Wednesday, February 17, 2010


happy tiger year!!

i'm at a total loss for words cos i'm so tired and sleepy now. but i'll try to summarize three days of visiting into this one post. lol.


i think bro's a lousy photographer. lol.

then went maternal grandma's place to 拜年, temple to pray, relative's house, temple again to pray paternal grandma, and finally settled at my paternal ah gong's place. i think lesser and lesser people gather there every year, so the angbow i get there decreases too. lols.

sat for a while and then SSD came to pick me to his place. after dinner and everything, then it was his turn to come over.

and yep, end of day 1.


we had buffet lunch downstairs. relatives came over and stuff. and my god-uncle bryan brought along his GR cooper. which eventually became star of the day.

he looks fierce in the last pic but he's anything but that. super busybody doggie. and doesn't really listen to anyone except uncle bryan. super cute.

then SSD came over again (after all the relatives left), and played mahjong till past midnight. so happy cos i get to spend almost the whole day with him in the comfort of home. i super likes. =]


long day of driving around and visiting. i think we went like, 5 or 6 places to 拜年. tiring, and heels are hurting. i'm glad i have till friday to nua at home. lol.

... ...

yay i'm done. nap-time!


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  1. Yea, i'm very happy also. haha. get to be with BB almost the whole day. hmm feels like getting even closer to ur family le.. haha.. =D


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