Saturday, March 31, 2012

mr pang's seafood bbq

well, i've had a horrible day, and the happiest part was probably dinnertime. it was at the nearby koufu zi char stall - mr pang's seafood bbq. i've previously noticed it but never had the chance to try it. lol so we ordered FOUR dishes between the two of us. 

鐵板豆腐! instead of round egg tofu, they used the big square type instead. nise~ and look at the mushrooms! yummy! 

bbq sotong. lol we were actually debating between this or prawn rolls and SSD said 'see first'. turned out he ordered the sotong in the end. reason being, this is a bbq stall so must try their bbq food item. which was EXACTLY what i was thinking. omigosh scary! lols. unfortunately, it was a little overcooked and hard and chewy. boo.

simple baby kailan. a little oily, but still very nice! look how pretty it is! =)

and lastly, bbq stingray. very oily! but the sambal is sooooo yums. 

total damage = 38 bucks. not cheap lor. =( but i'm gonna go back someday for their assam fish head! ^^

[edit] here's the address as requested!

511 Canberra Road
Singapore 750511

i really feel like ranting my unhappiness about what happened today at work. but i'm super duper tired (eyes half-closed as i'm typing this), and  i think it isn't worth to sacrifice my sleep and energy for those bitches who made my day so miserable.

anyway, i've cursed and swore enough for the day, so i'm just gonna head to bed and continue it tomorrow. lol.

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  1. wow whats the address? The claypot toufu looks good! esp the big mushrooms haha


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