Thursday, June 5, 2008

full of random stuff

who dare to sit on potatoes?
(ans below)

i hate myself nowadays. weather sucks; blowing hot and cold. so many people falling sick. i'm halfway there. having trouble falling asleep at night. trying to resist depending on panadol. breakouts! meaning monthly blood donation is nearing. extra reason to feel cranky. i hate the breakout cream. skin is peeling. zzZz.

heels are hurting me so much. went to repair it last night, after a very long time. only one rubber came off, but the uncle replaced both. nice. ^^ i somehow found the uncle very familiar. also had this instant liking towards him. dunno why. lol.

i hate work; more & more. i feel so silly going to work everyday, waiting for HER to give me papers to file. i can't believe i'm doing filing. i hate filing now. can't stand HER too. she's bloody lazy. can you imagine i'm filing papers for last year? all that backlog! o_O good & easy work she do, bad stuff i do. no wonder i'm making more & more enemies. thankful for all those colleagues who dislike HER and understand what i have to go through.

more random stuff. finally finished watching D.I.E. it's one of those shows that doesn't have a happy ending, though it's a little confusing. roger died in the end, because the female ghost had told him sonjia would die if they remain together, and the only way for her to live is to replace her life with his own. yeah so he died. at the last scene, at his grave, miraculously she was holding a baby whom she said was his son. the baby had roger's telepathic ability, so he couldn't be adopted. i have no idea when that baby came about. weird...

oh wells. nothing to watch anymore. besides forensic heroes which is still showing in hk so i can't watch all at once. any good shows to intro? mehhx.

p/s. i hope choc fondue tml is still on. *crosses fingers*

Ans : 男人
因为男人大丈夫,敢做敢当 (敢坐gan dan)。

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