ice cream cake. ex but super nice! and when they played the happy birthday song, almost everyone in the restaurant were looking at us. ^^ we dined at jack's place btw. steak was alright. i like it medium! muhahaha.

mum's birthday cost me and my dad almost $300! brokee. (i still owe my mum $100 for shopping -.-)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

new blog, 祝你一路顺风 & 金石良缘


heard this old song on the radio. really nice. get it from me if you want. ^^

have also been watching 金石良缘, or a journey called life. it stars steven ma and linda chung. pretty nice and heartwarming drama about how a stone carver manage to change a rebellious gal as they fell in love. can watch it on tudou or mysoju. go go!

yes yes. i changed my blog address AGAIN. if you're here, congrats! you're one of them whom i trust (or don't mind) to read my blog. so yeah, welcome! :D

good scrolling rocks!

so... borrowed some space from a guildmate's shop, and sold a few of the equipments i had replaced last week. net profit was what i spent on scrolls! whoots! shall try scrolling again when i feel lucky. :P

haven't been mapling much these few days. i still can't find an elnath pq slot. bahx.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

clubbing and work

not very nice for gals to club, cos clubbing gals aren't the type you wanna bring home to show your family

the above wasn't said by me; it was by someone i know who frequents clubs (i hope he doesn't read this). yh doesn't club, and he has mentioned the same to me. i don't deny i feel likewise (yes yes, kill me for stereotyping). is that the common conception guys have of girls who club? can i say the same for guys who club?

it kinda changed my mind about clubbing. no doubt i'll meet people, but i'm getting skeptical about the kind of people i'll be meeting. yes it'll be fun, but is clubbing really all about fun? and will that fun do me any good? is that fun worth it at all?

but then again, it isn't really up to me to judge. =x


huge mistake at work! i must be blind. that's a 2-month difference! *slaps self*

knowing loretta, i was half-expecting a horrible lecture from her. luckily i haven't had any (so far). she did seem abit pissed though. lol. luckily the hotel still have rooms available. luckily i was able to rectify it. luckily cindy was so helpful. luckily...i seem to depend alot on luck. but luck didn't prevent me from catching the flu virus from her. -.=

normally i would be feeling horribly guilty, but i'm ashamed to say i don't quite feel that now. maybe because it's more or less settled already. maybe because i'm only temp-ing. maybe because i'm preparing to resign. ah wells. *crosses fingers for new job*

so i just wanted to say, even if i never talk to you again in my life, you are special to me and you have made a difference in my life.

sweet email :)


any suggestions on where to hang out instead of town again and again? =\

Monday, May 26, 2008

first attempt at clocking

had the sudden urge to try papu. so i repotted and headed down ludi. i had to hunt the ludi medal first, from thanatos or gatekeeper. i realized each channel only had 2 of the mobs each. so yeah, took me quite some time. finally was able to summon papu.

started panicking at first cos it kept attacking me with the skill that reduced HP and MP to 1. luckily i had some power elixirs. my SOA wasn't enough to KB it, so i couldn't plant the puppet behind me. thus i took a lot of damage. it was all quite okay, until it summoned the stupid bombs. i could clear the first few, but when both the bombs AND papu advanced on me, i couldn't puppet in time, so ta-da! tombstone!

within about 5 mins, i lost 1% and some pot money, but gained a tiny bit of clocking experience. i think i shall try clocking again at lv 130 instead. lol.

happy happy day!

righttt. this may be old news, but this is the maple effect you'll get when you wear the lv 70 earring and hat, and hold a lv 64 weapon. fake holy symbol! lol.

leveled to 122. after so long. and i predict i'm gonna take even longer to level up now. i need DP!

