Tuesday, March 13, 2012

bad dining experience at fig & olive

finally had a small shopping session last saturday. the feeling of retail therapy after 9 pay-less months is damn shioks lah! =D bought candy from candylicious, DIY macha ice cream powder, two tops, special leggings, and SSD bought me 4 iphone earplug studs!

also got to wear my new top out! bought it in taiwan last year but never got the chance to wear it cos my nails were too long to button it up. lmao. hair was pretty good that day too, so overall it was a happy happy day. until dinnertime. 

had a late dinner at vivo's fig & olive, a mediterranean restaurant. aunt had previously wanted to bring me here, so i thought it was not too bad. i guess not.

1. there was a standard chartered promotion - $15 for a soup, main course, and drink. the big banner was placed right at the entrance, but the waiter didn't know about it. 

2. not to mention he was super unfriendly when taking our orders.

3. just our ice lemon tea took ages to come. then our main course. our soup was last. i thought the drink and soup just pour into the cup/bowl can already? tsk.

4. both our mains had 2 mussels each. mine was a little overcooked, SSD's was totally black and burnt. he showed it to a waitress and she brought it back into the kitchen. WITHOUT an apology. it never came back.

5. after some consideration, he decided to complain to the manager. the manager offered us a 10% discount. when the bill came, no 10%! lols. we pointed it out to him, and he told us he had already entered it into the system and was unable to change it. super irritated, gave up and shoved my card to him with a black face.

i usually don't do that because i understand it was the peak period and they looked understaffed, but i really cannot stand service staff with bad attitude. it's okay if they make mistakes but not okay if they couple it with bad attitude. 

and _|_ to the manager. if you don't want to give discount, don't offer it in the first place. what's with the crappy already-entered-into-system-so-cannot-change shit? so if you accidentally enter $100 instead of $10, the poor customer also must pay? bullshit right?

the last straw - came back with the bill, gave it to me, and walked away. NB NOT HAPPY IZZIT?

i know customers are not always right, but is it our fault that they serve burnt food? is it our fault that they have such poor service attitude? i think we have the right to complain since we PAID for the food. $15 promotion also money lor. not to mention they charged 10% service charge.

the food tasted quite okay but by the end of everything, it wasn't that nice anymore. fig & olive, boycott! grrrr!

on a lighter note, sunset at boardwalk! instagram makes everything look prettier. lols.


  1. Point 5 is weird. If they really want to give 10% should have re-key into system. They should walk the talk.

    1. exactly! it's not about the discount. it's the attitude and dumb excuse he gave that pissed me off. boo.


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