Tuesday, January 31, 2012

dinner date at ajisen

i went for my pre-employment medical checkup today, which was a pretty horrible experience. first, the clinic was all the way at jurong and tucked away in a super ulu corner. second, they didn't receive the medical sheet that my new company faxed over, so i had to make the payment myself. third, they gave me a queue number to see the doctor, but skipped it because i also had to do the checkup. fourth, all the staff were black-faced and rude. fifth, i cannot wear contact lens for 5 days (kill me). sixth, my medicine and consultation were $43 (and i don't even know if they work).

please let this be the first and last time i have to go there.

on the other hand, dinner at ajisen was lovely!! my first date with 親愛的 was at ajisen, and i think one of me and SSD's first dinners was at ajisen too. lols. no prize for guessing who ate what. :)

first day of work tomorrow! 加油加油!

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