Thursday, March 1, 2012

what goes where.

heard this on the radio at work today, just thought i'd share. since i got nothing to blog anyway. tsk. guys may want to take note so you'll understand women a little bit more. gals, take care to see you're not giving the wrong signals to anyone. :)

it turns out that the different fingers that gals wear their rings on have different meanings.
  • pinky finger = single and not looking for love
  • fourth finger = married couples or couples in love
  • middle finger = not single but maybe available
  • index finger = single and looking for love
note: based on ladies' RIGHT hand. not sure if this is true though. lol. 

... ...

march is here. i'm gonna hate this month. cos my boss isn't flying and it's gonna be even more unbearable in the office. oh wells. at least i have the weekend getaway in april to look forward to. please, no disappointments.


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