Sunday, February 28, 2010

baby first steps

you know, when you play games like auditionsea and steps, it's pretty hard to be able to dance in sync with your partner/team due to the different computers, internet service providers or even countries.

so i was pretty glad to come across one of the games where i had almost perfect synchronization with my team. so i'm gonna haolian it.

lol just kidding. i merely wanted an excuse to try out fraps and wmm.

so here we go:

(ps. i'm in the GREEN team)

it took me the whole afternoon so you guys better not comment anything bad on it! =\

... ...

i also recently acquired a video of a full-dress rehearsal of one of the performances in Resorts World. had considered uploading it to youtube but in case anything happens, i'm just gonna take screenies and share them on my blog. i don't think my readers are that mean to report, right??

just this part of the show (and taken by a PHAILED cameraman) is super super cute already. cannot imagine what i would do if i were there. lol.

the way it waddled away was sooooo funny!

notice the third penguin from the left.

KAWAIII NEHHH!!!!! of course screenies aren't as good as the video. hmmm. *goes to watch again*


Thursday, February 25, 2010

vitamin c

was suddenly reminded of this song:

as we go on
we remember
all the times we
had together

... ...

managed to grab some photos of yesterday's lunch from vict's camera. 原來 he also has boliao photography habits like me. =x

we were given a private room (did i already mention this?) where we could see the sea...

...but it was so far away. -_-

shaky hands result in magical blurry effects like...

see-through hands! haha. that's me poking the candles into vict's cake lah. and speaking of him, we were making fun of the birthday photos just now.




"i now pronounce you man and wife...."

"you may kiss your bride."

LOL~!!! :D

and lastly, a 全家幅!

i may grumble alot about work, but other than that, it's really them that enable me to stay one and a half years at RT. =]


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

魚生 no. 3


had my third 魚生 this festive season at RT's annual CNY lunch. this year, we had a 9-course international seafood feast @ east coast. (no food pics cos damn paiseh to take when the whole company is seated at one table.) i didn't touch the shark's fin and peking duck, so i shall not comment on these two.

their raw salmon 魚生 is so far the best one. they added lettuce and cornflakes. and sadly i didn't get to eat any salmon at all. :( lol. i didn't quite like the baked lobster dish cos it didn't taste like lobster at all. too hard i guess. at first we even thought it was crayfish. -_-

next dish was the fish maw stuffed with crabmeat. first time eating fish maw that is not in soup, so yeah, quite nice. then came the baked fish. it came in a claypot that was too large so we had to stand up to see where we're poking at. but i liked the fish! got no chao chor taste. lols.

now for the interesting part. black pepper crab. they were teasing me about my nails when CH suddenly said "叫 D 還是 vict 弄給你啦!" *stunned* wasn't expecting vict to really peel the crabshell. i think it wasn't for me cos he put it on a plate in the middle. but when PL wanted to take, hel shouted 'aiyoh i also don't dare to take, you dare ah?' so PL shouted 'eh michelle, vict make for you one. must eat.'

super super paiseh lah!! and he peeled 2, which nobody dared to take, so i had to eat both. though i admit, they were yummy! a little too spicy nevertheless. i think dad would like it. =] (SSD's reaction was super cute when i told him about it. :D)

second last dish was the e-fu noodles. quite nice, but abit hard also. dessert was some weird cake.

today is also vict's birthday, and CH's next week. so we had 2 cakes for them both. so funny when PL got their ages wrong, and we just anyhow poked the candles in. and super hilarious to see two grown men fighting for the cake with lesser candles. LOL. the mango cake was sour, but the chocolate one is yummy! soooo sinful.

sighx. i wish we could have more of these. so fun. very looking forward to desaru now. ^_^


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

still sick!

it's been 2 weeks and i'm still down with flu and cough. sb irritating!

... ...

went to watch percy jackson yesterday.

i like the storyline, mainly because of my interest in the ancient greek mythology. though i do find it pretty ridiculous how zeus automatically accuses poseidon's son of being the lightning thief. and couldn't they have come up with a better reason for lucas to make stealing the lightning bolt more worthwhile?

i also don't like the part in camp half-blood where grover introduced a group of bikini-clad girls as aphrodite's children. they made aphrodite seem like some kind of slut and i refuse to see my favorite goddess as one. hrmph.

otherwise, i suppose this movie is not too bad. lols.

... ...

received an email from an aunt today.