went on a shopping spree to scroll some of my items. managed to scroll a +10 dex on my maple earring! i think i'm pretty lucky today. also scrolled my 2 welcome capes. the first one failed a 70%, resulting in +8 str. since i thought it was enough for me, i decided to play with 30% scrolls for the second one. guess what? i passed 3 30% and 2 70% on it! that's a lovely +13 str! but it also means i've gotta hurry up sell my +8 str before it becomes untradeable in the next patch. bahhx.

apparently my good luck doesn't end here. i tried 2 30% acc on my maple helm, since i thought if it boomed, i could always get another one. surprisingly, both passed! omigosh! +3 str, +7 dex now, and 5 more slots to go! i don't think i dare to throw 30% on it anymore. oh wells. also scrolled a INT cape for fun, so that i might get a little more mp when i level up. similarly, the 30% i threw on it passed!

overall, out of the 10+ scrolls i used today, only 1 failed, and it didn't boom! gosh. i can't believe my luck today, though i'm almost 15 million mesos poorer. let's hope the stuff i'm selling can help get back the $.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

robinsons, food festival, pink monster!

went down the expo for the robinsons sale and the singapore food festival thingy. the food festival was so packed! but we had a lot of fun squeezing through the crowd, eating free samples (yeah cheapo me), poking fun at people who use a broken microphone, and buying yummy stuff! stocked up lots of maggi mee, so pop down if you don't mind the crowd and need some maggi mee. lolx.

the robinsons one was abit disappointing, though the lack of crowd made it easier for us to browse the stuff. i had planned to buy shoes, but the nice ones all don't come in my size. when i finally found one that has, it didn't come in a color i like. tsk. nevertheless, i got myself a new pink bag, a couple of swimsuits, and a top! yay! XD (but oh so broke.)

and so, i now have a pink bag to hold my pink wallet, pink handphone pouch, pink makeup purse and pink furry mp3 pouch. pink monster!! :D

was about to praise myself for having only 2 meals today, when yh asks me out for supper. -.-''' must try to resist fries!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

random thoughts

great... you guys kept asking me to go when i couldn't. now when i finally could, you all didn't want to! bahhx. make me happy for nothing. hrmpf. X(

*turns to good old chivas regal to cheer her up*

tudou is loading fu freaking slow. must be because it's a china website. neverminds, i shall watch hana yori dango 2 instead. ooohh hanazawa rui! *drools*

on hiatus!

ho-ho-ho. haven't been mapling much at all, and today is the last day of my 2x!! i'm 18% away from level up, but yet i feel no urge to maple. tsk tsk.

been trying to sell off most of the scrolls sitting in my mule, as well as the maple eqs that i got previously. they sell for a lot now, especially since they don't drop that easily now. 2 claws and 2 daggers, clean, could fetch close to 20 million mesos!! also trying to scroll my two welcome capes, which provides 2 weapon attack! bye bye pink capes. lolx.

elnath pq slots are so damn hard to find. i've been putting off DP for 2 levels now, and i'm seriously sick of gobies. DP DP DP, come to mama! X(

-taking a break from hardcore mapling-

Friday, May 23, 2008


telephone conversation this morning.

e: eh chelle, tony in?
m: ya, he in.
e: okay. you at your desk?
m: er...where you call ah?
e: OH YA HOR! kkk.

lol silly. :P

currently halfway through 命中注定我爱你, yet another taiwan drama series with shuai ges (and a very very hot bed scene. *ahem*). XD 5 more eps to go! ethan ruan plays cun xi, and qiao en plays xinyi. here's a little excerpt...

