Thursday, January 5, 2012

eat all the food!!!

nothing interesting happened this few days, so i got nothing to blog. so i just post photos. of what i ate. lol. here's my home-cooked countdown dinner. spent it with family this last year. dad bought 10 crabs to cook! but still not enough. =|

then it's xin wang for dinner today yesterday. had an eggy craving and was debating whether to order additional half-boiled eggs or not. but luckily i didn't, cos i never realize my fish & chips came with an egg. yay! lol. (p/s. the restaurant was almost empty but by the time mine arrived, SSD was finishing his already. and their chilli sauce tasted super weird. boo.)

... ... ...

2 more reports and 1 more online test to go. hopefully everything will go back to before when school is over and i start working life again. =\


  1. Hi there! Saw this post at Innit. And I just had this urge to check out the food you ate. These photos are wonderful! Everything looks delicious! ;-)


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