Saturday, February 20, 2010


great 'start' to the year.

work started at 9 this morning instead of the usual 8. super hot and stuffy when majority of us gathered outside. because of the fengshui thingy, we had to wait till exactly 9. poor me boarded a bus that went too fast. guess what time i reached? 820am. -_-

not much things to do, so we dilly dallied till about 11, then started the blackjack ball rolling. we played till about 1 plus, when most of us were starving. i think many of us didn't lose much, until the last game, when banker had gor leng. hel bet $50 that round lor. poor thing. lol. banker and i were the only ones who won. ^_^

then went kovan xin wang for lunch. had seafood horfun. yums. had my yuanyang too. double yums. hahas.

and then home sweet home. sb tired. =\


Thursday, February 18, 2010

random madness

nonsensical msn-ing with 媽:

can't believe i actually miss crapping with them.

first day of nua-ing at home. one more to go before i return to work on friday. bleh. hope it's a half day. and hope we all can jus slack around and do nothing. lol.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010


happy tiger year!!

i'm at a total loss for words cos i'm so tired and sleepy now. but i'll try to summarize three days of visiting into this one post. lol.


i think bro's a lousy photographer. lol.

then went maternal grandma's place to 拜年, temple to pray, relative's house, temple again to pray paternal grandma, and finally settled at my paternal ah gong's place. i think lesser and lesser people gather there every year, so the angbow i get there decreases too. lols.

sat for a while and then SSD came to pick me to his place. after dinner and everything, then it was his turn to come over.

and yep, end of day 1.


we had buffet lunch downstairs. relatives came over and stuff. and my god-uncle bryan brought along his GR cooper. which eventually became star of the day.

he looks fierce in the last pic but he's anything but that. super busybody doggie. and doesn't really listen to anyone except uncle bryan. super cute.

then SSD came over again (after all the relatives left), and played mahjong till past midnight. so happy cos i get to spend almost the whole day with him in the comfort of home. i super likes. =]


long day of driving around and visiting. i think we went like, 5 or 6 places to 拜年. tiring, and heels are hurting. i'm glad i have till friday to nua at home. lol.

... ...

yay i'm done. nap-time!


Saturday, February 13, 2010

魚生 no. 2

@ reunion dinner with maternal side of the family.

a normal simple dinner at the nearby coffeeshop. i'm glad SSD managed to join us, even though it must have been pretty uncomfortable for him. lol.

super happy day today. mainly because of bonus + increment. i didn't know RT could be this generous. am actually feeling quite thankful i didn't give up halfway and quit.



Friday, February 12, 2010

魚生 no. 1

with colleagues! :D


Wednesday, February 10, 2010


tada! 2nd bouquet of blue roses from SSD.

this one came yesterday as an absolute surprise cos he asked them to deliver to my office instead. was abit half-asleep in the morning when they delivered, and i initially thought it was for Hel. i remember i saw that they were blue roses and i was like, 'huh, don't tell me she also like blue roses. copy me!'

and then i saw my name on the delivery order. *stunned* until the delivery guy also impatient liao. haha. thankfully kolics didn't make a big fuss over it and more thankfully, bosses weren't in. otherwise will be super paiseh. =\

undeniably it put me in a good mood the whole day. :)

then had dinner at kyomomoyama. the restaurant was rather empty and we got a window table. view was pretty good i guess. ambience was warm and romantic and they were playing those classic love songs. i likee!

menu items are a little on the pricey side, but promotions are quite affordable.

salmon - raw or cooked - is loves. sitting by the riverside is very loves. walking to esplanade is super loves. SSD is most loves. =]


Monday, February 8, 2010

manicure virgin attempt

wanted to wake up early in the morning to continue packing my almost-bursting cupboard. but i overslept. then went over to SSD's place in the afternoon. so paiseh. had lunch with his family. even more so paiseh. so very freaked me out lor. >.<

came out again after a while and headed for bugis together with his sis. walked around parco and village. i think main purpose was to help me find my new year clothes but nothing really caught my fancy. and the crowd was horrendously huge. so....not much mood liao. lol.

then went for my manicure session at this small little shop called summer sweet nails at bencoolen. first time! lol. was abit hesitant initially cos PL had told me the full set of extensions were $68, only for me to find out $68 were for overlays only. i broke a nail last week (if you didn't know) and snipped all the rest short. so overlays would be pointless. extensions cost $30 more. -_-

but in the end i decided to go for it since i was already there and i didn't want short ugly nails for CNY.

i would have got SSD to help me take photos, but his sis was also there doing her pedicure. quite paiseh. lols. very interesting procedure. lots of cutting, buffing, filing and i have 4 layers of hardened gel on my nails. lol.

design wise, i chose the silver glitter with 3D art on both thumbnails. tada~

love the flowers!

i know it probably doesn't look very nice in the photo, but it looks quite okay in real life. although, being the perfectionist that i am, i can still pick out a few flaws here and there that i'm not quite happy with. plus, it isn't exactly comfortable, though i'm hoping it's just a matter of getting used to.

still, i can't wait till my real nails grow out as long as this. then it's good riddance to fake nails and the heartache that comes along with spending so much money. hais.