A really unfashionable working class girl Chen Xin Yi has the desire to tie down her handsome boyfriend to be with her. Due to certain reasons, her boyfriend gets her to go on a love cruise and she started to ponder on how to lose her virginity and tie down her boyfriend. Xin Yi ended up taking cold medicine which made her drowsy and went into Ji Cun Xi's room. Cun Xi is the sole male heir to his family's company and has been in love with his girlfriend, Anna, for a long time. He planned to propose to Anna on the boat but she didn't turn up on the cruise. An island owner added drugs into Cun Xi's drink and Cun Xi became disorientated and returned to his own room. Xin Yi and Cun Xi end up having a one night stand. Xin Yi later finds out that she's pregnant and Cun Xi's grandmother forces them to get married. Will a couple forced to marry for the sake of their unborn child find love with each other?

cun xi is hilarious; his expressions and actions, and dylan is...boyish cute. lol. watch it if you have time. oh tudou is working again, and forensic heroes 2 is out!! i lubs charmaine! what should i watch first? huh huh huh?! i wish my brain and eyes could handle/process me watching two dramas at the same time. =x

p/s. dad keeps saying i'm fat. i think he isn't joking. but then, how not to be, when from time to time, stuff like these appears at the office? yh! if i give you business, will you give me discount? LOL.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

boring day~~

blogging in the office again. so bored. there's nothing for me to do, but yet i'm expected to sit here and look pretty. -.- dear esther is on leave today, and poor me has to sit at her desk and basically just answer calls, or tending to her boss occasionally. same goes for tml afternoon and friday, where practically everyone is on leave. haiz.

and so, crunchyroll becomes my best friend, since tudou is not working. T_T vampire knight anime is nicee, so is himitsu. anime guys are super shuai! lol.

i've got as much energy as a dead fish now. bahhx. hope i can make it this weekend. me wants to gooooo! *cross fingers*

randomness!! passion fruit+strawberry essential oil=sweet and nice smelling room. butterfly neckie is pretty and makes me feel happy just by looking at it. (i think i'm starting to get addicted to butterflies.) XD

i used to like eric...

i was having trouble with my computer. so i called eric, the 11 yr old next door, and asked him to come over. he clicked a couple of buttons and solved the problem.

as he was walking away, i called after him, "so, what was wrong?"

he replied, "it was an ID ten T error."

i didn't want to appear stupid, but nevertheless inquired, "an 'ID ten T error'? what's that? in case i need to fix it again."

eric grinned. "haven't you heard of an ID ten T error before?"

"no," i replied.

"write it down," he said, "and i think you'll figure it out."

so i wrote it down: I D 1 0 T




i used to like eric...

Monday, May 19, 2008

retail therapy (again)

i need to stop feeling emo. it's burning a hole in my pocket with all that retail therapy. okay i'm not exactly broke; i'm just unwilling to spend unnecessary $$. tsk.

cher suddenly called me out for dinner. it was supposed to be sakae at funan. (that place holds memories.) but ho-ho, that sakae no longer has buffet!! so we went pastamania instead. i think i need to start being evil. cher! teach me to become a bitch! lols.

walked to the esplanade. (another route with memories.) i love it when there's no one around and we can laugh and talk loudly all we want.

then went shopping at marina. cher always stops at chomel, and i never seem to find anything there. i noticed the prices are rather reasonable. comparable to brands like bitsnpieces or perlini's. this time, i managed to get a butterfly necklace, though with much persuasion from her that i should pamper myself once in a while. hmmm. it's sho pweety ands pinkky! XD

essential oils from body shop. hope i manage to concoct the same nicey scent that they have at the shop. ^^

tireds. add that to the sore throat, aching feet, and blistered toes. but each time i begin to feel emo and sorry for myself, i think of all the people that's much worse than me. then i'll realize that there's nothing much to feel sad about.

the cyclone, the earthquake - signs of mother nature fighting back? but it's sad. especially the earthquake in china. my heart goes out to all those children who died when the schools collapsed. they have so much more in front of them. =( it's hard not to get teary when i watched the news. gambade rescue workers!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

jr. barlog and mushrooms!

went to hunt jr. barlog for the first time.

with puppet and SOA, i got it down within 10secs. lol. and guess what it dropped? scrooooooll!!! not worth alot, perhaps a million or so. but still, first time! too stunned to take screenies though. believe it or not. *shrugs*

mushroom soup anyone? XD

phoenix, new events and server checks

righttt. was questing and suddenly got dc-ed. turns out there's another urgent server check. tsk.

