Sunday, June 22, 2008

someone kill me please!

yes i'm not blogging in chinese today cos i'm extremely shag! and half-drunk. =x

have been going out+shopping for the past week or so, and i'm officially super break broken BROKE. @.@

met sasa (yesterday) for lunch & shopping at town. had lunch at xin wang cafe at cineleisure. love that yuanyang. beef hor fun comes in such a big portion! i still want beef ramen at 日本村! best beef i've ever had. lolx.

went to do our eyebrow shaping at far east. soooo painful!! walked around with red eyelids for a while after that. -.- but i guess it's neater. tsk. then slacked at shaw for 1 hr plus. semi-shag already. thanks sasa for the top! try meet up again before you go back k? ^_^

p/s. incanto heaven comes in a limited edition set with free lotion @ 72 bucks! should i get it? :(


met up with aunt for movie. wanted to watch kungfu panda (which i already watched half), but timing was off. so we made do with shaolin girl instead. that was such a horrible movie!

it started with rin graduating from the shaolin temple and returning to japan, when she discovers her family dojo (martial arts) school in ruins. she managed to find her sensei iwai, meets one of his workers, and gets pulled to join their lacrosse team. she teaches the team kungfu and taichi in the process of training, and they win matches after matches.

the principal of the university mr evil, whose teacher happens to be rin's grandfather (same teacher as iwai), learns of her prowess, and is determined to force her to fight him. he captures minmin and the fight between them both begins. in the end, rin passes the true meaning of shaolin kungfu to mr evil, and peace is restored.

besides the dumb no-storyline in the movie, there's too much cg within, and it's not even realistic, especially in the last scenes. they were fighting in what looks like a shallow pond, when suddenly somehow rin goes underwater. she emerges dry; same goes for mr evil. and then they're suddenly in the air, where rin hugs mr evil, he cries, they're back on ground, and he's changed for good. lame leh. -.-

this is by far the worst movie i've ever seen! i'm rating it -5/5. tsk.


went pasar malam, bought a hello kitty wallet and some nail polish. i seriously need to stop spending. (oh yeah, i have 3 witnesses+me who heard simon saying he wants to be that boyfriend who can buy me that gucci shades. you no where to run liao! lolx.)

almost 2am! nitex. X_x

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