Thursday, April 29, 2010

crazy ladies' night

it's been so long since we had fun dinners like this.

5 of us gals had steamboat dinner at crystal jade (which we finally decided upon after an hour of discussion after lunch). it was an early celebration for PL's birthday, but weirdly nobody mentioned anything about it. we'll probably arrange another cake-cutting session next week. lol.

we ordered so much food lor. feel kinda guilty cos i was the one who ticked the menu and i ticked all the mushrooms. think there were like, 4 whole plates of them. i also got a whole lot of veggies and only a few types of meat for the rest of them. think we had like, 20+ plates altogether.

and we finished everything. =| super super sinful lah. i'm trying to comfort myself that they're all healthy food. lols.

had so much fun. sighhhh.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

depression mode

  • orlando trip - cancelled cos over budget

  • aikido lessons - cancelled cos OT every friday

and what else?! i freaking hate sales & marketing lor, especially when i have to follow up with no head no tail. and why does everything have to be urgent? why do i have to stay back everyday? why does work have to take up so much time?

and most importantly, why is it only monday? :(


Monday, April 26, 2010

the helix

my legs are aching from walking too much today. lol. at least i burnt some calories.

since we missed the fireworks display at marina last night, SSD said he wanted to explore the bridge today. but we met a tad too early and i refused to go out in the sun, so we spent the afternoon walking all over suntec and marina square, visiting toys'r'us (but no more peekaboo eeyore), carrefour to buy sushi, buying SSD's shoes, finding a non-existent anymore mini toons, and can't-remember-what-else. and i finally got my hot fudge sundae! 幸福的感覺~ :D

then went outside to slack by the river...

...before heading towards the bridge.

THE iconic pedestrian bridge that links the part of the Bay near the floating platform to the soon-to-be opened Marina Bay Sands and is shaped like a double helix, has been officially named 'The Helix'.

The vehicular bridge will be called 'Bayfront Bridge' as it is part of Bayfront Avenue, a newly constructed road which will serve the Bayfront area. The names were chosen after a public consulataion process, during which the URA sought feedback on names for the bridges.

The fanfare of the naming ceremony was witnessed by Singaporeans and visitors, who caught a two-minute pyrotechnics display, along with music, dance, drum and gongfu performances choreographed by Aaron Khek, the chief choreographer for the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games.

'The Helix' was opened to public at 9.30pm and visitors enjoyed panoramic views of the city skyline across the Bay from the viewing pods on the bridge. The first vehicles will be able to use the bridge from 3pm on Sunday.

The Youth Olympic Park at the entrance to the bridges was also declared open on Saturday night.

(source: straitstimes)

it was so crowded! we walked all the way to the end to find this amazing view of the almost-finished hotel. and the singapore flyer, taken from this angle, looks like some angmoh countryside expressway right?! lols.

we figured out that the bridge would be nicer when it was darker, so we spent the rest of the time here.

night fell and the bridge started lighting up.

my pathetic attempt at panorama.

took a lot more photos but unfortunately is still unable to capture the right angle. the bridge is much prettier than what you see here. lol. oh wells.

finishing up this post with a few more random night scenes.

muacks satio baby!


Sunday, April 18, 2010

movie marathon

watched monga yesterday. a long 140-min show, but quite okay lah. at least i didn't feel bored or anything. 阮經天 is shuai! lols. and i think he's the only one that looks like a gangster. the rest so 娘 lor. bth. storyline-wise, no comment. lol.

then late last night, i suddenly had this urge to watch something. and thus, date night!

lucky we didn't go watch it at the cinema. really not worth. action was merely so-so and funny scenes were limited. alot of 'cold jokes'. tsk.

hais so sian. why are all the nice movies so far away - shrek forever after (21 may), eclipse (1 july), revenge of kitty galore (29 july).


Saturday, April 17, 2010

tgif, but today's just not my day.

every working day is not my day, but today is especially so. even though it's finally friday. i survived one whole week of taking on double roles! or many roles for that matter.

first, A keeps chasing me for worker details when, (1) i've already given him what i have, (2) i'm not HR personnel (3) neither am i his project coordinator (4) he either can't be bothered to search himself or is too lazy. i hate it when he does that. i don't mind helping. but i DO mind doing things for someone i feel isn't worth me doing it for! he's in the office, so am i. he got things to do, i don't have meh? is it really thaaaaat difficult to send one email out himself? i think he's banking on me and 媽's paiseh-to-reject so he gei siao keep asking us do things. which part of "there will not be project coordinators anymore" does he not understand?

second, it doesn't help that both boss keep coming back with urgent instructions. sibei stressed. and then i still have to print all the emails and faxes, and answer phone calls. don't understand why they cannot at least help to answer some calls or what. how many hands do they think i have? should i feel comforted that at least D can see what i'm going through the whole week. his jokes are lame but at least they made me laugh. hais.

later in the afternoon, i happened to answer this call from a rude angmoh salesperson.

