Sunday, June 1, 2008


if you like drama series like 'to catch the uncatchable' or 'forensic heroes', try D.I.E, or Death Investigation Extension 古靈精探. it stars roger kwok and sonjia kwok who gets transferred to a newly formed police unit, along with several others similarly with bad track records. there, they're supposed to solve cases which have been left open for a very long time.

though loggerheads at first, roger and sonjia slowly develop feelings for each other. there's also the addition of a female ghost, whose part in the story i still don't know yet (haven't seen to that part). lol.

due to roger's telepathic ability, this series is a combination of crime-solving and comedy. an interesting alternative to forensic heroes 2, which loads bloody slow. -.-


had a little chat with one of my maple buddies. i realized i never knew what his name was. i even forgot his ign. all along we were just chatting on msn. he's one of those rare guys that don't club, don't pub, doesn't go for looks, detests polygamy, and believes in remaining a virgin for his future wife (and expects his wife to be the same). lol.

anyway back to topic. he asked me what i expected in my partner. i gave him a long list. then he asked, "if you manage to find such a man, what do you think he sees in you?" that got me thinking. at first i wasn't sure what he meant. i thought he was referring to stuff like, 'must be beauty queen', or 'must be very rich', or maybe 'must be very smart and capable' etc. if in that case, obviously i won't have anything that anyone will see in me.

then he told me, many people only know what to expect from their partner, but never seem to think what they can offer to their partner. i find that confusing. i mean, what he says is true. but then again, if you weren't like this in the first place, would you expect your partner to be like that?

(btw i'm talking about mentality, not materialistic gains, where a poor girl aims for a rich husband.)

for example, if you paint or enjoy seeing paintings, you would expect or hope your partner to be on the same wavelength as you right? but maybe i've seen too little to be thinking like this. maybe it just boils down to the individuals.


since the officials in myanmar doesn't like outside help, then let's all not help them den. not that i'm inhuman, but seriously come on! this concerns the whole state, more than 100,000 people are affected, not just you yourself. how can you be so selfish? who are you to decide not to let anyone help? if you don't want (to) help, how bout you just lock yourself up at home and rot. your people will probably be happier.

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