asiasoft always manage to piss us off with their patches. the 19 hour patch that was supposed to end 7pm yesterday, got extended to 11.30pm. this morning, i saw that there was an urgent check at 1am, and apparently, some maplers got roll-backed. thank god i wasn't, even though i only played 5% last night.

then i wanted to start playing, only to realize there was yet another check. AFTER that check, they said the servers weren't stable, and advised us NOT to do hardcore leveling. how nice. after subsequent checks, it was already afternoon. =.=

i'm not exactly pissed off at them patching. i understand it's hard and tiring for them as well. but it's the way they say it. i don't mind a 24hr or even 30hr patch, but i DO mind a 19hr patch that gets extended and extended at the very last minute. you get what i mean?

hope this is the last check they'll gonna do. *cross fingers*

still, i managed to level up. yay!

was debating between phoenix and DP, but since i've already got phoenix skill and it's so hard to find a party for elnath pq, i dumped the last sp into phoenix.

i saw her (it's her cos i say so) do 7.1k on a leatty. cool!

there was a couple of new quests, like the stupid jar quest, which is bugged so it can't be completed. =.= cassandra's fortune telling quest is more worth it. here's what i got!

it's repeatable, AND random! some of my guildmates got 2x mesos. hehe. there are also a couple of quests which give out ice models or something like that. they turn you into a mob, but once you get hit, the effect disappears. lolx.

my noob turned into a mushroom while my main turned into an alien. XD

started my concentration quest. so went back to vic. decided to pop by sg and do some quests.

halfway through...well, you get it.

since they cut me off just as i hit a mob, i'm expecting to see a tombstone when i log in. bahhx. X(

Thursday, May 15, 2008

free green book + 19 hr patch

i should be mapling, cos there's a 19 hour patch which starts at midnight today. but i'm tired. lolx.

got my green book free from a very nice mapler. saved my time hunting for it, and my 3m mesos buying it. it's to start my concentration quest, which is bloody very troublesome, and requires another 4th job archer to help complete it. might do it for the exp, but i doubt i'll put any points into it in the meantime.

can't wait for patch to be done. new quests! level up quest? i hope it gives a free level. lol. one part of me thinks wizet isn't this kind, but another part says, "hey it's only ONE freaking level!" oh wells. let's wait and see. ^^

Monday, May 12, 2008

breezing through?

bahhx. i'm back to training at gobies. =.=

i'm amazed that i'm already at 40%, considering i only trained for a couple for hours. all thanks to that 1hr 4x yesterday afternoon. but training with SOA and the occasional SE (20 secs only) sure speed things up.

AR without SE = max 5.7k per arrow (p.a)
AR with SE = max 8k p.a
Strafe without SE = max 4.3k p.a
Strafe with SE = max 7.3k p.a
SOA without SE = max ~2.5k p.a (too fast to see clearly)
SOA with SE = max 5.5k p.a

just lv 2 SE gives an approximate 3k increase in damage per arrow. combine that with SOA (merely lv 1), and i'm a walking machine gun! whoots~ can't wait to see 5-digit numbers. lolx.

i have another 2 more weeks till my 2x expires, so until then, i'm probably gonna camp at gobies till i get phoenix and DP at least. then it's quest time! ^^v

pp, terence's bdae and mum's day

i've been so hung up on leveling my last ranger level that i'm gonna combine 3 days into one.


met up with yh at parkway parade. i'm never gonna go there again! =x

finished at 5.15pm, headed down to je, and the bus left at 6.15pm. that's one hour. nicee. guess what time i reached parkway parade? ALMOST 8.30PM!!! wtf? 2.25hrs simply on that journey. bahhx.

