Friday, May 30, 2008

busy day and mum's bdae

i thought since loretta's down with suspected dengue fever, and provost is supposedly holed-up doing paper work the whole morning, i would be rather free. unfortunately, i suddenly have 2 long long letters to type out for tony. god bless his handwriting. so bloody hard to understand! i can take up to 1 hr plus for a simple 3-page letter, and still end up with some undeciphered words. -.-

and that stupid vincent. all i wanted was get the code to book guestrooms like before, just approve and give me the darn code! i already said we don't have any details except for the fact that provost specifically wants to see him, what other details you need? if you don't dare to talk to provost like i asked you to, then you can jolly well forget about getting any details. what's the point of throwing your weight around me when you should know that provost office don't really give a damn about you? man he ruins my day. zzZz.

but like what susie says, you meet crap people in all offices. i should learn to tolerate. or like what yh says, i should learn how to backstab people and yet not get backstabbed. it sounds cruel, but i guess that's reality. maybe i should join his company instead.

anyway, mum's birthday today! me and dad went there earlier to buy cake and stuff. i wanted to get her a bouquet of flowers, since she keeps complaining nobody buys her flowers. but when i saw the price for a small bouquet of 3 red roses......

we settled for a single rose instead. better than nothing right? lol. also bought swensen's blackforest ice cream cake. ex but super nice! and when they played the happy birthday song, almost everyone in the restaurant were looking at us. ^^ we dined at jack's place btw. steak was alright. i like it medium! muhahaha.

mum's birthday cost me and my dad almost $300! brokee. (i still owe my mum $100 for shopping -.-)

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