him: can i speak to (boss)?
he's out for a meeting.
him: so when can i call back?
me: you're calling from?
him: when can i call back?!
me: where are you calling from?
him: *silence*
me: hello?
him: what now? monday? tuesday? wednesday? will he be in?
me: no.
him: then WHEN can i call back? give me his mobile number.
me: why don't you leave your number?
him: i'm returning his call.
me: and you are...?
him: you answer my question and i'll answer yours.
me: fine. call on monday.
him: ok. i'm from -
me: *hangs up*

just so you know, it's our standard procedure to screen calls for the directors. it's not the first time he's calling and he has always been so rude. there was once, we simply hung up his call, but obviously it didn't deter him from making a nuisance of himself again. where got people do sales so rude one? (confirm is sales call cos we checked with boss already.)

hais. super irritable. times like this i wish everyone can disappear and leave me alone so i can have my much needed peace.

but unfortunately it doesn't happen in real life. hais.

... ...

manhattan's with SSD again.

soup of the day: something-something asparagus soup. with sotong. i like!

SSD's clam chowder.

my grilled king salmon with garlic rice. not very appetizing. but tastes quite alright.

super super tired. mentally.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

- insert title here -

  • was at SSD's place yesterday for dinner. he dabao-ed chilli crab from seafood international. but i think the first time i ate was better. cos not so stressed. =|

  • week-long battle at RT started today. first day only and i'm already hopping mad. 4 more days to go. 我忍忍忍!

  • torn between (1) finishing the last few parts of westward (2) watching the butt-shaking animals in Madagascar (3) making yet another attempt to start playing a 3d game.



Friday, April 9, 2010

the sea hath fish for every man

guess where?!




first time at manhattan's. :D

SSD's pasta. the fish is nice!

soup of the day: cream of mushroom

coleslaw with raisin.

my dory fish and chips!

not as nice as fish and co, but still nice! wanted tiramisu, but super full already. their service is pretty nice as well. would wanna go back if SSD doesn't mind. lols.

... ...

bought glow-in-the-dark stars! *excited*


Thursday, April 8, 2010

working gets in the way of living

this morning, PL asked to speak to me privately in the room. she told me that the gals, especially 親愛的, were all very worried as i don't seem my usual crazy self recently. super touched that i nearly teared lor.

honestly, i do feel that i'm a little off recently. anything that doesn't go my way would irritate and frustrate me sooo much. maybe i'm just feeling the pressure from trying to live up to everyone's expectations. sb stressed.

but i'll be ok soon. until then, one piece of advice - if you leave me alone, then i can't offend you! XD

... ...

anyway, on a lighter note, remember my previous post about fr3b? never mind if you don't, cos i'll be blogging them again. lol. now, some time ago, i happened to chance upon this survey for COMPLETE by fr3b. since i was bored, i just filled in for fun.

guess what came in my mail just now?

pleasantly surprised. for benefits of fr3b, you can just refer to the previous post. lol. oh and here's my referral link, if you're so kind. :)

... ...

straight after finishing this post, i'm gonna go back to westward iv. it's my latest gaming addiction! super fun. lalala~


Sunday, April 4, 2010

clash of the titans: overrated

have been pretty anticipating this movie ever since we saw the trailer some time ago, but sadly it was indeed, like what they say, disappointing.

actually i don't know what went wrong or why i felt it wasn't that interesting. cos graphics are nice, especially the landscape. reminds me of LOTR. and there was quite a lot of action. (i hate those suddenly-pop-out scenes cos they always make me jump.) they also followed the story of perseus pretty closely (too close in fact), so it wasn't some kind of made-up fictional storyline like percy jackson.

but there was just something about it that i didn't like. just that i don't know what that something is.

... ...

and guess what? more disappointment - the heavy rain at qualifyings dashed hamilton's hopes of pole position. he was doing so well in the practice sessions lor.



Saturday, April 3, 2010

my visit to the national museum

i have been wanting to visit this long ago but never really got round to it. since we didn't know where to go today, SSD finally decided to take me there. lols. was pretty much expecting the turn-out to be empty like the 'guinness book of records' exhibition in genting, but really quite surprising to see so many people.

photos galore! (but honestly it's just less than half of what i've taken.)

at the entrance.

bits and pieces of uncovered relics.

the statues.


Isis breastfeeding Horus.

animals played a part in ancient egypt as well.

mummified cat anyone?

dried-out baby croc.

more statues...

carvings on tablets..

and other stuff

interior of a pyramid tomb

they also had a real mummy on display. the 'internal coffin'. something like that.

the bottom piece.

the mummy itself

the canopic containers (for intestines, liver, stomach & lungs)

they would be buried together with stuff like...

and lastly, the walkway.


when we came out, satio baby was warm from all that photo-taking. (must make $ worth.) after deleting all the 'unworthy' ones, i now have a whopping 140 photos! would probably have taken more if i had a better camera. *jealous of SLR users*

a pretty enriching 1hr+ experience i would say. though SSD didn't seem very interested. lol. but i think it would be better if there were lesser people and more artifacts on display. boo.

alrights. back to the usual shopping and movies tomorrow! =)


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