Wednesday, April 11, 2012

alice florist

i was totally in a bad mood early this morning because of some unhelpful people, but my mood was greatly alleviated with a call from alice florist. ^^

so i was asked to send a funeral wreath to one of our distributors in taiwan. the major local florists and majority of the taiwan florists either (1) did not ship there, (2) did not accept amex, (3) have weirdly bright funeral wreaths, (4) way over our budget, or (5) unable to input chinese characters into the order form. was totally about to give up for the day when i happened to chance upon alice florist.

♥ they accept amex
♥ they have normal (pretty and presentable) funeral wreaths…
♥ …at a reasonable price (i saw another florist selling a single pot of white orchid for usd160!!)
♥ they allow chinese characters (i gave the address in chinese and english lmao)
♥ they allow orders through website / phone / email / fax

but you know the best part? i made the order last evening and they called me this morning, having already liaised with the other party on the delivery. 原來 according to taiwanese funeral custom, you should send flowers on the last day. cos the flowers only last a few days and their funerals are apparently very long, like 50-60 days? seriously!! this lady was pretty understanding and helpful when i couldn’t understand the funeral terms while she was explaining. they have also decided on a delivery date next month, and will keep the order till then.

so nice and efficient! where to find such service in singapore? =D

I guess this is not really useful information but perhaps the lack of service in singapore made me appreciate good ones even more. i do kinda miss taiwan now. lols.

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