it was rather nice talking (or rather, listening) to him that night. he exudes a sense of maturity i haven't seen in anyone i know. that scares me. lolx. but it did make me think about stuff, so yeah, thanks! =)

my heart nearly stopped later that night, when the cab uncle said nets wasn't available. luckily i had enough. *reminds herself to carry more money*

p/s. yh where's my sms hur??



wanted to wake up early to chiong maple, but apparently i overslept, so the whole day was spent at terence's place. his 21st bdae! anyway i'm not close to him, and since not much of my cousins came, i played mahjong instead. =.=

dad has a big mouth. so now most of my relatives know it's gonna be my turn at the end of this year. even harder to escape the party.



happy mother's day~!

stayed home. dinner at ah ma's later. lalala~



bowmaster at last

i was wrong. 119 is the HARDEST level of all. cos i was so anxious to level; even 2x was slow for me. bahhx. but still, ta-da! lvl 120 at last! ^^

starting the 'journey'...

no way i'm gonna hunt the 2 items, so i bought the scroll instead.

yes i'm 10 million mesos poorer. and then...

yesssss!! also did the quest for SOA. my first SOA ever!

i was planning to have 1 SE, 1 DP and 1 phoenix the next level, but i realized the timer for lv2 SE is just crap. i may have to forgo the DP next level and add 2sp to SE instead. oh wells.

i never thought i'd actually make it this far. 4th job! kewl~ lol. next long term aim? max the holy trinity i guess.

anyway, went to a guildmate's wedding on fri. cute couple.

all the best everyone~!!

was bored of training, so i went to do the phoenix quest. it gave me 2m exp! lolx. i forgot to take screenies of the phoenix, so all i have is one of the egg.

Friday, May 9, 2008

just a little more...

nothing much more to say. after spending one whole day in front of the comp, i managed to settle lv118.

just one more...just a little bit more...

Thursday, May 8, 2008

movies, shopping..whatnot?

caught forbidden kingdom with lin. been wanting to watch it because of jet li and jackie chan. thanks girl! anyway, the storyline is plain lame. no offence. something about going back into time, the 5 mountains and a jade emperor who speaks english. i can't believe it. they use more chinese actors than western ones; they might as well use mandarin too! bahhx. but the action made up for it. the fighting's cooool. the funny scenes are, well, funny. oh, and there's michael angarano. HE IS DARN HOTT! :P

p/s. shopping, lin!!!

before that, i went for some retail therapy to counter 'depression' mode due to the rejection. not much, but enough. passed by, and saw the pig. bought it on impulse. do you still have the one i bought you? it's been almost 3 years, and they're actually still selling it. lol.

i stuffed the lot in my bag and upon reaching home, i realized...

uh huh. and then i wanted to brush my teeth...

gosh. i'm turning into a pink freak! lmao.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

finally ._.

uh huh. finally leveled up. not a very pretty screenie i must say. but now you can see how much damage gobies deal to me. sad.

because of the unexpected last-minute server check which lasted 5 and a half hours and ate ~1 hour into my 2x timeslot, i couldn't get the 10% exp i had initially planned for. i left it at 0.02%. tsk. i'm expecting 118 to be (kinda) the hardest level to go, being 'so near yet so far'. lolx. 119 would probably be easier, since i'm so anxious and all.

and with so many things going on this week/end, i'm gonna have even less time to train. bahx. i wish someone could let me leech safely while i'm at work. =\

p/s. mehh. practically all of my screenies are of the gobies map. neverminds. 2 more levels and i can add nicer screenies here. :)

yep, still working

why does everyone ask me if i'm still working? yes dearies, at NTU. yes, i'm still working. probably a long long way more to go, since my application got rejected. SO SAD! am considering whether or not to try again next time, but i doubt so. my gpa is way too low. lolx.

neverminds. even though i'm darn jealous of the 2-3 months holiday they're having, i quite enjoy spending my own money instead. so only concern would probably be to continue working here, or to find a better job. i kinda want to leave NTU cos even if i'm turned perm, there isn't much of an advancement here. but if i switch, i'll have to go through that 'first day at work' phase again. besides, will i meet colleagues like esther? or people working around who know me by now, so i just have to appear in front of them and they know what i want? haiz. 8(

bahx. movies, dinner...movies again? more spending. >.> see? everyone should work so we can all spend money without feeling guilty. lol.

it's mummy's bdae soon. any idea what i should get for her? hmmm...

