Sunday, April 1, 2012

my tired saturday

my paktor day! =D

headed back to school in the morning to pickup my transcript. i thought there was the cert as well, but i guess i gotta wait till october for it. tsk.

then made our way (SSD came to meet me in school ^^) to city hall for SE! feels like it's been such a long time since we dined there. missed it! and i specially brought wall-e out to shoot because om nom really can't capture the beauty of my favorite grilled salmon belly sushi. LMAO.

not much photos; we took repeat plates most of the time. and the salmon sashimi i forgot to shoot. lols. oh my grilled salmon belly. y u stay so far?! =(

walked to plaza sing for our movie - the highly-raved hunger games! SSD says she looks prettier in the poster. lol. i like her though. cos she uses the bow - my favorite weapon in mmorpgs. XD

it was indeed as nice to watch as they say. but i didn't like the concept of it. although it's somewhat similar to the gladiator shows in ancient rome, at least in the latter, you can survive if you're strong enough. the hunger games is so much sicker because the elements can actually be added and controlled. like fireballs, trees, and even the hounds in the end. why would anyone enjoy watching people kill one another? -_-

anyway. walked back to city hall after the show. (bought 2 pairs of shoes on the way. boo.) and had dinner at makansutra. dabao-ed hokkien mee, char kuay teow, and hei jian to the 'riverside' to eat.

honestly, hei jian was not too bad. char kuay teow was so-so. hokkien mee tasted HORRIBLE. i probably won't waste my money (and appetite) on this stall anymore.

blur night mbs shots. *need more practice for wobbly hands*

did so much walking that day; my leg muscles hurt. and i fell asleep with my mask on. tsk.

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