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love this quote from ftly.

p/s. this whole post will mainly be about ftly, so if you're not interested, you can ignore this. :)

have recently been watching and re-watching Fated To Love You. the plot's getting more and more interesting, and i can't believe i actually teared in one of the scenes. but main reason for me being hooked on it, is because of dylan, played by newcomer baron chen.

dylan's another one of those prince charming characters - tall and handsome, rich and talented, yet down-to-earth and caring, and once he falls for xinyi, he stays faithful by her side even though he knows the one she loves is cunxi. undeniably every girls' dream guy. how unrealistic eh?

but also undeniably, baron chen is super shuai! (though he looks hotter in kungfu dunk.) =x i actually didn't pay much attention to him the first time round, cos i was too engrossed in the plot. when i found out he starred alongside jay chou in kungfu dunk, i went to watch the movie again, and yes! he's the one that me and lin were gushing over that time!

*bucket of drool*

besides re-watching ftly and focusing on him, i also found out that kungfu dunk is merely his first movie and ftly his first drama series! his acting is considerably good for a newcomer. but too bad he has too little scenes. i wanna watch more baron chen! (and he's probably the most 'dao' and quiet artiste i've seen.) :P

i shall stop broadcasting my obsession for him, in case i lose whatever sanity i have (or appear to have) left.

moving on to xinyi, played by qiao en. in the first part of the drama, she plays a 'sticky-note girl', whom everyone wants to work with, but yet no one wants to be. she's the typical kind you ask to buy your coffee, photocopy your notes, do your work when you want to go off early and etc. after she loses her unborn, dylan takes her to shanghai, and under the guidance of a renowned pottery master, she unleashes her talent for the arts. 2 years later, her artwork is displayed at his gallery and later bought by an unknowing cunxi. i have no idea what's gonna happen after that between the 3 of them, as ftly is still airing in taiwan. lol.

when xinyi first arrives at dylan's gallery, she continues working as before, as a 'sticky-note girl'. dylan scolds her.

d: 送文件不是你的工作,买咖啡倒茶水,那些更不是你的工作。
x: 可是我只会做这一些啊。
d: 这不是只会做什么的问题。。。我没有看到你努力啊!

i find myself thinking, am i a sticky-note girl too? 'symptoms' show that i am. if so, why? do i enjoy being one? if yes, why? because i'm unwilling to move out of comfort zone? if no, am i making efforts to escape being labelled as one?

i think this should serve as a wake-up call for me to stop wasting time and buck up instead. i realise i'm still uncertain of what i want to do in future. the couple of goals i had shared with yh seems so far-stretched now. let's hope i can get a better job asap, and that this job can bring new insights and opportunities to my future. (and friends reading this, you people better scold me if i do anything wrong!)

phew! long post today.
and i'm still drooling over baron! >.<

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