Saturday, February 20, 2010


great 'start' to the year.

work started at 9 this morning instead of the usual 8. super hot and stuffy when majority of us gathered outside. because of the fengshui thingy, we had to wait till exactly 9. poor me boarded a bus that went too fast. guess what time i reached? 820am. -_-

not much things to do, so we dilly dallied till about 11, then started the blackjack ball rolling. we played till about 1 plus, when most of us were starving. i think many of us didn't lose much, until the last game, when banker had gor leng. hel bet $50 that round lor. poor thing. lol. banker and i were the only ones who won. ^_^

then went kovan xin wang for lunch. had seafood horfun. yums. had my yuanyang too. double yums. hahas.

and then home sweet home. sb tired. =\


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