Saturday, March 31, 2012

mr pang's seafood bbq

well, i've had a horrible day, and the happiest part was probably dinnertime. it was at the nearby koufu zi char stall - mr pang's seafood bbq. i've previously noticed it but never had the chance to try it. lol so we ordered FOUR dishes between the two of us. 

鐵板豆腐! instead of round egg tofu, they used the big square type instead. nise~ and look at the mushrooms! yummy! 

bbq sotong. lol we were actually debating between this or prawn rolls and SSD said 'see first'. turned out he ordered the sotong in the end. reason being, this is a bbq stall so must try their bbq food item. which was EXACTLY what i was thinking. omigosh scary! lols. unfortunately, it was a little overcooked and hard and chewy. boo.

simple baby kailan. a little oily, but still very nice! look how pretty it is! =)

and lastly, bbq stingray. very oily! but the sambal is sooooo yums. 

total damage = 38 bucks. not cheap lor. =( but i'm gonna go back someday for their assam fish head! ^^

[edit] here's the address as requested!

511 Canberra Road
Singapore 750511

Sunday, March 25, 2012

伍思凱 『特別的愛給特別的你』 巡迴演唱會

lots of drama before i actually managed to make it there. after being rejected by loads of people and feeling utterly sad and disappointed the entire day, i finally found 親愛的 to go with me! and the best part is, she actually wanted to go to the concert, and not just accompanying me. ^^ i hate it when people do that (i.e. don't want to go but just go to pei me) so i try not to force people. but i reeeaaallllllyyyyy wanted attend this concert. so still must 厚著臉皮 go around asking people free or not. tsk.

mega happy when we were finalizing our plans. =D it's like 冥冥中自有安排 lor. cos actually she also rejected me in the afternoon already. when after work she realized it was 伍思凱's concert, she immediately said she wanted to go. but it was past the 5pm deadline my mum gave me. so sad. then when i reached home, i found the tickets on my table! imagine if she never ask me whose concert it was. gua gua gua~~

did some youtube search on his songs the night before and realized 原來 so many of the songs i like are by him! like...

anyway, it was scheduled to start at 730pm but we only reached around 745pm. still so many people queuing to enter. it later started around 8pm i suppose. photography wasn't allowed at first, so i missed the front part of the concert. it's pretty dumb actually, cos  伍思凱 himself actually encouraged people to photograph him; he even posed for people to snap. tsk. 

i initially thought his songs were all slow and sentimental, but surprisingly he sang quite a number of fast tracks as well. his dancing is a little....weird though. lol. i guess i still prefer slow songs. super love his voice! and there was a white piano at the corner. romantic-overload can?! =|

after his walk (he was like, 10 steps away from me but i was a little to stunned to snap a shot. wasted lah! and he's quite short by the way.), cameras and handphones started coming up so i thought i'd do the same. lol. om-nom totally sucks at zoom+low light, and my stage photos ALL turned out blurry. had to make do with snapping from the screen. sad.

by the way, he sang all of the above songs last night, plus a whole lot more, including those that he wrote for others. like 秋天別來 and 啟程. talented nehhhh!?!

he also spoke about this particular song which he wrote about his first love and how he cried while recording it in the studio. and also showed photos of his family. the look/smile on his face while singing and staring at the photos -  priceless. super duper 感動 by everything about him! lols.

and the best part? at the end after he said goodbye, and the stage lights went off, and the hall lights came on, the fan club started chanting for an encore. AND HE CAME OUT LEH! lol. (clad in t-shirt and jeans already lor.) since quite a lot of people had already left, we all gathered at the front of the stage. managed to take a bit more photos.

he sang quite a few more songs and i managed to record his last song. it was my favorite 分享 which he sang once already. i thought he would be singing the slow version this time, but nooooooo! this is probably the only thing i didn't like. the slow version is SO MUCH nicer.

last bow. bye bye! (almost 3hrs of him, no enough! super thankful and happy that i didn't miss this concert or i would have regretted it so much!)

i don't think he looks 46. do you?

Friday, March 23, 2012

i've been busy

yep. with work. getting more and more things to do now. i like the responsibility, but i still think it's kinda 大材小用. ok this sounds reallllyyy BHB but it's seriously such a big drop from discussing major issues in contruction projects, to dumb admin stuff like checking if employees are late for work. -_-''' i think there's a lot of paperwork here that is redundant, and i'll be like, huh this small small thing also need to check meh? hais. i feel so...contribution-less in the company and it makes me feel useless. tsk.

event positions, y u no pay higher?! hdb, y u no cheaper?!