Saturday, February 6, 2010

nihon mura (x2)

4 feb was an okay day for me. except for the paper cuts and last minute 1.5-hr meeting which started at 645pm and robbed me of the shopping trip with mum. tsk.

but the good stuff made up for it. like, the relationship between me and D went back to the way it was before. previously for a period of time, it felt like he was avoiding me. i think it was because he thought i was getting too close to vict. but it's getting quite obvious recently that we are pretty much against CH, and vict is his yeah. boycott! but undeniably D is a better engineer to work with. so...ya lor. =]

and was having sushi craving that day, so i kinda convinced kolics to go singpost suki for dinner. abit surprised that they were so sporting and agreed almost immediately. i think we kinda made a nuisance of ourselves by laughing so loudly. but at times like this, we don't really care. too much fun. hehx.

so overall, not too bad. not that i'm taking any chances. lol.

... ...

SSD's turn to have sushi craving. so we went nihon mura.

i don't know why i bother to take sushi pics, since they're all the same. lol.

... ...

super into this song now. nice~



Thursday, February 4, 2010

did you know?

when does Chinese New Year actually begin?

the season of spring (li chun) (solar calendar) begins on 4 feb 2010. however, many chinese all over the world would still celebrate CNY on 14 feb 2010, which follows the lunar calendar.

however, as you know, each year we observe what happens to us on 4 feb 2010, and if good things happen on that day then it's going to be a fantastic year! but if negative things occur then it means that the year is not going to be smooth. please go and work on this day as it means that you will always have work to do.

(taken from fengshuiqueen)

... ...

predictions for 2010 from her :

- excellent year
there are 3 lucky stars and 3 bad stars.

this is a very lucky year for you with very good money luck and a promotion. however, there is a 桃花 star in sight bringing in unwanted romance especially when you are married. don't allow a third party to ruin your marriage.

money & work
if you are an employee there is a promotion while if you are on your own employment there is some kind of recognition, fame and wealth. however you are advised to be humble and watch your words carefully.

you will be in the pink of good health.

love & family
if married, there could be an unwanted appearance of a third party. watch your emotions and don't get involved or carried away. if you are single, there are plenty of romances and relationships.

i'm taking that it's gonna be a good one this year. i can shop and spend with ease now. and i'm counting on that chance of promotion to motivate and keep me sane at work. pink of health? hope it also covers paper cuts. lol.

except maybe for that third party thingy. SSD also has it in his. should i be worried? hmmm. =\


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

fat die you~!

i shouldn't be letting work ruin my blog, but it's pretty frustrating now that i think of it.

scaffolding is making me rather pekchek these few weeks. just last week, i had arranged the delivery of metal scaffolds to WT factory on sat. today, i jus learned that they delivered but no one was there to receive, despite me informing everyone beforehand. and when i called them up, they said CH had told them the delivery was monday.

zzZz. so i had to arrange delivery today again. never mind the trouble; but who's gonna answer for the double transport charges? me again lor.

later in the afternoon, WT called to complain that metal scaffolds cannot be used. so after i told CH, he and the other two engineers just sat there and laughed. -_- very funny meh?

hais. CH is like the common enemy of us admin gals already. i really don't mind if he and hel are into 姐弟戀 and want to teh with each other the whole day. but it really pisses me off when black and white it's his mistake and she tries to defend him and pushes the blame to us.

pretty tempted to quit. but i can't give up those wonderful kolics, especially 媽 and 親愛的. and besides, i'm not one to take accusations lying down. 我忍! 總有一天,他會知道天蠍女生不好惹!

lols. loads of laughter with the gals while walking out. which put me in an extremely good mood. =]

met SSD and had dinner at pasta de waraku. originally wanted something more 'traditional' jap, but since SSD say want this, then okay lor. lol.

both of us had the set meals. our appetizer...

corn soup was alright. normal lor. very 'corny'. LOL. salad was nice though. veggies were quite fresh. i like! and super super like the sauce! a refreshing alternative to thousand island.

and i got the pasta half & half, so i had a choice of two different pastas!

the amount of tuna and corn were generous as compared to the salmon and roe, but i still prefered the latter. both were a little bit too dry, but i added loads of cheese. yummilicious!! ^^

as for SSD's, don't really know exactly what he ordered, but it looked like seafood curry pasta to me. lols!

i find the sauce abit weird leh; it has curry smell but no curry taste. hmmmmm. baked pasta looked good, but too full to try already! lols.

super sinful. one, for making SSD spend so much on just dinner. two, for the amount of calories i just ate. eeks.

and i still need shopping.


Monday, February 1, 2010


strawberry shortofcake! hahas.


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