Thursday, April 29, 2010

crazy ladies' night

it's been so long since we had fun dinners like this.

5 of us gals had steamboat dinner at crystal jade (which we finally decided upon after an hour of discussion after lunch). it was an early celebration for PL's birthday, but weirdly nobody mentioned anything about it. we'll probably arrange another cake-cutting session next week. lol.

we ordered so much food lor. feel kinda guilty cos i was the one who ticked the menu and i ticked all the mushrooms. think there were like, 4 whole plates of them. i also got a whole lot of veggies and only a few types of meat for the rest of them. think we had like, 20+ plates altogether.

and we finished everything. =| super super sinful lah. i'm trying to comfort myself that they're all healthy food. lols.

had so much fun. sighhhh.


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