Friday, March 23, 2012

i've been busy

yep. with work. getting more and more things to do now. i like the responsibility, but i still think it's kinda 大材小用. ok this sounds reallllyyy BHB but it's seriously such a big drop from discussing major issues in contruction projects, to dumb admin stuff like checking if employees are late for work. -_-''' i think there's a lot of paperwork here that is redundant, and i'll be like, huh this small small thing also need to check meh? hais. i feel so...contribution-less in the company and it makes me feel useless. tsk.

event positions, y u no pay higher?! hdb, y u no cheaper?!

... ...

on a lighter note, my no-pay leave for next month has been approved! well, sort of. they asked me to cancel it and resubmit again later. but they said confirm will approve. lol. sooooo, gonna go genting. again. hopefully i'll make it to the strawberry farm and what-not this time. *excited*

... ...
monthly buffet dinner with aunts and family and SSD - kiseki @ the heeren. 

variety and quality of food was so-so only.  but there was plenty of salmon sashimi and salmon belly sashimi. that one was nice! and fresh prawns. and bbq/grilled prawns. oh there was grilled salmon sushi too, but the one at SE is nicer. lols.

diet plan resumes. ^^

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