Tuesday, March 6, 2012

disappointment; what's new?

so my weekend getaway to genting next month got cancelled. mainly due to the exorbitantly-priced bus tickets and the fact that my parents have to go in order to use their points to book the rooms. damn 麻煩. tsk. last night i was cracking my head to think of recent events which made me happy. you know what? NO HAVE LEH! fml.

i think i'm not gonna plan anything anymore, other than staying at home every weekend. then i won't get disappointed when my plans don't work out. hais.

... ...

need to blog more cos my stats are getting kinda low and i need the money. lol. soooooo. instagram updates! (ok maybe not all are instagram. just pretend it is.)

curry rice at bishan food court. quite expensive; this cost like 6 or 7 bucks and only 2 miserable shrimps. the curry rice is nice though! it'll probably taste even yummier with cheese, but i refuse to pay $1 extra for it.

the little paw i took out from SSD's v-day bouquet. anyone knows how to turn it into something i can hang on my phone?

SSD's craving for chilli crab. not very nice though. =\ (i am biased against that stall so you can ignore my comment.)

ahh this. for some reason, i always develop these rashes-lookalike in the office. it heals after work. SERIOUS!! i thought SSD didn't believe me (he keep saying i 心理作用) so i snapped this as proof. lol. i think i'm allergic to work.

this is apparently some very famous hainanese curry rice. had it before our health seminar. bitch please! no way i'll go all the way there and queue up for this crap. -_-'''

this is what happens when you ignore me. =D

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