Tuesday, January 17, 2012

un-boxing my sushi express doll (again)

had sushi express again for dinner. it was my lucky day i guess, cos there was an abundant flow of these grilled salmon belly sushi. previously only 1 (or max 2) plates managed to reach me! lol. love the slightly charred taste and how it practically melts in the mouth. *drools*

previously we bought 1 out of 2 christmas dolls, and now they're back with CNY dolls! 2 of the 3 designs were OOS, and unfortunately, they were the cuter ones. sad.

 it's either a fox or an inari (beancurd skin) sushi with ears, but i think it's the former.

a fox doesn't really make sense eh? oh wells, at least the face is cute. (ok i lie. at least...i get to eat sushi! lol.)

... ...

some random screenies of prius online from doing my giga quest. the giga is like a tank you can transform into because it's tough and has lots of HP (almost 10 times that of my siren).

but so ugly. -.- anyway i ran out of quests and the only way for me to level is through dungeon sieges, which i don't like. so i guess i'm gonna uninstall this soon. ROFL.

(time and time again i get pissed off by my school's administration. gonna add this latest incident to my draft and post it after i get the degree. zzz.)

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