Saturday, June 7, 2008


loretta told me something this morning. she said, "just now provost asked something funny about you. he asked me if you ever spoke. and if you speak to me. see lah michelle, so unfriendly to him!"

-_-''' i where got unfriendly?! i say good morning, make his morning coffee, walk all the way to buy his lunch, bring it right to him, and when i double up as his secretary, i do ask him about documents. I GOT OPEN MOUTH ONE LEH! tsk. but nevermind. now the provost of ntu bothers about me. don't play play ar!! lolx.

jk. i think he meant it as sarcasm. oh wells. busy morning today. which is good. i was staring at my reflection at the toilet, thinking to myself, 'hey my breakouts isn't too bad (usually i become rather dishevelled at the end of the day), and it's only....' *looks at watch* 'woah it's eleven already!' XD

met up with the gals after work. we always have trouble deciding where to eat. lol. finally decided on kenny rogers. had the usual. ooh that cheese macaroni...and garden pasta! *drools* i love cold pasta! hehe. next time we go eat that chicken-thingy (i actually forgot the name -_-).

i realize i've been spending quite a lot on impulsive retail therapy. just before i met them, i went to shop around, and guess what? i bought this shiny gold handphone accessory. i saw another one - a gold crown with a pink strap. it matches all my pink stuff, but my phone's green. so i picked this one, a gold crown, a gold star and a gold key. pweety! ^^


what i want for my 21st birthday...
(yes i know it's 4 months away)

salvatore ferragamo incanto heaven

it's pink and pretty, and i fell in love with the scent after trying the sample for the first time. i wants! =x the medium sized one costs 79 bucks, says the website. but i don't know what currency is that. i should think it won't go over 100 bucks sgd? *crosses fingers*

cher thinks i should let him know. she has her point. but i feel i shouldn't, in case things get embarrassing or awkward. oh wells. >.<

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