Tuesday, January 31, 2012

dinner date at ajisen

i went for my pre-employment medical checkup today, which was a pretty horrible experience. first, the clinic was all the way at jurong and tucked away in a super ulu corner. second, they didn't receive the medical sheet that my new company faxed over, so i had to make the payment myself. third, they gave me a queue number to see the doctor, but skipped it because i also had to do the checkup. fourth, all the staff were black-faced and rude. fifth, i cannot wear contact lens for 5 days (kill me). sixth, my medicine and consultation were $43 (and i don't even know if they work).

please let this be the first and last time i have to go there.

on the other hand, dinner at ajisen was lovely!! my first date with 親愛的 was at ajisen, and i think one of me and SSD's first dinners was at ajisen too. lols. no prize for guessing who ate what. :)

first day of work tomorrow! 加油加油!

sentosa flowers 2012

the past few days had been horrible cos i was (and still am) down with cough, flu, sore/itchy throat, fever, and apparently, bacteria conjunctivitis. i hope they recover by wed cos i have to wear contact lens then. argh.

... ...

anyway, i went to sentosa for the flowers exhibition last friday. pretty much a mistake because for the first half, it was sunny and hot. after lunch, it rained and we were caught in it. the flowers were common ones, simply put together in nicer patterns. definitely a waste of time imho. 

some photos for you if you're interested for some reason and couldn't make it.


had lunch at this fast food place. mad expensive!! my fish & chips were $9.90 and totally sucked!! the fish was hard and dry, while the wedges weren't crispy at all. the rest had a $19.90 set meal of 4 drumsticks, 4 nuggets, and wedges.

apparently there's this new malaysian food street thingy at RWS. i like the deco inside! should have ate here instead.

my favorite shots:


... ...

on a side note, i'm starting work on wed. i think it's so dumb to take 8 months off and spend a bomb on an events degree, only to get a normal admin job after that. but i didn't realize a normal admin position could pay more than an experienced events post. irony~ =( since saving money and refilling my bank account is of priority at the moment, i suppose my interest can wait. sobs.

feeling super reluctant to start work. i have a bad feeling about it. but since i already accepted it, might as well do my best. hope it will be more RT than HSBC. boo.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

2012: 鱼生 no.2

had lunch at ikea tampines with parents and aunt. we mainly came for the 鱼生 though. lol. at $9.80, the portion was pretty reasonable for four, complete with raw salmon. *loves*

(om nom takes considerably worse-r photos than wall-e. angle and lighting all wrong! is it a user problem?)

... ...

is anyone having problems url-linking photos to blogger? it keeps showing this "cannot find image at url" but i confirm chop it's correct. and i haven't changed any settings at all. haish.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

gong xi fa cai~!

hope everyone had a lovely 年初一 with lots of food and angpows!  ^^

i had a horrible, horrible one. lol. i even made extra effort to kiap (aka straighten) my hair in the morning. only to spend the first half of the day lazing and snoozing around at home and the other half doing the same thing at SSD's place. -.- with whatever's going on at home, i even lost the mood to camwhore my pretty bling dress. and i thought my makeup today was not too bad too. double sad.

oh wells. hope this 龍年 can 手下留情 cos i'm pretty much stressed out from all the job-hunting already. argh.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

2012: 鱼生 no.1

had my first 鱼生 this year during reunion dinner with maternal grandparents and family. it was at the nearby ban heng (boon keng), apparently a pretty 老字號 teochew restaurant. the place wasn't very big as far as i could see, so the tables were quite close to one another. the chairs and utensils look just a teeny bit worn out too.  

but the food was good! no complaints actually. lol.  probably except the soup. instead of the usual sharks' fin soup where unscrupulous restaurants could replace the fins with 粉絲, this one served it with chicken and whole pieces of fins (see photo below). which means...confirm chop they used sharks' fin. BOYCOTT!! >.<

anyway, i am somehow rather happy with how the photos turned out today, considering i haven't been shooting food with wall-e for some time already. i hope they make you hungry the way they're making me now.

pricing is on the high side though. =(

i have one more reunion dinner tomorrow tonight (which i'm probably not gonna blog about), and then it's the new year! not really in CNY mood though. boo.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

why i cannot camwhore

... ...

had dinner at nihon mura today and realized they increased their pricing from $1.19 to $1.48 per plate! i think after sakae, nihon mura shall be the next sushi chain i'm gonna boycott. honestly speaking, every time they increase their pricing (second time now), their sushi standard drops. the salmon slice gets thinner and thinner and their rice gets more and more. i think it's definitely more worth it to pay two cents more per plate at sushi express and get good quality sushi with thicker sashimi slices and smaller rice balls. boo. 

sushi express, please take over all the nihon muras!! but leave one nihon outlet for me to eat my cha soba. lol.

... ...

pasar malam at hougang central. I HAD MY 臭豆腐!! so happy. haha.

it smells quite similar to the one from taiwan (士林) but definitely doesn't taste as good. expensive also; this piece is $2.50. -.-
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