Sunday, April 8, 2012

[sponsored review] the vow

'sponsored' because i had won a pair of tickets from nuffnang. ^^ couldn't book the seats online, so i chose a midnight show cos i thought we would have better chances of getting a good seat. thankfully SSD went to buy the tickets in the morning on his way here. the cinema hall was almost full! tsk.

(i never liked midnight shows cos i had watched too many horror shows where the 'action' happened in the female toilets during late night movies. but i guess since nowadays even midnight shows are fully booked, i'm pretty safe! lols.)

anyway, the movie was rather disappointing. sorry but the idea of paige falling in love with her husband again after her memory loss just didn't appeal to me much. i thought leo would do whatever he can to make paige fall in love with him again, but nooooo! he lost his temper at her and gave up trying after some time, signing the divorce papers in the end. 

i went in with, 'so here's a guy that's gonna be the envy of all women cos he loves his wife so much, even when she cannot remember him'. i came out with, 'shit him. i don't see him making any effort. what's the point of saying he loves her when he simply gives up?' if paige didn't initiate, it would have been the end of them. -_-

it'll probably be quite romantic if we had watched it during the vday period. but now 2 months later, it's kinda lame i have to admit. i think leo should have done more to prove his love for paige. oh wells. lucky the tickets are free. boo.

... ...

and i finally got down to making the green tea ice cream we bought some time ago.
it tasted quite nice leh! not alot of green tea taste though. the instructions said 200ml of milk or water was enough for 4-5 people. LIARRRR!! lol. but i had fun. =D


  1. Wow. They actually sent the tickets to you?

    1. yep! but i guess they don't do that anymore...


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