Sunday, April 4, 2010

clash of the titans: overrated

have been pretty anticipating this movie ever since we saw the trailer some time ago, but sadly it was indeed, like what they say, disappointing.

actually i don't know what went wrong or why i felt it wasn't that interesting. cos graphics are nice, especially the landscape. reminds me of LOTR. and there was quite a lot of action. (i hate those suddenly-pop-out scenes cos they always make me jump.) they also followed the story of perseus pretty closely (too close in fact), so it wasn't some kind of made-up fictional storyline like percy jackson.

but there was just something about it that i didn't like. just that i don't know what that something is.

... ...

and guess what? more disappointment - the heavy rain at qualifyings dashed hamilton's hopes of pole position. he was doing so well in the practice sessions lor.



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