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

random quote

i don't want the world to see me;
cos i don't think they'd understand.

Monday, May 5, 2008

training at sotongs

i don't usually train during non-2x, cos exp gain would be unbearable. so in the afternoon, i went online for some fun. was persuaded by my guildmates to join them at sotongs. hesitated at first, since i would be of the lowest level there and one of the only two 3rd jobbers. furthermore, i haven't trained there before, so i was afraid of slowing down the exp rate. but they insisted, so i went.

exp gain rate was pretty fast at first, considering there were 4 attackers. i also had SE and HS, which contributed. but after the two 4th jobs left, i was left with kay (lv 119 hermit) and the priest, and exp rate slowed tremendously. we stopped training after our priest leveled.

since i was busy trying to kill efficiently, i didn't quite take note of exp per hour. but as i had to spam pots despite the priest sticking close to me, gobies would be a better cost-saving place to train. nevertheless, it was a nice training experience and i'll probably go back if my guildmates are training there. i'm not about to ask for slots from random people though! lolx.

besides the newly-gained experience, i also made a new buddy! yep, that priest. maybe its just me who's feeling negative about the maplesea community, but she kinda surprised me.

  • she saw that i was lagging, so she stuck by me, only leaving to HS and bless the others.

  • helped to kill when she saw that i was having trouble without SE.

  • she grouped mobs together for me to rain on.

  • all the while healing me and saving my ass a few times when i couldn't pot myself in time.

best of all? she picked up a gfa my mob dropped, and returned it to me. how nice. being the only non-Everlast person in the map, she could easily have looted that 4.5m scroll, quit party, and gone off.

maybe the community is getting better. or maybe i've met too few nice maplers. i think i need to get out of soloing at gobies. see the world. explore the horizon. lmaorofl.

p/s. am surprised that, excluding the gfa, i still manage to earn a few hundred k. :)


Sunday, May 4, 2008

level up, weird people & concentration

grats myself. 3 more levels to go!

i realized that if i killed constantly without stopping to rest or chat, i could still hit 11-12% per hour. bahx. CONCENTRATE girl!

met some weird people just now. they weren't rude or anything, just...don't understand. this guy came along and asked if he could share map. i had to re-pot anyway, but out of curiosity, i asked if all the other channels were full. he said no, but because his guildmate was coming. lolx. after re-potting, i cc-ed and a few other channels were empty. funny. his guildmate MUST have that channel? O_o

oops =x

supposed to meet him for lunch yesterday, since i was supposed to be on leave. yet i was called back because of urgent meetings to prepare for. he didn't receive that sms i sent in the morning, so come lunchtime, he went and waited for me. he called and called but i wasn't around. only 30mins later did i reply his sms. at first he seemed pissed. he should be. but few msgs later, he even made jokes to cheer me up. like, wow? lolx.

i canceled yesterday; you canceled today. we're even!

if you're reading this, cya next week, old friend. :)

Friday, May 2, 2008

good moods and smileys :)

GMs are in a good mood. see? they added a little smiley after banning people. rofl.

lord of the rings

falling in love with viggo mortensen and orlando bloom again. 认真的男人太帅了! ^_^

p/s. happy belated labour day.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

3k HP and 4 more levels to go

finally leveled up. -.-

finally hit 3k hp. time to start using ice cream pops. they're pink! lolx.

4 more levels. can't wait till i finally leave the damn gobies for a while, head to leafre, complete 4th job, and start doing quests with sharp eyes and soa hopefully. sighx.

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