Tuesday, June 3, 2008

new metus + 5-digit damage!

tempted to attempt scrolling again, so i bought a few metus-es and 30%/60% bow att scrolls. boomed the first 2 metus-es. felt so disheartened, i just threw 30%s on the last one. luckily it didn't boom. in total, i passed 3 30% and 2 60%s on it, which added up to 107 weapon attack, 1wa more than my previous one. that's not too bad, considering i spent 20 million on this scrolling extravaganza. let's hope my old metus can fetch at least 35million back.

i now have 99 str in total, 4 more than my needed 95 str to hold the metus. should i reset them back to dex? but ap resets are so ex, and i might be able to get a nisrock in future. hmmm. *dilemma*

achieved with lv 7 sharp eyes and cassandra's 20 weapon attack. 5 digits! whoots~!

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