... ...

on a lighter note, my no-pay leave for next month has been approved! well, sort of. they asked me to cancel it and resubmit again later. but they said confirm will approve. lol. sooooo, gonna go genting. again. hopefully i'll make it to the strawberry farm and what-not this time. *excited*

... ...
monthly buffet dinner with aunts and family and SSD - kiseki @ the heeren. 

variety and quality of food was so-so only.  but there was plenty of salmon sashimi and salmon belly sashimi. that one was nice! and fresh prawns. and bbq/grilled prawns. oh there was grilled salmon sushi too, but the one at SE is nicer. lols.

diet plan resumes. ^^

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

bad dining experience at fig & olive

finally had a small shopping session last saturday. the feeling of retail therapy after 9 pay-less months is damn shioks lah! =D bought candy from candylicious, DIY macha ice cream powder, two tops, special leggings, and SSD bought me 4 iphone earplug studs!

also got to wear my new top out! bought it in taiwan last year but never got the chance to wear it cos my nails were too long to button it up. lmao. hair was pretty good that day too, so overall it was a happy happy day. until dinnertime. 

had a late dinner at vivo's fig & olive, a mediterranean restaurant. aunt had previously wanted to bring me here, so i thought it was not too bad. i guess not.

1. there was a standard chartered promotion - $15 for a soup, main course, and drink. the big banner was placed right at the entrance, but the waiter didn't know about it. 

2. not to mention he was super unfriendly when taking our orders.

3. just our ice lemon tea took ages to come. then our main course. our soup was last. i thought the drink and soup just pour into the cup/bowl can already? tsk.

4. both our mains had 2 mussels each. mine was a little overcooked, SSD's was totally black and burnt. he showed it to a waitress and she brought it back into the kitchen. WITHOUT an apology. it never came back.

5. after some consideration, he decided to complain to the manager. the manager offered us a 10% discount. when the bill came, no 10%! lols. we pointed it out to him, and he told us he had already entered it into the system and was unable to change it. super irritated, gave up and shoved my card to him with a black face.

i usually don't do that because i understand it was the peak period and they looked understaffed, but i really cannot stand service staff with bad attitude. it's okay if they make mistakes but not okay if they couple it with bad attitude. 

and _|_ to the manager. if you don't want to give discount, don't offer it in the first place. what's with the crappy already-entered-into-system-so-cannot-change shit? so if you accidentally enter $100 instead of $10, the poor customer also must pay? bullshit right?

the last straw - came back with the bill, gave it to me, and walked away. NB NOT HAPPY IZZIT?

i know customers are not always right, but is it our fault that they serve burnt food? is it our fault that they have such poor service attitude? i think we have the right to complain since we PAID for the food. $15 promotion also money lor. not to mention they charged 10% service charge.

the food tasted quite okay but by the end of everything, it wasn't that nice anymore. fig & olive, boycott! grrrr!

on a lighter note, sunset at boardwalk! instagram makes everything look prettier. lols.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

disappointment; what's new?

so my weekend getaway to genting next month got cancelled. mainly due to the exorbitantly-priced bus tickets and the fact that my parents have to go in order to use their points to book the rooms. damn 麻煩. tsk. last night i was cracking my head to think of recent events which made me happy. you know what? NO HAVE LEH! fml.

i think i'm not gonna plan anything anymore, other than staying at home every weekend. then i won't get disappointed when my plans don't work out. hais.

... ...

need to blog more cos my stats are getting kinda low and i need the money. lol. soooooo. instagram updates! (ok maybe not all are instagram. just pretend it is.)

curry rice at bishan food court. quite expensive; this cost like 6 or 7 bucks and only 2 miserable shrimps. the curry rice is nice though! it'll probably taste even yummier with cheese, but i refuse to pay $1 extra for it.

the little paw i took out from SSD's v-day bouquet. anyone knows how to turn it into something i can hang on my phone?

SSD's craving for chilli crab. not very nice though. =\ (i am biased against that stall so you can ignore my comment.)

ahh this. for some reason, i always develop these rashes-lookalike in the office. it heals after work. SERIOUS!! i thought SSD didn't believe me (he keep saying i 心理作用) so i snapped this as proof. lol. i think i'm allergic to work.

this is apparently some very famous hainanese curry rice. had it before our health seminar. bitch please! no way i'll go all the way there and queue up for this crap. -_-'''

this is what happens when you ignore me. =D

Thursday, March 1, 2012

what goes where.

heard this on the radio at work today, just thought i'd share. since i got nothing to blog anyway. tsk. guys may want to take note so you'll understand women a little bit more. gals, take care to see you're not giving the wrong signals to anyone. :)

it turns out that the different fingers that gals wear their rings on have different meanings.
  • pinky finger = single and not looking for love
  • fourth finger = married couples or couples in love
  • middle finger = not single but maybe available
  • index finger = single and looking for love
note: based on ladies' RIGHT hand. not sure if this is true though. lol. 

... ...

march is here. i'm gonna hate this month. cos my boss isn't flying and it's gonna be even more unbearable in the office. oh wells. at least i have the weekend getaway in april to look forward to. please, no disappointments.
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